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The Gulf has a problem- We have a Solution!

By: Douglas Walz

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The team of Business, Political and Media Experts is represented by a Florida Corp who has the distribution agreement with the International Labs.

In essence this product is a non-toxic, non-pathogenic, CLEAN UP solution for the current oil spill.  The process involves non-toxic oil eating microbe and/or microbes, as required.  It has an end product of fresh water, citric acid, carbon dioxide and biomass, a percentage of which is consumable as fish food.  Additionally this biomass, if not consumed as fish food, will drop harmlessly to the sea floor.

We are currently pursuing high level contacts at BP, Federal and State Governors offices.  Due to the urgency and the devastating havoc that the oil is now creating as it reaches the Gulf Coast Beaches and environmentally sensitive habitat we are now contacting all County and Parish officials who will be charged with their own clean up efforts.

If you are that person or if you are able to open the door to that person, then we need to talk now.

For a copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet

Please contact:

Douglas Walz

863-381-1198 -cell
walzco -SKYPE  Subject line “Microbial MSDS”

Thank you for your time and effort in being part of the solution.

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Gulf Oil Spill Solution: