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Here’s What You Need To Know About The Great ‘Polar Vortex’ Of 2019

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  • The “polar vortex” was the coldest weather many Americans have seen in decades.
  • Many news reports tried to link the record cold to global warming, despite the evidence.
  • “Tying the polar vortex to global warming is a bit of a stretch,” said one scientist.

More than 220 Americans experienced the coldest weather in decades over the past few days as a “polar vortex” bought Arctic air rushing south, forcing schools and factories to close, grounding flights and stopping mail deliveries.

The cold became deadly in many parts of the eastern U.S., resulting in at least 23 dead amid the subzero temperatures. Natural gas systems strained to keep the heat on in parts of Michigan and Minnesota.

It was so cold Hell literally froze over. The Michigan town of Hell shut down because of the cold, forcing residents to go to their local “warming center,” which happened to be a saloon. The joke was not ......