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New Crop Loss Map Shows A Trainwreck Unfolding Before Our Eyes: 'Farmers Across The World Are Calling Out In Unison About Catastrophic Growing Conditions'

Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline

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- For Those Who Aren't Prepared For What's Being Unleashed, It'll Be 'Dying Time'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to this recent story over at the website Eater, US farmers are turning to twitter to vent their frustration with the wettest 12 months on record in the Great Plains and American Midwest, weather that has caused extreme flooding, no crops planted in the ground and guaranteed crop shortages and higher food prices for Americans in the months ahead, with many farmers using the twitter hashtag #NoPlant19 to bring more attention to their plight.

Warning within their story that as of May 31st, only 58% of the nation's corn had been planted (compared to 90% at this point in time during an average year) while only 29% of soy had been planted (compared to 66% at this point in time during the average year), their story warned that layer of stress on the agricultural industry is only intensified when you zoom out to the international level, where farmers around the world are facing various dire situations.

As we see in the global crop loss map above that was created by Ice Age Farmer (interactive and searchable at this link) and hear in the 1st video at the bottom of this story also from Ice Age Farmer, "farmers across the nation and indeed the world are calling out in unison about a catastrophic growing season". Warning that many are suffering from 'cold and wet' while other crops are being destroyed by violent hailstorms and other bizarre weather, as we'll explore within this story, our planet has also recently witnessed the violent eruptions of 2 volcanoes, sending miles high columns of ash into our atmosphere, adding another layer to this 'perfect storm' upon our food supply we've been witnessing unfolding. 

As one North Dakota farmer and Twitter user Jordan Gackle pointed out in a recent thread: Drought is continuing to disrupt wheat crops in Australia forcing the country to import some of its wheat from Canada. Some farmers in Canada are now reporting long stretches without rain under the hashtag #drought19. Head over to China and you’ll find that a legion of fall armyworms are spreading rapidly and devouring key grain crops.

The various international agricultural crises paint a dire picture, which is made so much worse by politicians who would rather invent a fake war against burgers than take profound policy action. If hashtags are the only thing standing between the world and food shortages, everyone better start tweeting.

And while catastrophic growing seasons are hitting worldwide and this 'Grand Solar Minimum Trainwreck' explodes before our eyes, videographer Ice Age Farmer warns that modern agriculture is at risk due to cyclical changes in our sun's output which drive climate change on our planet and while the left cries of 'man made climate change' and 'global warming', even NASA is predicting colder temperatures ahead due to 'grand solar minimum' that human beings have no control over.  

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As the website Strange Sounds had reported in this June 27th story, the Raikoke Volcano on the Kuril Islands of Russia erupted just days ago on June 22, 2019, it's first eruption since 1924, covering the entire island in ash, killing all vegetation and animals while sending a towering plume of ash into the sky over 40,000' high. Ending its 95-year dormancy, the Raikoke eruption came just days before the eruption of Mount Ulawun in New Guinea, an eruption that also launched an ash column tens of thousands of feet into the air as seen in the photograph above. 

And while some might ask "why should we care about these volcanic eruptions halfway across the world?", with NASA already warning of cooling temperatures from grand solar minimum while a perfect storm is already striking the agricultural world, in a very worst case scenario we can look back to the year of 1816 when a 'volcanic winter' was triggered in the Northern hemisphere after the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora in the Southern Hemisphere, causing average global temperatures to drop and triggering major food shortages across the Northern Hemisphere

Permanently cementing the year of 1816 into history as "The Year Without A Summer", as this Wikipedia entry for the eruption of Mount Tambora and the resulting global food shortages had reported, great worldwide famine was a result of what was then the largest volcanic eruption on the planet going back 1,300 years, with the Northern Hemisphere including the US and Europe particularly hard hit, this from a volcanic eruption the year prior, and halfway around the world. And ash clouds from volcanoes can last not only for years, but decades (or even centuries!) 

The following brief excerpt comes to us from this recent story over at the Farmer's Almanac.: 

We just released our summer 2019 forecast— the heat is coming! But what if there was no summer? Back in 1816, that’s exactly what happened. The infamous Year Without a Summer was a weather event so devastating, people are still talking about it over 200 years later.

What Was The Year Without A Summer?

Referred to by many names, including “the poverty year” and “eighteen hundred and froze-to-death,” the year 1816 was literally a year without a summer across much of the Northern Hemisphere. Throughout not only North America but also Northern Europe and parts of Asia, an exceptionally cold summer, featuring killing frosts in July and August, crippled food production. Crop failures and food shortages were so widespread that rioting and looting became common in the United Kingdom and France.

On this side of the Atlantic, many residents of New England and the Canadian Maritimes froze to death, starved, or suffered from severe malnutrition as storms—bringing a foot or more of snow—hit hard during May and June. Many others from the region pulled up their stakes and moved to Western New York and the Midwest, where the cold was less severe. In fact, the year without a summer is now believed to have been one major catalyst in the westward expansion of the United States.

What Caused It?

So, what caused this tragically cold summer? The likely suspect was a series of volcanic eruptions that occurred during the winter of 1815, in particular, the eruption of Mt. Tambora in Indonesia, believed to be the largest eruption of the last 1,800 years. The volcano ejected a tremendous cloud of fine ash and dust was ejected into the stratosphere, where it remained for a very long time.

This ash insulated the earth from the heat and light of the sun, resulting in a cooling effect throughout the Northern Hemisphere. This ash also gave the sky a yellowish tinge in some areas, which can be seen in many landscape paintings from the era.

And while the recent eruptions of both Mount Ulawun in New Guinea and Raikoke in Russia's Kuril Islands may not equal the damage done by Mt. Tambora just over 200 years ago, with everything else that we've been reporting upon that's been unfolding, a 'trainwreck' is the perfect description for what appears to be full-scale asymmetrical warfare upon our food supply


According to this heartbreaking May 29th story over at Forbes, hunger is now surging among America's older generations with the number of Americans turning 65 each day doubling since the year 2000 and seniors afflicted with very low food security soaring nearly 250 percent according to this Forbes story. Warning that the nearly half of Senior Citizens are already facing malnourishment in 2019, they also reported that both the Republican chair and the lead Democrat on Senate Aging, Maine's Susan Collins and Pennsylvania's Bob Casey, have warned funding for food programs under the Older Americans Act need to be increased to meet the increase in demand.

In fact, it's not just older Americans who are already suffering from hunger and malnourishment, with this 2017 story over at Feeding America reporting that more than 41 million Americans were suffering from hunger daily, including more than 13 million children, with this National Geographic story reporting that 1 out of every 6 Americans aren't getting enough to eat. 

Yet with all of this happening now, here in an America that is still one of the richest nations in the world, what might happen when this 'perfect storm' against our food supply comes together fully, aided by what some have argued has been weather warfare and the mass recalls of food all across the nation? As Steve Quayle warns us, when TEOTWAWKI fully arrives in America, for those who aren't prepared and for those who have been relying upon the government for everything, it'll be 'dying time' to echo the quote from Dr. Dealgood in Mad Max's 'Beyond Thunderdome'.

So with record breaking floods destroying farmers fields and ending the production of crops for many while suspicious food recalls are happening all across the country and the potential of supply chain disruptions ahead should the trucking industry collapse as we had reported within this June 24th ANP story, it's easy to see why 'preppers' prepare ahead of time, while they still can. A sampling of survival food that is available now and as near as an internet order include.

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In the first video below, videographer 'Ice Age Farmer' takes a look at the catastrophic growing conditions being experienced by farmers all across the planet while in the 2nd video, 'Alaska Prepper' takes a look at the potential of a catastrophic food crisis coming to America with everything that we've been watching unfolding.