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Eco Group Calls For "Voluntary Human Extinction"

Steve Watson

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May 12, 2008

Says masses should be indoctrinated to stop having children in order that the human race can die out and save the planet

An environmental group says it's sole purpose is to recruit volunteers and educate enough people to eventually realize that the human race needs to completely die out in order that the planet can survive.

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT) says humans need to stop breeding and voluntarily progress our own slow demise in order that plants, animals and fragile ecosystems can survive.

The group's motto is "May we live long and die out". Their website explains their commitment to a long term goal of convincing the population of Earth that it has no future:

It has been suggested that there are only two chances of everyone volunteering to stop breeding: slim and none. The odds may be against preserving life on Earth, but the decision to stop reproducing is still the morally correct one. Indeed, the likelihood of our failure to avoid the massive die off which humanity is engineering is a very good reason to not sentence another of us to life. The future isn't what it used to be.

Even if our chances of succeeding were only one in a hundred, we would have to try. Giving up and allowing humanity to take its course is unconscionable. There is far too much at stake.

The Movement may be considered a success each time one more of us volunteers to breed no more.

The movement is at pains to explain that it does not advocate suicide, abortion, mass murder, or any form of FORCED population control, yet it does advocate a total reduction in human population down to zero:

VHEMT Supporters favor this goal, while Volunteers see extinction as the only sure way to avoid breeding ourselves back to today's density.

The group rejects being labeled Malthusian or Eugenicist because in their words, they "care about life on planet Earth":

VHEMT (pronounced vehement) is a movement not an organization. It's a movement advanced by people who care about life on planet Earth. We're not just a bunch of misanthropes and anti-social, Malthusian misfits, taking morbid delight whenever disaster strikes humans. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Voluntary human extinction is the humanitarian alternative to human disasters.

The group maintains that human do not have a place in nature and have become parasitic:

The fossil record shows that each time Homo sapiens entered a continent, a spasm of extinctions followed. Exotic invaders typically disrupt ecosystems, and we are no exception.

On some philosophical level there is no doubt some truth feeding the myth. However, by examining our daily lives, and asking ourselves, "What part of my normal day is a part of Nature?" the sad truth is revealed.

A further read around the VHEMT site leaves a very sour taste for anyone who happens not to agree that the human race should be systematically wiped out. This movement is very calculated in its unwavering explanation and rationalization of an eventuality totally at odds with the history of evolution. It even appeals to different philosophies and religions and attempts to use their dogma to bolster it's own views.

In an interview with World Net Daily, a spokesperson for the group, going under the pseudonym Les U. Knight, highlights the pure doublethink that one must engage in in order to come to the conclusions this group do:

"It's an idea, and it's not transferred genetically," he said. "We aren't born knowing we should go extinct; we have to learn it. We don't need to create new humans in order to indoctrinate them from birth. All of us come from breeding couples, and yet we've decided not to breed."

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this group is that it equates itself with a general freedom movement. describing it's ideal as "reproductive freedom" rather than "population control". However a thorough read through their material makes it clear that the group is intent on imposing its views on people in order to change their mindset, whether they like it or not.

In their opening message the group states:

We don't carry on about how the human race has shown itself to be a greedy, amoral parasite on the once-healthy face of this planet.

Yet in the very next section they state:

Great progress will be made toward improving the quality of life on Earth by countering greed with responsibility, ignorance with education, and oppression with freedom.

And in following sections:

We were once like the otter, part of the ecosystem. Then we developed agriculture, and have become parasitic, depending on exploitation of Nature for our survival, but giving nothing back.

We have previously warned how "green" groups have attempted to associate climate change and environmental problems with over population and suggest that the solution is to implement depopulation policies and punishments for those who flout them.

People are indeed being indoctrinated to think that reproducing is bad for the planet.

This outlook is being seized upon by a globalist elite whose raison d’etre is to control and restrict our growth and progress for their own benefit. As Alex Jones documents in his seminal documentary End Game, this mindset is endemic amongst the elite.

This hijacking of eco groups and activists alike and is intended to push a green fraud to mask the agenda to mold a worldwide neo feudalist society where a global body regulates and micro manages every aspect of our lives down to when we can and cannot move around and when we can and cannot reproduce.