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From 2011! Agenda 21 Plans to Burn Up Northern CA

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Debora Tavares' interview with Jeff Rense in 2015 conclusively provides documented proof of premeditation of fire destruction of Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, in Northern California using microwave weaponry. Additionally, RFID trackers are being used to locate victims in the vaporized rubble that is left of former residence's. Part II will cover the logging companies efforts to provide massive fuel for West Coast forest fires using the hackn' squirt tree destroying methods of the Fischer Brothers, of Levi Strauss Jeans and GAP Stores fame. This is all part of Agenda 21, which we will show is in full swing directly after the fires. 2011 PG & E and Cal PUblic Utilities Email exchange /RF%20Beam%20at%20Sebastopol.pdf N. Ca Burning Tavares Directed Energy Weapons or Just WILDFIRES