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Charley Miller

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To beat IRS is simple


by Charley Miller

July 10th 2018



1. Subpoena from IRS Congressional acts establishing IRS and code from day one.

2. Submit evidence of Constitution for declaratory judgement by court identifying where Congress gets authority to tax a man or woman in a union state.

3. Subpoena records of who determined tax liability and under what authority.

4. Submit IRS Directors statements, numerous, that taxes are self assessed and ask if you can be forced to assess yourself.

5. The key, declaratory judgement, from evidence in records that you agreed to be a debtor responsible for USG debt and can you be forced to be a debtor for another's debt.

6. Produce records showing you ever agreed to be subject to US legislative powers.


Never argue, never deny attorneys statements, get real party of interest to appear.

The bait and switch is judges allowing attorneys to appear as if they are or represent real party in interest. They take non sworn statements by a non party, attorney, as evidence.

Attach liability to court as agent of state to supervise agents or accept liability for TORT, attach liability to judge and sureties through court rules.

Magic some how happens.