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Ignorant history professor claims that “inaction” on climate change is going to cause Florida to SINK from hurricanes

Ethan Huff

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Image: Ignorant history professor claims that “inaction” on climate change is going to cause Florida to SINK from hurricanes

A history professor at the University of Michigan is worried that if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis fails to soon reverse his “inaction” on climate change that the Sunshine State “will literally sink” due to hurricanes.

According to Juan Cole, who teaches Middle Eastern and South Asian history, and who writes for multiple far-left websites, the continued use of fossil fuels is creating “freakishly warm waters” in the Caribbean. As a result, hurricanes like the recent Dorian are growing much bigger than he believes is normal.

Weather events like this that supposedly only happen once ever 500 years are now occurring “several times a decade,” Cole warns, suggesting that the time is now to impose global climate taxes and force everyone to drive Priuses in order to help “cool” the planet and brings things back down to normal.

“He is doing nothing practical about the state’s carbon dioxide emissions, which are what cause sea level rise and warming oceans and monster hurricanes,” Cole wrote in a piece for the left-wing Common Dreams website, referring to Gov. DeSantis.

“DeSantis has done nothing to promote the electrification of transportation, such as requiring higher fuel efficiency,” Cole adds, lamenting the fact that Florida is currently ranked 47th nationally when it comes to the percentage of electricity generated from so-called renewable sources.

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Remember when Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson warned that Guam would “capsize” due to overpopulation?

Cole’s ridiculous fear-mongering is nothing new for the left, which back in 2010 had one of its own publicly state that he believed the island of Guam, a United States territory, will one day “capsize” because of too many people living there.


Hilariously, Representative Hank Johnson of Georgia, the guy who made this statement, and who more recently accused Trump supporters of being racist, was under the impression that Guam is somehow just floating out there in the water. He must have missed the basic geology class in which it was explained to elementary school students that islands are attached to the earth, even though they’re surrounded by water and appear from the surface to be unattached to anything.

“My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize,” were Johnson’s exact words, to which Admiral Robert Willard, head of the U.S. Pacific fleet, responded, “We don’t anticipate that…”

This is the state of leftism today, which is convinced that islands are about to tip over and entire states are about to sink due to overpopulation and global warming. Even though there exists not a shred of actual evidence to support these wild conspiracy theories, leftists believe them as gospel truth – and demand that everyone else believe them, too.

“A 500-year flood does not mean that an area will see a flood of that magnitude once in 500 years,” wrote meteorologist Topper Shutt in a 2018 article debunking everything that Juan Cole erroneously stated about Florida’s hurricane events. “It means that in any given year there is a 0.2 percent chance of a 500-year flood and likewise a 1 percent chance every year for a 100-year flood.”

“Remember, we are talking about billions of years of climate and usually just a hundred years of actual, observational data,” Schutt added.

But Cole is doubling down on his conspiracy theory, insisting that Gov. DeSantis needs to take swift action to tackle the bogeyman that he believes is going to eventually land Florida at the bottom of the ocean.

“… DeSantis is a big supporter of Trump, who is using the executive power of the presidency vastly to increase use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions nationwide,” Cole writes. “If you really cared about the environment you couldn’t ally with Trump.”

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