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Nausea, diarrhoea reported in Coomera

Katrina Jones

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CASES of nausea and diarrhoea have been reported at Coomera following revelations recycled sewage was pumped into residents' drinking water.

The Weekend Bulletin revealed the new $80 million Pimpama Wastewater Treatment Plant had been pumping recycled sewage into the wrong pipes to more than 630 homes since Tuesday.

The problem was picked up on Friday after a resident complained about the water quality.

The plant supplies 'Class A-plus recycled water' which can be used for car washing, gardening, flushing toilets and external household cleaning. It is not suitable for drinking, cooking or cleaning, personal washing, clothes washing, swimming pools or spas, or pets and livestock.

Residents around Orlando Drive and Hudson Court appear to be the worst affected, with some reporting a 'foul odour' when they turned on their household taps.

Orlando Drive residents Mohammed and Zureen Ali have stocked up on bottled water after Gold Coast City Council issued notices to homeowners instructing them not to drink water from taps over the weekend.

"When we had showers the water stunk," said Mr Ali.

Mrs Ali said she felt ill on Wednesday and Thursday, but thought it was from her cooking.

"I felt sick in my tummy and kept having to go to the toilet," she said.

Another resident Adam O'Brien said his wife had been vomiting. "You have faith that you are going to get clean water in Australia and then this happens," he said.

"It's pretty ordinary that they can just do this and we have to simply cop it on the chin."

Mr O'Brien said he had been boiling water all weekend.

"Someone has to be held accountable for this because it's pretty serious," he said.

Locals Bruce and Bev Maloney were disappointed by how council handled the problem.

"They could have brought the homes some bottled water and not just expected us to foot the bill," said Mr Maloney.

"One of our granddaughters has been feeling sick and I have felt a bit off this week as well."

Chief health officer with Queensland Health Dr Jeannette Young said the water contained high levels of chlorine, which meant there would be minimal health risk to residents.

"It won't harm you, but it tastes awful," she said.

Dec. 7, 2009