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British Petroleum-Gate Update Poisonous Benzene Threatens Millions of Lives

by Tom Heneghan

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scrapes the barrel for oil spill
ideas as cap plan falters

Oil continues to flow as technicians attempt a repair at the site of the Deepwater Horizon oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico Photo: REUTERS

UNITED STATES of America  -  Tonight as ecological catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico worsens, we bring you a special update from Ambassador Leo Wanta [Wanta is a trained engineer] on how this oil gusher can actually be capped.

The question is: Why the U.S. government refuses to take the necessary steps to cap it.
In our next intelligence briefing we will detail why this is the case.
  We also bring you this special breaking report from investigative journalist Wayne Madsen on the now poisonous benzene threat, which places the lives of millions of Americans in the Gulf Coast region at risk.


Note: What has taken place in the Gulf of Mexico was a domestic terrorist attack launched against the American People by the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, along with their domestic and foreign intelligence agencies enablers for the purpose of massive financial gain and a precursor to martial law conditions being ordered on American soil. (the current criminal U.S. government is plotting to declare a "health emergency" given the poisonous toxins that have been unleashed by the Gulf of Mexico catastrophe).  We can also divulge at this hour British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward has left American soil after accumulating BILLIONS of dollars by selling his own British Petroleum stock short 48 hours before the explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

The brokerage firm Hayward used to accomplish his trade was none other than Goldman Sachs.


Note: The well known brokerage firm aka bank Goldman Sachs that LOOTED the U.S. Treasury and destroyed the financial underpinnings of the European Union is still covering up their involvement with former BushFRAUD Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson [former CEO at Goldman Sachs] and the illegal THEFT and disappearance of the $27.5 TRILLION tied to the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols.

Folks, enjoy these two reports and remember that this  foreign  company involved in this criminal atrocity against the American People is not named BP, its full name is British Petroleum.