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Everyday Misery In Venezuela—Millions of people are facing inhuman conditions in Venezuela right now

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“There is no food in Venezuela,” my Venezuelan friend wrote. “Maybe this is the last time you hear from me.”

I was shocked with these two sentences. Like him, millions of people are facing inhuman conditions in Venezuela right now.

It was not easy for him to reach me. He had to write a letter, give it to his brother who was visiting and his brother sent it to me from abroad.

International phone calls are blocked. All the letters they send are opened, as well as everything they receive is opened and checked. There is no privacy, no liberty of expression and “big brother” is watching 24/7. Even their internet access is limited and controlled. And the military in the streets is ready to use violence and to make detentions.

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Like millions of Venezuelans, my friend goes to bed feeling hungry and wakes up feeling hungry. After nine hours in a line, he might get some flour. Yesterday it was actually a good day; it only took him only six hours in a line to get some basic food. So far, he has already lost 33 pounds (15 kilos).

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Many kids don’t go to school and are standing in the food lines with their parents. Others go to school, but many faint, because of hunger and malnourishment.

The worst situation happens if someone gets sick, or needs hospital treatment. Hospitals have no conditions and many doctors have left the country. Medicine cabinets in hospitals and pharmacies are as empty as the supermarket shelves. My friend has asthma and he cannot find medicine, a nebulizer and drops anywhere.

Together with other international friends, we tried to contact him to get him help. However, even our help is extremely difficult to reach him.

First, he cannot receive foreign money. Second, he cannot have a passport to leave the country, unless he pays a lot of money to a corrupt public worker. But then again, with his income of $29 a month, that would be impossible.


There are no basic goods there either. He was taking showers only with water until a friend from abroad sent him 10 soaps, from which he only received half, the rest was taken away as bribery.

Before this economic crisis devastated Venezuela, my friend used to be an engineer with a good life, a house, and a car. Now he is almost starving, his rights are all gone and there is little we can do to help him.

All media in the country is controlled by President Nicolás Maduro. CNN in Spanish was banned. And the government makes a lot of fake propaganda. Maduro’s Twitter account is publishing photos of big smiles, hugs, and people celebrating life, pretending that Venezuela is a wonderful country and trying to cover up reality.

Of course, political opposition is not allowed either, the Supreme Court has upheld the almost 14 years in jail sentence of the opposition leader, Leopoldo López.

As my friend expressed, “Every Venezuelan depends on the government, there are no private institutions and all public ones are taken by the government, there is no escape.”

Remember the rolling blackouts, the shortages of common supplies, like toilet paper, the eating of zoo animals (and domestic animals) because people were starving, the looting, and the spikes in crime? Yeah, that’s all coming from the socialist utopia of Venezuela. The medical system has also totally collapsed, with hospitals not having basic items like gloves or soap. One doctor described the situation as “something out of the 19th century.” Then, there’s the footage of Venezuelans eating out of garbage cans because of the food shortage. On average, people have lost 19 pounds due to food shortages. It’s a total disaster and Venezuelans are dying:

By morning, three newborns were already dead.

The day had begun with the usual hazards: chronic shortages of antibiotics, intravenous solutions, even food. Then a blackout swept over the city, shutting down the respirators in the maternity ward.

Doctors kept ailing infants alive by pumping air into their lungs by hand for hours. By nightfall, four more newborns had died.

“The death of a baby is our daily bread,” said Dr. Osleidy Camejo, a surgeon in the nation’s capital, Caracas, referring to the toll from Venezuela’s collapsing hospitals.

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At a time when the country needs government services the most, they’re only working two days a week. The people are hungry, law and order have broken down, the hospitals are disaster zones, and the nation is so broke it can’t even print its own currency.

Sadly, the same Venezuela that used to be a beautiful country, is now one of the worst places on Earth.