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Comments by Rocky Monttana

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Rocky Montana

May 16, 2017

This writing is dedicated to revealing the true nature of Earth's and Earthman's environmental problems which began in earnest approximately 70     years ago.  If you refuse to read this truth, you will continue to live in ignorance of the truth and continue to be manipulated by your Globalist puppet-masters.  However, if you take the time to read it, you will know what 90% of the world's population does not know and you will learn what every able-minded, able-bodied person on this planet can do to help solve our dire, man-created environmental problems. 

Still with me?  Wise choice.  You must first realize that the truth has been concealed and twisted into convoluted lies to fool the masses for decades, however, you should also know that the truth has also been available to the masses for decades, since the early 1990s in fact.  If you are reading these facts for the first time, it only confirms my point that the truth has been hidden from you.  It would be wise to read this article with an open mind.  Do not dismiss this information just because it may not agree with what you have been told by the Global Elites' paid "experts", the talking heads, the mainstream propaganda media, the socialist college professors, and/or your friends and colleagues.       

This writing is also dedicated to exposing the Global Elites' conjured, pseudo-scientific terms: "Global Warming", "Ozone depletion, "Greenhouse gas emissions", and lately "Climate Change".  While there is a thread of truth in these terms, it is not the whole truth or what the masses have been told the Globalist puppet-masters who have spun these partial truths into blatant lies to justify their imposing their money-making scheme "carbon tax" and "carbon footprint" upon the world for personal gain.  Half-truths are actually lies.  Reading the excerpts (below) from two of the many Phoenix Journals is the first step in understanding our world-wide environmental problems.      

Quoting from Phoenix Journal 14:

"You are having an increase of carbon dioxide from so many reasons I have not room to outlay in this portion.  However, you are not having increased global warming and records of your own scientists over the past decade prove it.  You ARE having intensified heating in the summers in many, many locations and more frigid winters.  The extremes are compounded by atmospheric and manual manipulation of atmosphere.  You will see less and less seasonal changes and more sliding from, say, winter to summer and summer to winter, etc.  The "typical" seasons as you would describe them, are all but absent.

'With the extreme temperature changes, deforestation, melting of your polar ice caps, etc., there will be catastrophic changes in conditions with increasing wind velocities, irregular rainfalls with extreme droughts and flooding.  It will be for protection from the elements, as much as for survival of wars, that your shelter and reserve food storage shall be most useful.  You are moving into a time of incredible extremes which man is not evolved sufficiently to withstand.  You must have protections, as must your domestic animals and food plants if you are to survive the cycle of change." 

 --Germain - Phoenix Journal 14 - R.R.P P.* *RAPE, RAVAGE, PILLAGE AND PLUNDER OF THE PHOENIX, VOL. I , Chapter 8, pp. 75-76.

The notion that excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is the cause of all our environmental problems, i.e.,  is a half-truth, and, again, a half-truth is a lie.  Increasing carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere is a symptom of the cause of the problem and a contributing factor, but it is not the     cause of increased warming of the planet.  The Globalists conjured the canard that "man-made carbon dioxide emissions is responsible for "Global Warming" and "Ozone Depletion" ", etc., in order to conceal the true cause of all our environmental problems.  And then they compounded the lie, with the "carbon tax", "carbon footprint" scheme.  "Carbon taxes" will not replenish depleted oxygen levels in Earth's atmosphere; they will not increase ozone levels in the stratosphere, and they will not control/reverse the melting polar ice caps and glaciers.  "Carbon taxes" will, however, result in enriching the Global Elite and their cronies while making the rest of the world's population poorer.  This is the nature of the beast, the Global Elite, to consolidate control and power, to extort money, and to usurp freedom and liberty from the people.  Extortion is what they do best.  It is time to wake up from this tyrannical trance, the "carbon tax" scheme, the Globalists have put the world under before it is too late to do anything about it. 

Man's incessant mining and use of radioactive materials above ground since the early 20th century is the true cause of the Earth's environmental changes and problemsMan must learn that the dirtiest and deadliest energy source of all is uranium.  Invisible to the naked eye, uranium use, via nuclear fuels, nuclear weapons testing/use (above and below ground), and nuclear waste, all disperse deadly by-product (particles and gases) into the atmosphere, onto the land, and into all bodies of water, and it is deadly to every lifeform on the planet.  The Global Elites have failed to explain these things to the masses and more.  They have and continue to fail to explain the following:                                            

1.    that previous and on-going dispersement of these radioactive by-products is actually killing oxygen in the atmosphere;                                        

2.    that previous and on-going dispersement of these radioactive by-products, as they drift down and settle on to the land, are the cause for the recent and rapid melting of polar ice caps and glaciers, are responsible for killing the greatest oxygen generators in the oceans, phytoplankton, and killing the greatest oxygen generators on land, trees;       

3.    that when phytoplankton and trees die, oxygen levels drop, causing an oxygen-carbon dioxide imbalance in the atmosphere, which affect all lifeforms;                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

4.    that when these deadly radioactive particles settle on the land and in the oceans, they are consumed by land and marine animals, and humans eat the contaminated food; 

5.    and that nuclear radiation is the cause of increased rates of cancer the world over.  It is also responsible for increased flu-like symptoms, which in many instances, is radiation sickness.                                                                                                                                                                         

If the Global Elite really wanted to solve the Earth's environmental problems, they would have banned the mining and use of uranium long ago.  They would have banned the building of nuclear power plants, nuclear-powered ocean vessels, atomic and nuclear weapons.  They would have also banned the clear-cutting the rain forests without reforestation.  Why have they failed to do these things?  Simply because the Global Elite are greedy and corrupt people beyond measure and these resources provide the them with money and power.  They have no intent to stop their exploitation of these resources.  So, they have and continue to conjure canards (lies) to explain the environmental problems facing mankind and foist "carbon taxes" onto the world in order to fleece mankind.     

If the existing "carbon taxes" collected world-wide were used to shut down the mining and use of uranium world-wide, restock the oceans, rivers and lakes with phytoplankton and restock the lands with trees, oxygen depletion could be reversed within decades.  But don't count on the Global Elite giving up their greed and extortion scheme anytime soon, unless the masses know the truth and great pressure is brought to bear on them. 

Wouldn't it be more logical and far less costly for all responsible people to work with God and Nature to help restore balance to the environment?  It only takes a basic understanding of the true problems, the will, and the effort of a few armed with the truth to begin an environmental truth awareness process that could rapidly, via the internet, spread the world over. 

Quoting from Phoenix Journal 33:

"Each living body has a normal temperature and pulsation frequency which must be constant in order to live and grow.  Death begins with     the slightest upset of that normalcy.  Even one degree of extra heat beyond 98.6 will upset the entire metabolism of man.  That one degree     of fever is one fifth of his way to death.  That is equally true of everything.  Your planet already has a degree of "fever", caused by radioactivity—not greenhouse effect nor missing ozone.  That one degree has already upset the earth’s metabolism enough to cause many fishes in the seas to migrate into colder waters.  It is causing ice caps and glaciers to melt, etc.  Actually the degree registers a bit above one degree and rising.  Less than ten more degrees of radioactive fever will make of your planet a barren waste!"

--Hatonn/Germain - Phoenix Journal 33, MURDER BY ATOMIC SUICIDE - PLEIADES CONNECTION IV , Chapter 3, p. 52.

Nuclear fall-out, radiation, leakage and contamination in the air, on land, and in the oceans and in fresh water sources have been building up world-wide for the past 70 plus years, due to the insane atomic/nuclear use in WWII and previous, subsequent nuclear bomb testing above and below ground, the use of nuclear power plants world-wide, which leak poisonous radiation into the air, ground and water.  As of June 2015, there were 438 nuclear power plants in 31 countries.  Over 1,000 ships are equipped with nuclear reactors, which also leak nuclear radiation waste wherever they go.  Ever-increasing cases of skin cancer and genetic mutations, mass fish migrations to colder waters, marine animal and land animal die-offs, and all life becoming sicker and sicker with no end in sight, sums up the man-made environmental problems Man has yet to face and work to overcome.

Quoting from Phoenix Journal 33:

"You will find that miserable bouts of "flu", etc., are very debilitating and, frankly, mimic in symptom similarity, radioactive sickness--it is something that it is time to consider in your portfolio of concerns.  Just from that which you have released into your atmosphere (for radioactivity is less at ground level than in the higher elevations) you are experiencing increasing bombardment--the scientists want you to think it is ozone depletion--it is radiation buildup.  Face it and then perhaps we can begin to counter the situation." 

 --Hatonn/Germain - Phoenix Journal 33, MURDER BY ATOMIC SUICIDE - PLEIADES CONNECTION IV , Chapter 3, pp. 55-56.

The Global Elite will never admit that their reckless mining and use of uranium have caused these deadly, world-wide environmental problems.  Further, it doesn't look like they intend to stop the building of nuclear power plants, or testing of nuclear weapons anytime soon.  They have and continue to hide the truth by banning books and research reports, by silencing whistle-blowers, and by using their government and media prostitutes to continue to spew lies and brainwash the masses.  And just try to find or buy a Geiger counter that would detect dangerous radiation levels.  The Global Elite are willing to sacrifice the human, animal and vegetable kingdoms on Earth, slowly irradiated to illness and death, for their precious income streams.  But the truth about this global genocide has been revealed and is being shared far and wide.  What will Man do with this knowledge remains to be seen.

Quoting from Phoenix Journal 33:

 "Radioactivity has come into general use and there is a continual discharging of ultramicroscopic particles by the billions per square mile.  Thousands of ships are also now utilizing such material and are releasing radioactivity into the seas which is killing great numbers of your sea life.  How long will it be before there is no fit food grown because of the pollution of material from the power plants in motion about your planet?  How long will it be before there is no untainted food?  Why do you think we are urging a move to grow in underground growing houses which protect from elements and radiation?  Further, we will probably show you how to grow in mixtures of clean (deep) soil with additives of pumice-type filler to assist in cleansing the products.  Such a thing as the "normal" food you are accustomed to will soon be impossible for you as it is for the cow, which is now compelled to eat contaminated grass to make into the milk you drink and the meat you consume.

"... It is insane to believe that Man would actually continue to produce sure death--so we have to assume that they do not know the full     extent of that which they do and work on the assumption of the lies and misfortune of scientific knowledge.  It must be that the deadly nature of the killer metals is simply not known, nor that their power to kill lies in their power to expand every other atom or cell of matter     with which they come in contact.  It is that very power which makes them valuable and necessary in their own environment.  Their ability to expand and "kill" granite, basalt, and other rock formations, gives to earth the few feet of decayed soil, atmosphere and water necessary for organic life."

--Hatonn/Germain - Phoenix Journal 33, MURDER BY ATOMIC SUICIDE - PLEIADES CONNECTION IV , Chapter 6, pp. 74-75, 78, 79.

Does our species want to replenish and rebalance the dwindling oxygen supply in the atmosphere?  If so, we should start by learning and then     sharing the truth with the public regarding the deadly effects caused by the mining and use of uranium.  We should advocate for:

1.    stopping uranium mining and returning all existing uranium stock piles back underground into mountains of rock from which it came and dispersed as sparsely as it was found so that it is allowed to fulfill its natural purpose.   

2.    restocking the depleted and dying oceans with new phytoplankton and all other marine animal species which have been devastated by radiation poisoning.

3.    reforestation of all portions of rain forests that have been clear-cut.   

4.    testing of all foods for nuclear radiation exposure and ban foods with too high radiation levels for human consumption.

5.   U.S. government release of confiscated and concealed alternative and free energy inventions and discoveries, and that these inventions be allowed to be developed, manufactured, sold and used world-wide.

We should advocate against any mining and using deadly uranium above ground and against further depletion and clear-cutting of the rain forests, or any other forest, without reforestation. 

Phytoplankton, trees and all other vegetation consume carbon dioxide and sunlight to produce oxygen and food (photosynthesis) for animals and humans to eat.  You see?  Nature has the solution to balance the Earth's atmosphere with appropriate levels of oxygen if only Man would stop interfering and effort to assist the process.  Did you know that the roots of trees and plants also require oxygen?  This is why the farmer aerates the soil around his crops.  NASA has recently reported that only 30 percent of the land is covered by trees; this allows for forestation and reforestation of much land. 

Quoting from Phoenix Journal 33:

"The Miami Herald prints the following:

"... The eminent scientist authority upon radioactivity, Dr. Ralph Lapp, upholds our contention that the upper stratosphere will not send in its full bill for our payment until the late seventies.  There is no question but what the stratosphere is accumulating death rays for destruction of earth’s oxygen at an increasing rate.  The freely expressed belief that "the pull of gravity" will bring the fall-out to earth is costly to human survival.  A small percentage of the higher potential goes toward Earth, but the LARGER PERCENTAGE     IS OF A POTENTIAL WHICH IS LIGHTER THAN THE EARTH PRESSURES.  These seek the upper levels and the stratospheres.  It     is possible that enough has already collected to take [the] toll of millions of lives, or cause millions of defective births, even if we stopped the use of radioactivity now.  We print Dr. Lapp's warning in full, as issued by The Daily Oklahoman on July 5, 1956--and other papers."

--Germain - Phoenix Journal 33, MURDER BY ATOMIC SUICIDE - PLEIADES CONNECTION IV , Chapter 7, pp. 84-85.

The hope that Man will come to his senses and muster the courage and intelligence to do the above things appears remote.  If he did, however, it would be a grand gesture on our part to effort to right our past wrongs.  Man looks into the abyss, he sees a bleak future staring back at him, at which point he should realize that the most important thing he can do to save himself and the Earth is to work with GOD and Nature, not against them, thus becoming the solution instead of the problem.  Asking for God's help in this endeavor is essential, in my view.  "Ask and you shall receive", remember?   

Quoting from Phoenix Journal 33:

"Why don't we alien life-forms just drop in and "fix" things for you?  Well, for one very good reason among many, we really don't want to get nuked!  We understand the problem and don't really have any intent of committing radioactive atomic suicide.  Ours will likely be in service     of getting as many off your "hot rock" as will turn unto God within the next few years of your counting time.  It does not generally bode well     for the planet, however.  If you stopped your foolish suicide mission today, you have such an incredible build-up that total reversal is highly improbable at any rate or effort expended.  Ability to sustain some life-forms on the planet is possible but that, too, is getting to be a most dim probability in the long millenniums of perceived "future".  Radioactivity is already seeping into EVERY aquifer on your globe.  You have no means to counter or neutralize it.

"Oh, God should fix it for you?  WHY?

"The greatest and most powerful expression of fear from the use of radioactivity which had been made by anyone among the higher intellectuals, up to 1957, is the following world-broadcast by Dr. Albert Schweitzer to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, asking that "public opinion demand an end to nuclear tests."

"The New York Times, April 24, 1957.

"SCHWEITZER URGES WORLD OPINION TO DEMAND END OF NUCLEAR TESTS: Nobel Winner's Pleas Broadcast in 50 Lands Says Alternative is Catastrophe for Mankind. ...

[Note:  Dr. Schweitzer's complete speech is available for reading in Phoenix Journal 33, MURDER BY ATOMIC SUICIDE - PLEIADES CONNECTION IV, pp. 96-100.]

"You petition me to assure you that "things are better now because there is no longer much above-ground testing".  No, I cannot tell you that for it is far worse now.  You have myriads of countries all over the globe now using power plants and doing underground testing--constantly.  Daily there is testing.  The underworld is alive with nuclear radiation--now spread around the entire periphery of the globe.  As these     volcanos erupt and the fissures form and break at the fault lines, and massive heat buildup surfaces from the hot lava beneath the testing areas--the deadly material will spew forth as the deadly toxic material from all volcanic activity in addition to more and more of it being radioactive.

"You have effectively allowed the murder by suicide and nuclear holocaust--an entire planet and planet life-forms.  There may be no such     thing as "time" nor "space" BUT THERE IS SEQUENCE OF EVENTS AND MOTION!

"What can you do to save your species?  About all I see as a sure bet--is to get off the place while you still can--ah, but you can't, can you?  You have been lied to about the transportation system also, have you not?  Are you still in great enamorment and captivation of those     leaders who have set this plague upon you?  So be it.

"God has told you exactly how it will be and what you as a people must do to change this thing come upon you--and what have you done? There are not enough yellow ribbons in the entire of the world to mourn this day, my chelas--not in all the entirety of the world.  You sit squarely atop the time-bomb awaiting final detonation.  OH YES, INDEED, THERE ARE MANY ONES WHO WILL SACRIFICE AND DESTROY YOUR ENTIRE PLANET TO GAIN THEIR OWN PERCEIVED AMBITIONS--MANY!


--Germain - Phoenix Journal 33, MURDER BY ATOMIC SUICIDE - PLEIADES CONNECTION IV, Chapter 8, pp. 95-96, 100-101. 

My sincere appreciation and gratitude goes to Gyeorgos Hatonn and Violinio Germain for bringing the truth of mankind's current condition and foremost problem, excerpts of which are taken from the two Phoenix Journals referenced above.  I encourage everyone to read or reread these Phoenix Journals, share this information far and wide, and do what you can to become the solution. 


Permission is given to share this writing in its entirety.  --RM