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Climate Cultists want RICO Charges against Skeptics


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(Writtenby SARTRe 2015)



If you are as sick about hearing all the fantasy alarmists from the “Chicken Little” global warming crew, as us; it might just be time to recognize that there is no serious debate coming out of the academic careerists. Their arrogate contention that the SCIENCE is settled, is the height of authoritarian overbearing. From the offset, BREAKING ALL THE RULES has long established a rational and empirical argument why the acolytes of the theater of absurd asylum are far more dangerous than rising sea levels. Now the latest strategy is to persecute skeptics under RICO.

Well, bring it on . . .

Breitbart sets the context in, Climate Alarmists to Obama: Use RICO Laws to Jail Skeptics!

UN IPCC lead author Kevin ‘Travesty’ Trenberth – have written a letter  to President Obama urging him to use RICO laws to crush dissent by climate skeptics. “Their hypocrisy and dishonesty, especially that of the main signatory, almost defies belief.”

“Trenberth, in other words, deliberately misrepresented the science in order to advance his political agenda. We know what that political agenda was – and is – because he revealed it in that “travesty” email. Having made up his mind about the existence of what we now call Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming – even to the point of expressing irritation when the observed data refused to conform with the theoretical models he so worshipped – he chose cynically and dishonestly to ramp up public hysteria by lying at a press conference about a connection between global warming and hurricanes which he knew was not true.”

Aiding and abetting this dishonest narrative comes the vocal pronouncements of a sitting Senator. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse wants to wage a RICO lawsuit against climate skeptics. This means YOU. The warning implication is clear.

“Also, to answer Senator Whitehouse’s rather clumsy attempt at insinuation… there’s a Michael Flynn quote that applies, here.  “Where there is smoke, there is smoke. It may be fire, or it may be dry ice, sublimating. Or only a cloud.” Which is not quite what Whitehouse was trying to say, because Whitehouse has been carefully primed to not even suggest that there may not be a problem in the first case.  Which is a remarkably uniform attitude among the climate alarmist crowd, and presumably will be still one forty more years from now, when environment DOOM still hasn’t shown up…”

Look at the illogical conclusion coming out of the Al Gore culture of weird global warming science. When you mix phony science with arrogant politicians, the natural result is a totalitarian outcome. Senator: Use RICO Laws to Prosecute Global Warming Skeptics is the method used by an illegitimate regime bent upon global domination as an excuse to save the planet.

“A sitting U.S. Senator is suggesting using RICO laws should be applied to global warming skeptics. Courts have been defining RICO down for some time and in ways that aren't particularly helpful. In 1994, the Supreme Court ruled RICO statutes could be applied to pro-life activists on the grounds that interstate commerce can be affected even when the organization being targeted doesn't have economic motives. 

Obviously, there's a lot of money hanging in the balance with regard to energy policy. But when does coordinating "a wide range of activities, including political lobbying, contributions to political candidates, and a large number of communication and media efforts" go from basic First Amendment expression to racketeering?” 

Let’s get honest. The true racketeers are the deranged power hungry social engineers who have declared war against nature. How convenient to impose their false and doctored experiments upon a civil society through the most rootless attack on what was once a hallmark of western civilization; namely, applying the rigors of intellectual scrutiny to the “so called” evidence.

No longer so in an era of technocratic collectivism. Rick Moran writes in the American Thinker, Some scientists want to prosecute global warming skeptics under the RICO Act.

“I can't recall any other scientific debate in my lifetime where one side advocated arresting their debate opponents. Their nauseating thesis - that all skeptical scientists are in the pay of the fossil fuel industry - just doesn't stand up to close examination, thus eliminating any need to use RICO to prosecute anyone in the skeptical community.

You have to wonder about human progress if all scientists in history possessed the mindset of these mountebanks.”

Basing public policy on partisan pseudo science that purges disagreement from the party line has more the ring of the techniques used under Soviet Stalinism than within a free enterprise system of competing ideas. The climate warming globalists are comrades in the re-education institutes that thrive on reshaping humanity to accept a bleak and diminished future.

The Daily Caller reporter Michael Bastasch points out in the article, Scientists Ask Obama To Prosecute Global Warming Skeptics.

“This year has been a trying one for global warming skeptics. Earlier this year, Democratic lawmakers began an investigation into scientists who disagreed with the White House’s stance on global warming. Many of these skeptical scientists were often cited by those critical of regulations to curb greenhouse gas emissions.”

This report illustrates how the gulag mentality, employed to intimidate and force compliance, is used by the most despicable extremists of the anti-fossil fuel storm troopers.

These hypocrites are not objective scientists committed to the discovery of truth. No they are mere professional parasites exploring the vast regions of government funding to keep fueling the journey into universal technocratic dominance of the human species.

Taxpayer-Funded Climate Org Allegedly Seeks Criminal Penalties for Skeptics brings to light another partisan organization sucking from the public milk of taxpayer finance.

“Science, Space, and Technology Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) today sent a letter to Dr. Jagadish Shukla, a professor of climate dynamics at George Mason University who founded the Institute of Global Environment and Society (IGES). IGES is a non-profit organization that has received millions of dollars in federal grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and NASA.

Chairman Smith: “IGES appears to be almost fully funded by taxpayer money while simultaneously participating in partisan political activity by requesting a RICO investigation of companies and organizations that disagree with the Obama administration on climate change. In fact, IGES has reportedly received $63 million from taxpayers since 2001, comprising over 98 percent of its total revenue during that time.”

Such fraudulent positions and conflicts of interests are hardly part of the scientific method we were taught in grammar school. Yet, this is the new model for academic advancement, radical environmental lobbying and corporatist cronyism. 


Americans are so naïve and gullible. Thankfully, public sentiment is not so foolish in other parts of the world. Opposition to the fabrication of manmade CO2 global warming in England has major push back. The Daily Mail news article, Carney feels heat after saying 'climate change could cause new crash', exposes the destructive consequences of surrendering to the whacko eco Nazis.

“Dr Richard Wellings, of the Institute of Economic Affairs think-tank, said: ‘There is little evidence to support his alarmist views on the impact of climate change. Indeed, Mr Carney should be far more worried about the harmful effect of the green policies designed to prevent global warming.

‘Green taxes and regulation are already suffocating economic growth in the West by driving up energy and transport costs, yet by pushing industry to China and India they do little to cut overall emissions.’”

Folks the next round of global climate change tyranny has just been announced at the UN with all the pomp and ceremony of an emperor Caligula proclamation. Read the latest BATR RealPolitik Newsletter, UN 2030 Agenda Dictatorship. Then research the site, ON THE ROAD TO PARIS CLIMATE 2015.

Imagine the Jacobins that unleashed the French Revolution becoming the Illuminati controlled eco globalists, preparing for their latest attempt to strangle the planet at the Paris summit. Even the Guardian admits that the Paris climate summit pledges won't avoid dangerous warming – UK and UN.

Such eco purity using the term dangerous in the same headline as warming seeks to keep the media hysteria rolling along. Proposals and pledges put together by “so called” democratic governments that ultimately will destroy worldwide economic prosperity to satisfy the demented projections from deranged “true believers” scientists, will lead to a global despotism that will make life not worth living.

Expanding and internationalizing RICO as official policy for governance must surely be on the ultimate agenda of the Mattoids. Adherence to this mindset exhibits a case study in New World Disorder Psychology.

The cultural disease that has infected the intellectual abilities of climate alarmists is based upon hubris. Under this malady, honest discussions on natural causes and solar effects of sun spot activities must be silenced in order to keep the political gravy train on track.

Straight talk is a grave threat to the totalitarians. Few subjects are more censored in public circles than global warming. It is long overdue to see through this scam for what it really is.

SARTRE – October 6, 2015