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Science-illiterate Seattle Times claims carbon MONOXIDE causes plants to produce more pollen, which is why climate change is bad… huh?

Ethan Huff

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Image: Science-illiterate Seattle Times claims carbon MONOXIDE causes plants to produce more pollen, which is why climate change is bad… huh?

The deranged climate hysterics who work at The Seattle Times have been caught fear-mongering about the alleged threat of carbon monoxide – not carbon dioxide, or CO2, the usual target – which the paper hilariously claims is causing plants to produce too much planet-destroying pollen.

As part of a continued effort to create as many climate anxiety-inducing headlines and graphics as possible, The Seattle Times published an article recently claiming that plants are “producing more pollen because of increased levels of carbon monoxide in the air, prolonging allergy season.”

The same article goes on to claim that in addition to producing more pollen, increased carbon monoxide “reduces nutrients in the plants we eat,” while greenhouse gases “chew away at the ozone, leading to an increased risk of skin cancer.”

First of all, since when is carbon monoxide the bogeyman when it comes to climate change? Last we checked, carbon dioxide is the substance that leftists claim is melting the polar ice caps, flooding the streets of Miami during high tides, and ruining the childhood and future of Greta Thunberg.

Somehow, it’s now the carbon compounds released by the burning of gasoline and wood that are the real threat to planetary subsistence, not the carbon compounds that plants have fed on since the beginning of time, releasing oxygen for us to breathe as a byproduct.

Suffice it to say that none of what The Seattle Times is claiming about carbon monoxide, pollen, plants, the ozone, and skin cancer, has any basis in reality. In fact, it’s all a bunch of completely made-up pseudoscientific nonsense, though it’s reportedly causing an epidemic of “climate anxiety” among people who actually believe this tripe.


Up in the Pacific Northwest, for instance, readers of The Seattle Times are reportedly suffering from mass climate hysteria. At the University of Washington – Bothell, for instance, there’s now an entire course devoted to discussions about “eco-grief,” or the fear and paralyzation that comes with grief over climate change.

Posters are also appearing around the Seattle area that advertise “workshops” about the “emotional toll of climate change on college students.” In other words, climate change really has become big business.

The mainstream media needs to STOP spreading climate hysteria because it’s destroying people’s mental health

Even the Pacific Science Center, a popular science museum, now offers sessions on “eco-anxiety” that aim to mitigate the emotional harm caused by fears that the world will end in 12 years, as claimed by junior congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) of New York.

At Willamette University in Oregon, Professor Wendy Peterson Boring also teaches a “climate-change-focused” class that addresses the phenomenon of “climate anxiety,” which is reportedly causing some believers to go mentally insane.

“I have gotten so many calls and emails from desperate folks,” writes Cliff Mass at his Cliff Mass Weather and Climate Blog (as reposted by Zero Hedge).

“One woman tearfully told me her mother was desperately ill in California, but she couldn’t move to be with her because she was afraid of the effects of climate change in that state. Another woman called, terribly worried about fires in western Washington from global warming. A few others asked about where they should move to escape our local apocalyptical conditions.”

Chalk it all up to the fear-inducing propaganda being disseminated by the likes of The Seattle Times, which is apparently vying for first place in the “fake news outlets of the year” award category.

“The truth is that some very irresponsible folks are hyping and exaggerating the impacts of the minor global warming we have had so far, sending vulnerable folks into a panic,” Mass warns.

“And these irresponsible folks and individuals are painting an apocalyptic view of the future that is completely at odds with the best science.”

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