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RESPONSE TO: 'Massive 'Tsunami' Of Sewage From Tijuana That Fouled San Diego Beaches May Have Been Deliberately Released'

Rocky Montana

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143 million gallons of sewage spilled into Tijuana River in Mexico on February 2

It flowed north of the border into California for more than three weeks

The Tijuana River drains into the Pacific Ocean on the U.S. side of the border

Now the Mayor of Imperial Beach, Serge Dedina, has claimed it was 'deliberate'

Chris Summers

March 2, 2017

The Tijuana River flows into the ocean near Imperial Beach, California (pictured) and people were warned against swimming in the sea after the sewage tsunami STOCK PHOTO


[Comments within brackets added by Rocky Montana.]
[Yes, raw sewage is deliberately released and it has occurred nearly annually as far back as there have been public records to record it.  Most San Diego area residents will concur that as long as they have lived in the area this occurs nearly every time a big rainfall occurs in Southern California, as was experienced in February.  Then come the HEALTH HAZARD WARNINGS for  beaches and coastal waters from the city of Imperial Beach north to Coronado (where the famous Hotel Coronado stands), caused by raw sewage runoff from Mexico's Tijuana River.  Mexico towns and cities in the Tijuana River Watershed routinely dump thousands of gallons of raw sewage every year into the Tijuana River during the rainy season and this untreated human waste travels with rainwater runoff over the Mexican-U.S. border, into the United States where it finally empties into the Pacific Ocean near the city of Imperial Beach, California.  Each time this occurs, there is a BIG STINK--literally, emotionally and figuratively--as Imperial Beach residents complain of the odor and other Southern California residents and tourists complain that they cannot use the beaches, while the media reports the stories, however, the problem is never solved.  The beaches and coastlines in the city of Imperial Beach, and to a lesser extent the entire coastline north to the city of Coronado, and possibly beyond, are saddled with HEALTH HAZARD WARNINGS for weeks or more caused by this raw sewage courtesy of Mexico.  Residents and tourists alike should think twice about using the beaches and swimming in the waters on the coastal stretch, unless and until years after this human waste pollution/contamination problem has been solved.

Mexican towns and cities within the Tijuana River Watershed have always used this river as their own personal toilet, and the rains to flush their human waste down the river, rather then spending the money to properly treat their raw sewage.  These Mexican border towns and cities (specifically the large border cities of Mesa and Tijuana, Mexico; the largest polluters of the river) have never had a real, U.S.-class sewage system and that their infrastructures are insufficient to adequately handle their own population's human waste treatment needs.  Worse, the Mexican government doesn't care or they would have done something about it decades ago. 

On the U.S. side of the border, sewer drainage pipes occasionally become overwhelmed by excessive rain water and either overflow or break, also causing raw sewage to run off into the ocean and causing Health Hazard Warnings and beach shutdowns.  The difference is that when this occurs, these U.S. cities are fined by the EPA and are court-ordered to make sufficient repairs and/or upgrades as required to solve the problem.  Our neighbors south of the border are free to pollute and contaminate at will.  It is not fair to U.S. citizens allow Mexico to continue to pollute and contaminate the U.S. side of the Tijuana River and U.S. beaches, and U.S. coastal water with no consequences! 

So what to do?  Mexico should be shamed before the world and forced to clean up their act!  Our local, state, and especially our federal government must show some backbone and coordinate, pressure, and fine the Mexican government and the Mexican border cities of Mesa and Tijuana, and smaller polluters into improving their own sewage infrastructure systems.  We should probably also work hand-in-hand with the Mexicans until the job is completed to ensure that the job is done correctly.  Unfortunately, Californians cannot rely on our own feckless, socialist governor to apply any pressure or do anything about this problem--he has had nearly 15 years as governor to act and has done nothing!  Therefore, it is up to the federal government.  I urge President Trump to please take charge and take this annually occurring U.S. HEALTH HAZARD up with the Mexican government!  If President Trump is successful in getting this problem solved, I believe Southern Californians will long sing his praises and be in his debt.  See Tijuana River Watershed map below or google: Map of the Tijuana River Watershed.]


The Tijuana River (pictured) flows across the border near San Ysidro, California STOCK PHOTO

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Map of the Tijuana River Watershed