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Dr. Masaru Emoto and the Science of Water Crystals

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Water is altered by words:

Dr. Emoto discovered that water sometimes forms small, three-dimensional crystals in response to words.

He also found that distilled water forms hexagonal shapes and realized that the crystals also had this shape at their center. Here’s how:

Bottles of stable, distilled water have words written on the bottles

The words with a positive connotation to them such as "Love & Gratitude", "Hope", and "Peace" altered the water to form beautiful crystals.

Words with negative connotations such as "You Fool", and "I Hate You" result in round misshapen images under the microscope, often looking almost diseased - completely removing the pure hexagonal shape of the water.

The idea that water reflects what it is shown is much more profound than we are accustomed to.

This connects to the quantum physics theory that everything is made up of vibration at its core, including words.

Words have an energetic vibration or charge.

The human body is 70% water and the earth is also 70% water, we are connected to each other and our planet through water.

We can change the vibration of society and our Earth through our use of thoughts, words and actions.

A word is written on a bottle of distilled water and is left for 12 hours. Drops are then placed onto Petrie dishes and frozen. The Petrie dishes are placed under a microscope with light and camera attached. As the water begins to thaw one of two things will happen.

It will either grow into a three-dimensional crystal (rising from the surface of the drop) or it will simply melt into an array of disjointed bubbles.

The entire life-span of the crystal is about two minutes and is often melting in one area while still forming in another. Photos are taken throughout the process documenting each stage.

The crystal that forms is then adapted for the etching process by Water Songs and fashioned into an engraving plate with remarkable detail.

We hope to inspire a better perspective for people to take care in the words and images they choose with intention to move into a kinder, more compassionate and loving world of reflection.

Welcome to the world of vibration realization.

Thank you for taking this step toward change.

Who knows what we can accomplish one word and its vibration at a time.

About Masaru Emoto

I will be 65 years old in this year and all I want is world peace. I came up with an idea to make a new company which aims at "bringing peace in the world“

A company in general exists to pursue profits but the purpose of this new company is to pursue "world peace". Of course, we'll pursue profits too because we'll need funds to accomplish that, but it is not a profit for profits but a profit for the creation of world peace. I would like to make such a purpose clear and share wisdoms with employees and investors to achieve our goal.

The name "Masaru Emoto" has been resistered as a trademark in 40 countries. I named this new company "Office Masaru Emoto" as I would like the people who act for peace to use the brand "Masaru Emoto" .

"The Message from Water" Seminar Tour and Emoto Peace Project

The Message from Water and The Hidden Messages in Water were translated and published on a global scale at the same time and I have had a lot of invitations to speak about water from all over the world and I have been walking around the world as a water messenger ever since then.

In the middle of the world lecture tour I had in May, 2005, I announced EMOTO PEACE PROJECT at a conference called the Spiritual Dimensions of Science and Consciousness Subcommittee on Spirituality which was held at United Nation headquarters in NYC, and I received standing ovation from the audience and it was well received.

Emoto Peace Project Website:

A company in pursuit of peace by the civic participation

I organized Hado Instructor school since May 2005 and attended total of 9 school and collected and trained 203 instructors from 24 different countries. Furthermore, I launch an electric web magazine called E-Hado which is for International Hado members as well as people who are interested in Hado by the end of last year. In the other word, the preparations to create an organization which is an association of citizen who resonate with my thought has been already started.

Originally, the head organization was a private company called IHM which I have been running for 21 years but in order to get over the various critical situations that all humankind holds at this time, I came to the point that rather than doing these works under a private company, I had better to set up a new company which defines:

- Not owned by anybody

- Citizen participation type of company

It is just like a company for the people and by the people to accomplish all of the goals that the new company has.

March 9, 2010