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The video provides an important analysis of Geoengineer, David Kieth’s comments concerning the preferred use of “alumina” as the compound most effectively sprayed by jet aircraft in order to mitigate global warming.

The term “alumina” refers to aluminum oxide – the most dangerous form of the heavy metal to human and plant life.



As an Additive to Aviation fuel. Trimethyalminium (TMA) is easily capable of producing long white trails of aluminium oxides aerosols – aka Chemtrails

It’s important to make the distinction that drinking soda from a lined aluminum can is nowhere near the infinitely higher health risk of breathing, inhaling or otherwise ingesting aluminum oxide suspended in the atmosphere as it falls from a sky full of aluminized jet aircraft aerosols.

We attempt to explain the physics of how jet fuel can be formulated to actually “CONTAIN” aluminum in the form of  trimethylaluminum in order to spray aluminum oxide aerosols that originate directly from additives already in the jet fuel.

This could explain how aerosol spraying is achieved without the wide use of special “black ops” airports where tons of aluminum compounds are covertly loaded aboad  “chemtrail” aircraft .  Instead, the military and their contractors simply fill the aircraft tanks from a fuel source available at the many military, civilian and even private airports located around the world.  Although aviation fuel laced with TMA is not conventional JP-4 fuel, the installation of numerous TMA fuel sources can be easily standardized at airport locations worldwide. Here’s why:

In 2010, Geoengineer, David Keith contracted Aurora Flight Sciences (AFS) to perform a cost analysis for Geoengineering based on the TMA spray model.  AFS determined that the Boeing 747 would be the most efficient aircraft since about half of the world’s cargo is currently transported by 747 aircraft..

The melting point of Aluminum is 660 deg C.  while the combustion chamber in a 747 engine is over 1,800 deg C.   This combination would cause any aluminum in the fuel supply to vaporize on cumbustion and for a while longer as it exits the engine exhaust as thrust.   The vaporized aluminum remains transparent and is not immediately visible as a telltale white streak due to the unavailability of oxygen to allow the aluminum vapor to transform into it’s final stage as “aluminum oxide”.   Observers are understandably confused when the temporary ”invisibility” of the actual chemtrail mimmicks the appearance of a normal contrail.   Then, when the aluminum oxide trail finally turns white and continues for miles, the numerous agents of disinformation can easily claim that the trails are no more than “persistant contrails”.

With a record one (1) million top secret clearances attached to military programs in 2011 the opportunity for the public to fall victim to “scientific disinformation” in mainstrem media, is very high.  Since security clearances act like a gag order to honest and qualified experts, the disinformants have more free reign than ever to cajole the public by claiming that a whole sky full of tic-tac-toe aerosols is nothing more than a bunch of “persistant contrails”.

In order to avoid spraying chemtrails on landing, takoff and low altitude, a second, but manageably small fuel tank is required to be installed in the cargo area.  The calculated size for the 2nd tank barely compromises the ability of the aircraft to complete its mission as a cargo transport aircraft.

The second segment of the video is my own personal observation of a quriuos jet aerosol spraying event witnessed over Alachua County, Fl that supports the analysis made in the first video by Youtube Channel ower, EnergySupply2008.


- Appearance: Colorless liquid which is pyrophoric ( pyrophoric = capable of igniting spontaneously in air )

- TMA is a combination of hydrocabons that closely resembles gasoline.

- TMA is used in weather sounding rockets where the white smoke provides a “tracer” for scientists to determine wind directions it various altitudes above ground level.

- MATERIAL DATA SAFETY SHEET for Trimethylaluminum



Aluminum Oxide dust formed when this compound is oxidized has caused toxic effects to the liver and kidneys in test animals. Exposure to aluminum oxide dust (which forms when trimethylaluminum burns) is not known to be acutely toxic.

Trimethylaluminum is not listed in the IARC, NTP or OSHA Subpart Z as a carcinogen or potential carcinogen.

Trimethylaluminum is listed on the TSCA inventory


Chemtrails With “Thumbprints” that appear to be under the  infulence of an electromagnetic field.

TMA as an Electric Semiconductor

Trimethylaluminium is the chemical compound with the formula Al2(CH3)6, abbreviated as Al2Me6, (AlMe3)2 or the abbreviation TMA. This pyrophoric, colorless liquid is an industrially importantorganoaluminium compound. It evolves white smoke (aluminium oxides) when the vapor is released into the air.

TMA is also used in semiconductor fabrication to grow thin film, high-k dielectrics such as Al2O3 via the processes of Chemical Vapor Deposition or Atomic Layer Deposition.

Semiconductor grade TMA

TMA is the preferred metalorganic source for metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy (MOVPE) of aluminium-containing compound semiconductors, such as AlAs, AlN, AlP, AlSb, AlGaAs, AlInGaAs, AlInGaP, AlGaN, AlInGaN, AlInGaNP etc. Criteria for TMA quality focus on (a) elemental impurites, (b) oxygenated and organic impurities.

Semiconductors and polarization


What is a compund semi-conductor?

A compound semiconductor is a semiconductor compound composed of elements from two or more different groups of the periodic table [1]. These semiconductors typically form in groups 13-16 (old groups III-VI), for example of elements from group 13 (old group III, Boron, Aluminium, Gallium, Indium) and from group 15 (old group V, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Arsenic, Antimony, Bismuth). The range of possible formulae is quite broad because these elements can form binary (two elements, e.g.Gallium(III) arsenide (GaAs)), ternary (three elements, e.g. Indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs)) and quaternary (four elements, e.g. Aluminium gallium indium phosphide(AlInGaP)) alloys


TMA:  Chemtrails that Form “Cobwebs” or long-chain Network Polymer Strings:

A polymer is a large molecule (macromolecule) composed of repeating structural units. These subunits are typically connected by covalent chemical bonds. Although the term polymer is sometimes taken to refer to plastics, it actually encompasses a large class comprising both natural and synthetic materialswith a wide variety of properties..


Aug. 11, 2011