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Solar Activity at Eruptive Levels and So Are Volcanoes

Mitch Battros - Earth Changes

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Jan. 8, 2012

Solar activity is at eruptive levels and gradually increasing, with the GOES X-ray flux background close to C level. More than seven C flares were observed within the last 24 hours. Several more C flares are expected within the next 24 hours, with a chance for an M flare from sunspot region 1393 and 1388



A glancing blow to Earth is possible from the January 5th CME and a moderate geomagnetic storm is expected January 9th.





Report of 7 Volcanoes at Level III - Indonesia


I have received a report telling of seven volcanoes now on level 3 alert status. (3 out of 4). At this time, I have only been able to confirm five of the seven. I have listed the dates and briefing on each. Notice the dates of escalation coincide with solar activity.




January 8th 2012 - Lewotolo Volcano, Indonesia: The alert status at Lewotolo volcano was raised to level 3 (out of a maximum 4). Increased volcanic tremor was recorded at the volcano on 2nd January 2012. Visually the volcano showed white emissions rising 80 m above the summit. A 2 km exclusion zone was placed around the volcano.




December 20th 2011 - Ijen Volcano, Indonesia: Unrest continues at Ijen volcano, Indonesia. Observations at the lake on showed the lake had changed color from light-green to white. A strong smell of sulphur was present at the lake and required observers to wear gas mask. The alert status was raised further from level 2 to level 3 (out of a maximum 4). The exclusion zone radius has been increased to 1.5 km.




December 13th 2011 - Sorik Marapi Volcano, Indonesia: Sorik Marapi volcano in Sumatra, Indonesia has been raised to level 2 alert (out of a maximum 4). On December 12th there were 43 volcanic earthquakes measured at the volcano. A 1.5 radius exclusion zone has been placed around the volcano.




December 8th 2011 - Sundoro Volcano, Indonesia: Sundoro volcano in central Java was raised to level 2 alert on 6th December 2011 after an increase in seismicity. The temperature of fumaroles at the summit increased from 75 deg C on 26th November to 95 deg C on 2nd December. On December 2nd a plume from the summit rose several tens of meters above the rim of the crater. The number of volcanic earthquakes were measured as 3 in October, 13 in November and 20 between December 1-4th. A 2 km exclusion zone has been placed around the volcano. The last eruption of Sundoro volcano occurred in 1971.




December 5th 2011 - Gamalama Volcano, Indonesia: Gamalama volcano in Indonesia erupted at 11 pm local time on 4th December 2011. The eruption deposited ash over the Ternate. On December 4th 47 shallow volcanic earthquakes were recorded at the volcano compared to 1 shallow earthquake on 3rd December.


Magma Causing Uplift in Oregon


Volcanic activity is causing the Earth to rise in Oregon, scientists have found. However, whether such uplift is a sign of an imminent eruption remains uncertain.




A 230-square-mile (600-square-kilometer) patch of ground in Oregon continues to rise. The area lies just west of the South Sister Volcano, which with the North and Middle Sisters form the Three Sisters volcanoes, the most prominent peaks in the central Oregon stretch of the Cascade Mountains.