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New radiation spikes detected in multiple countries — Mystery deepens as officials work to triangulate source — Nuclear Expert: “It is serious… likely means a continuing release still going on”

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Barents Observer, Mar 23, 2017 (emphasis added): Another tiny measurement of radioactive iodine at Svanhovd — The very small amount of radioactive iodine was measured… between March 6 to 13… This is the second time this winter that radioactive iodine is measured at Svanhovd [in Norway]. Following the traces measured in January, a series of tweets started to spread claiming the source to be a possible Russian nuclear weapon test… Ongoing release? Nuclear physicist with the Bellona Foundation, Nils Bøhmer, says this second period of measurement indicates that there are some kind of ongoing releases. “If it is iodine-131, it is serious because that likely means a continuing release still going on. Iodine-131 has a half-life of only 8 days, so what was measured in January are long gone,” Bøhmer says to the Barents Observer. A possible ongoing release is supported by measurements in Finland a week before the trace was detected in Norway’s northeasternmost corner…

Bellona, Mar 27, 2017: New radioactive Iodine detected in Norway and Finland – more breaking fake news likely to follow — The mystery surrounding a release of iodine over Europe in January deepened earlier this month as a second minor spike of radiation again tripped sensors in Svandhovd, Norway, the Barents Observer reported accurately in an article that will doubtless be followed several false ones from other sources. The new spike, according to instruments monitored by the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, was measured between March 6 and 13, and, according to Bellona physicist and general director Nils Bøhmer, strongly suggest the iodine release is ongoing… As such, the iodine measurements have become the stuff of Internet legend and fuel for conspiracies, and the newest reports will likely spur further theories… A Twitter fire that started in Europe ­– after the reports of the iodine were confirmed by French nuclear authorities in January– spat out 140-character speculation that a nuclear bomb test in Russia, or even an accident at the Kola Nuclear Power Plant, were to blame… RIA Novosti falsely cited reports in Britain’s Independent and the Barents Observer to make its case that the suspicious radiation spike was coming from Ukraine… [W]here the iodine is coming from is still not clear. But nuclear authorities in Finland and Norway are taking the work of trying to triangulate its source seriously.

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Published: March 29th, 2017 at 8:53 am ET