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This is how and why it happened to us:


The 'Why' is because the criminal leaders of the world (think of a behind-the-scenes, grand mafia) do not want us to think critically or act crucially, while they make some major, terrible changes to the world.


The 'How' is this ...


We ALL have a mild to medium case of ALZHEIMER'S disease due to our massive intake of ALUMINIUM over the past 15 years which has been massively dumped on us from the global CHEMTRAIL spraying operation.


Because everyone now has the equivalent of ALZHEIMER'S disease and because the spraying built up gradually between 1992/93 and 2003, we are not aware we are experiencing a serious impairment of our mental processes and in our ability to concentrate, and to think and act crucially.


Alzheimer sufferers can't remember things; can't express themselves; and often sit and stare blankly. That is how we are all becoming. Look at people around you.


Around the time the global Chemtrail spraying became severe (2000 to 2003) many people expressed how their memory had become poor. Now, people no longer seem to make the statement about having poor memory. This is why we need to pay attention. Once a change has happened, we take the new condition as being normal and our minds move on to looking for new things.


We need to pay attention and we need to remember.


We could all start taking complicated and expensive remedies for Alzheimer's. But what the whole world now needs is for the Chemtrail spraying to be stopped as soon as possible. So let's start concentrating, see what we have forgotten, and above all: GET INTO ACTION.


These plane trails are not natural. A white powder is being sprayed.



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Response to CHEMTRAIL ALZHEIMER'S by Klaus Yeager:

"We are all Chemtrailed in a catatonic, dull, numb, state of mind."

- Klaus Yeager's Channel at YouTube