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Billionaire Bloomberg Builds Coalition Of States To Combat Climate Change

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Continuing to view the world -- and all things in it as you did yesterday -- will get you stuck in a rut faster than quick drying cement, which is where front line jews are right now still parroting the same old tired canards in a reality becoming more polarized with each passing day, with fewer and fewer takers for 'matzo on the half-shell'.


"All in all, jews seem to be  oblivious to Their own future as They continue to read and act from the same playbook, which will ultimately leave Them alone and isolated on Their very own private timeline with no one else to sell Their wares to but Their own kind, who know better than to personally buy into such rubbish.


Bloomberg is a lackey jew, operating at the bottom of the 'jew food chain ladder' -- an errand boy for his betters -- so whatever you hear him say, that is what he is being told to, irrespective of what his own thoughts on the subject might be.


"As the disconnect continues to widen between the rambling, inane rhetoric of jewry, and a world morphing into multiple possible futures -- the outcome of which known by no one living today -- as timelines shift or disappear altogether while new ones are formed, what would have been suddenly becomes no more, which is why the world seems so much crazier now than in the past."