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Peak libtard? Delusional NY Governor Andrew Cuomo claims “We didn’t have hurricanes” before climate change, denying centuries of recorded history

Mike Adams

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Achieving a whole new level of “peak libtard,” NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo now claims there were no hurricanes before “climate change,” a term that didn’t even exist until a few years ago. So-called “global warming” — the narrative that was heavily pushed before “climate change” — has been around less than twenty years.

In the 1970s and 80s, scientists warned us all about “global cooling” and claimed another ice age would devastate human civilization if we didn’t surrender all authority to global government. But when the ice didn’t cover the planet and destroy human cities, the globalist nut jobs who try to scare humanity into obedience flipped the script, suddenly claiming it was warming, not cooling, that was an “existential threat” to human existence.

Now, taking the prize as perhaps the most ignorant libtard in New York — which is really saying something — Gov. Andrew Cuomo (Loonbag-N.Y.) claims hurricanes never appeared on planet Earth before “climate change” occurred. In an interview with MSNBC, he said it straight out:

You know, anyone who questions extreme weather and climate change is just delusional at this point. We have seen in the State of New York what everyone is seeing. We see these weather patterns that we never had before. We didn’t have hurricanes, we didn’t have superstorms, we didn’t have tornadoes.

The historical record of severe storms begs to differ.

What about all the hurricanes in the 1200s? The 1600s? 1700s? 1800s? Cuomo claims they never happened

As PJ Media reports, Andrew Cuomo is truly delusional. He’s also a denier of recorded history, which is no surprise since he’s a brainless libtard moron, and having no knowledge of reality now seems to be a requirement to be a member of the Democrat party

An analysis of sedimentary evidence from New Jersey showed that a major hurricane struck the New York/New Jersey area between 1278 and 1438, long before the internal combustion engine. Another hurricane tracked parallel to the East Coast with impacts on New England and New York in August 1635. On September 8, 1667, a “severe storm” was reported in Manhattan. The Great Storm of 1693 caused severe damage on Land Island in October 1693. In September 1785, ships crashed into Governors Island as a result of powerful waves reportedly generated by a tropical cyclone. In August 1788, a hurricane struck New York City or Long Island, causing severe flooding and leaving the west side of the Battery “in ruins.”

In claiming there were no hurricanes before climate change, Cuomo might as well have claimed there were no solar eclipses before climate change, too, since left-wing climate lunatics now apparently believe climate change affects the movement of planets and stars.

Don’t mow your lawn, don’t you know. Because your lawnmower’s emissions might cause storms on Jupiter.

Every planet that isn’t flat (and has an atmosphere) experiences hurricanes

Just wait to see Cuomo’s head explode when he finds out that Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and other planets have hurricanes, too. Gosh, did cars burning gasoline on Earth cause the swirling clouds on Saturn? No doubt there are a huge number of lunatic libtards who would buy into that, because they are unimaginably stupid.

Every planet that rotates around its axis and has an atmosphere experiences hurricanes. To understand why, it’s important to ask:

What causes hurricanes?

The simple answer is that hurricanes are caused by the spinning of the Earth around its axis. This spinning — which you may recall completes a full rotation every 24 hours — generates considerable Coriolis forces which push air into swirling patterns. Simply stated, over land, they’re called tornadoes. Over water, they’re called hurricanes. (Meteorology is of course more complicated than that, but this is the essence of it.)

This is why hurricanes spin in the opposite direction south of the equator vs. north or the equator. The direction is the spin is determined by the location of the origin of the hurricane relative to the equator, which is the dividing line between clockwise vs. counterclockwise spinning effects of winds due to the Coriolis effect. (And that’s because the Earth is a sphere, not a flat disc as proposed by Flat Earthers.)

Hurricanes have existed on planet Earth for as long as the planet has been spinning, in other words. And the only way a person could believe hurricanes didn’t exist before the year 2000 is if they also believe the Earth is flat.

On a flat Earth that isn’t spinning, there are no Coriolis forces and no wind vortexes. This is apparently what Andrew Cuomo believes, since he thinks hurricanes never existed on the planet for its nearly five billion years of history… until just now, when Al Gore pushed so much hot air talking about climate change that he single-handedly whipped up hurricane force winds and blew them all around the planet.

Has New York become a factory for stupid lunatics known as Democrats?

Andrew Cuomo isn’t the only stupid lunatic to be produced by New York, a Democrat stronghold indoctrination center that brainwashes people into believing jaw-dropping nonsense. NYC also produced Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC), who claims the entire planet will be destroyed in 12 years if climate change is not stopped.

And to stop climate change, she demands we end all combustion engines, meaning a complete shut down of agriculture and farming as well as global transportation. This would, of course, almost instantly collapse the global food supply and lead to mass famine and death.

When Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy warned that AOC’s deranged ideas would cause “Alaska’s population to plummet,” AOC replied, “That’s kind of the point.”

In other words, depopulation is the goal, which is why mentally ill lunatics like Cuomo and AOC continue to push things that make no sense whatsoever if you’re trying to keep humanity alive and well. Their stated goal is the destruction of human populations: global famine, starvation, mass death and depopulation.

And the only way they can achieve that goal is to shut off food production by banning fossil fuels and combustion engines. So they fabricate insane “facts” to push their fearmongering agenda, such as claiming no hurricanes ever took place on planet Earth before the last few decades.

Democrats are dangerous lunatics who will destroy humanity if they are given the power to rule over us. Their ideas are not merely bad; they are catastrophic for humanity. Think about it: These are the loonbags who think carbon dioxide — the No. 1 “food” for plants — is a pollutant!

There’s nothing they won’t say to achieve their goal of mass starvation, famine and destruction of humanity. Truth be told, that’s because they aren’t working for humanity’s interests. They are working for anti-human interests, but that’s another article altogether.

Just remember: Everything Democrats claim to be true is a lie. Hurricanes aren’t new, and carbon dioxide isn’t bad for the planet. In fact, CO2 is exactly what’s turning the planet green, even according to NASA.

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