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Life Take A Turn......


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Dec. 14, 2011

Personal life has taken a turn where I most likely won’t be posting videos on a daily basis — will post as I can…

cheers and thanks to everyone for supporting and contributing .. be safe, and be sure to watch the links that have been provided for earthquakes, weather, and space — these will be your tools for early warning!

Now that you have the tools, and links….it is UP TO YOU to make videos/blog posts warning the world , or explaining to the world what is going on (and what you think is going to happen) !

have fun !

I put myself out there, and was trampled upon.. beat down.. and smeared across the internet.  Remember THAT is the reward for telling people (showing people) what you think… especially when what you show them directly contradicts what they think they know as “fact”.


This last year of video making has changed my life forever (for the better and for the worse)…. it has opened my eyes to MANY aspects of our “society” that quite frankly, I never believed actually existed.  I literally did this for an entire year straight.. every day (save a few I took off for traveling to make MORE videos on crucial topics like fukushima radiation, nebraska nuclear plant meltdown, new madrid flooded, or with the weather mod documentary I am working on).

I have learned things this past year which have changed the very way which I viewed the world as a whole, the way I view government, science, religion, and even esoteric conspiracies — I suppose that is a benefit which will help me over the coming years — however the rest of it , its a rather cumbersome load — a mere search of my name “michael yuri janitch” on google tells the tale of struggle I’ve endured this past year.  My name has been dragged through the mud, no amount of work I do will ever change this fact.

The things that people said about me (wrote about me) come up top search in every search engine — these straight up lies about me have cost me a very good job offer, and have made it VERY difficult for me to get hired.

In one giant wave — all the bills have come due, no compensation on the horizon from all my work done over the past year, and a smear campaign that cost me a really good job that could have gotten me out of this mess… its all a bit much just to be the online youtube “alternative weather guy”.

In the past year….

Conspiracies have been debunked, and PROVED — information on weather modification, and earth changes has been brought to the forefront of discussion.   The obscure links showing hard to find data (seismic, weather, space, etc..) have been assembled and presented.  Public officials have been told of the situations, and put on notice !

What more can I say..  this past year, we HAVE made a difference.

I wish circumstances allowed me to keep doing this work full time — but now, as things stand, I must bow out for a while.

See my recommended viewing on my youtube channel for current news and events:

much love ! live long and prosper!