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Thomas Fire Day 2: Manmade Disaster

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Published on Dec 6, 2017

If the wholly unnatural manmade origin of the multiple insta-fires wasn’t obvious enough yesterday, it most certainly is today. Not only have all of these fires (coincidentally) started in the middle of the night, not only have they started two nights in a row in winter (eliminating the Summer heat excuse), but these latest fires all started upwind from the original Thomas Fire (eliminating the excuse that these new fires were started by blowing embers – since the manufactured so-called “Santa Ana” winds are blowing in the OPPOSITE direction from where the new fires started).

No one with any common sense can think these fires are natural events, yet not one single “journalist” or “meteorologist” has said a single thing about these obvious discrepancies. All they do is sportscast the latest statistics about the misery inflicted on hundreds of thousand of people (i.e. 200,000 evacuated, 55,000 acres burned, etc.), and capitalize on footage of the grieving victims who have lost everything they’ve spent their entire lives building.

The people of California who are being repeatedly victimized by these obvious manmade fires need to take this video and this evidence and FORCE their local media, law enforcement, first responders, and government to SEE WHAT IS HAPPENEING RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM, and recognize this as one of the many ways this country is under constant manmade weather attack. This country (and every single citizen) has been robbed of 230 billion from manufactured hurricanes alone this year. SOMEONE has to EVENTUALLY recognize this, for what it is.


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