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Chemtrails – Changing The Face Of The Planet! What Are The Green Party Saying? NOTHING!

David Noble

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Recent testing of rain and snow give us another big clue. These tests reveal massive amounts of Aluminium, Barium and Strontium. The combination of which are changing the soil, resulting in a die off around the world of plants and wildlife due to a contamination of water and soil. Anything that requires an acidic soil to grow is starting to die. If this contamination is allowed to continue we will be facing the death of all things natural. That means no more organic food, herbal medicines and the death of many of the species that we share this planet with. The world we live on will be changed forever.

Let us now look at what is causing this contamination. I’m sure every one has seen streaks of white clouds trailing behind jets criss-crossing the sky’s sometimes turning a clear blue sky into a murky haze. Many think these are mere vapour trails left behind when the jets pass overhead. But closer inspection tells us something different , for these trails do not dissipate in a matter of minutes like they should but spread out covering much of the sky for hours at a time. There is no other easily found answer to what is contaminating the planet we live on at an alarming rate. Take for instance the snow on top of Mt. Shasta in California has been found to have 1,200 times the normal amount of aluminium. Where else could contamination on this mountain have come from if not from above. A growing amount of evidence is pointing to these unnatural trails left behind these jets as being the cause of the contamination.

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 Feb. 9, 2011