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Should New York City Shut Down Its 24-Hour Subway?

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NYC Subway Riders

Whether it’s delayed trains, signal malfunctions, track fires or the horrific stalling of the F train in June 2017, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) is scrambling to fix the myriad issues now facing its commuters. In an effort to repair the subway, a proposed idea to shut down the city’s 24-hour service has hit a nerve with New Yorkers, leaving everyone questioning whether the city that never sleeps should have a subway that does.

Monday morning in New York City and the platforms at Union Square runneth over with angry city slickers desperate to get to work by 9 a.m. Each train that pulls into the station is overflowing with commuters—packed like sardines in a can—as those waiting on the platform look on helplessly, unable to squeeze even a foot through the door.

Eye rolls quickly escalate to under-the-breath insults until that notorious New York sass is being thrown around shamelessly. One train passes, then two as the overheard train schedule reads simply: “Delayed.”

Welcome to New York’s subway system, a rapidly failing and flailing transportation network that is the bane of every New Yorker’s existence.

re important: a convenient late-night ride or a calm Monday morning commute.