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Sustainable Agriculture: Curing America's Eating Disorders (Video)

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's Student Organic Farm, where Dr. John Biernbaum discusses the options people have to grow their own food or to buy from local growers.

Links to resources:

FREE HANDOUT: Vegetable Storage in Root Cellars (University of Alaska-Fairbanks) - This PDF from the Cooperative Extension Service provides a schematic for building your own root cellar. Dr. John Biernbaum, the Michigan State University professor featured in the video above, says that his root cellar provides his family home-grown potatoes until the 4th of July.

BOOK: Reclaiming the Commons: Community Farms and Forests in a New England Town - Brian Donahue

WEBSITE: Vertical Farming (Organic) - An innovative strategy to build energy-efficient organic farms in urban areas.

Dr. John Biernbaum


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