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NOAA Admits Particles in the Atmosphere – Chem-Clouds Coming From Offshore

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2011 Jul 28 from Dane Wigington

(This is in response to a report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration saying that global warming is diminishing because of an increase of particles in the upper atmosphere.)

The denial is beyond believe. They have no idea where all these aerosols could be coming from. Right! The NOAA, a branch of the US Department of Commerce, is only one more arm of the propaganda machine. Until "SAG" is exposed, (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering), the true state of the climate will continue to be masked from view. The entire planet, all that lives, will continue to be poisoned. Every breath we take will continue to contain toxic particles that do slow and insidious damage to our ourselves and our children.

As I have said too many times already, I can imagine no greater priority than to expose, and hopefully bring to a halt, the greatest single crime in human history. The total toxification of the entire globe, and the decimation of out atmosphere. I can only continue to hope that all will help carry this torch. That all will do everything they can to increase awareness in every way they can. Sending data to groups, organizations, and individuals, that would care, if they only knew.

Though the "in you face" trails seem to have dropped off, the silvery white skies are tell-tale signs of the aerosols. The satellite images from off the west coast make all too clear the massive spraying that is covering incomprehensibly large spans of sky over the oceans. All this blows in on us. Many evenings the sky is a filthy dirty tint, and strange upper level ripples of haze can be seen by those that care to look. The air quality and clarity is often bad enough that I can barely see Mt. Shasta only 45 miles + distant. The "experiment" seems to have changed in the last month or more, and the overhead bombardment diminished. Lately, the poisons simply drift in from the west. The damage being done has not stopped.

I hope all will consider the gravity of this most dire issue, and do everything possible to bring it to light.

FW 11/10/11