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Feb. 21, 2014

February 21, 2014 -- (TRN) -- *** BREAKING NEWS *** -- Carlsbad, NM -- 

New Information from lab tests and US Department of Energy (DOE) Reports

indicate the actual release of radiation from the Waste Isolation

Processing Plant (WIPP) in Carlsbad, NM was 14,400 times more than

previously thought, with eleven thousand Bequerels per cubic meter of

Plutonium -239 and Americium-241 released into the air. Plutonium is the

single most poisonous substance on earth. It is a strong emitter of

Alpha Radiation and inhaling just one-one-millionth of a gram will cause

lung cancer.




In addition, a source who has been proven to have credible inside

information about the WIPP in New Mexico, has confirmed seeing a photo

showing SMOKE coming from a shaft at the WIPP site which is NOT supposed

to have smoke. TRN takes this to mean there is a fire burning

underground at the WIPP and that DOE does not have Air Flow Control over

the underground fire.




DOE reportedly has attempted to shut off Air Flow into the mine. Since

this effort does not appear to have been 100% successful, we TRN see a

risk of a "backdraft" induced explosion occurring at the site.  DOE air

filtration safety systems are NOT designed to survive an explosion.




Persons in, near and NORTH of the WIPP Plant in Carlsbad should be

wearing NIOSH-100 level masks if they go outside and may want to THINK

ABOUT preparing to evacuate.  It is not unreasonable to get some things

together and prepare to "bug-out."  Officials at the WIPP said today

"This is a very serious thing."


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