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Geo-Engineering is the artificial modification of Earth's climate systems.

Geo-Engineering projects range from DECLASSIFIED experimentation (like iron particles being dumped into the oceans to attract algae, which sequesters carbon and slows global warming) to HIGHLY CLASSIFIED experimentation like AEROSOL SPRAYING.

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The aerosol spraying projects have gained the nickname "chemtrails" for chemical trail. The word was DERIVED from the word "contrail", short for condensation trail, the term for the familiar exhaust trails from jet engines. As the picture above shows, a normal condensation trail is thin and disappears in roughly 90 seconds, depending on atmospheric conditions. Aerosol spraying trails spread out for hours, combining with other trails until cloud cover is achieved.

This website's function is to alert the public to the ILLEGAL HIGHLY CLASSIFIED AEROSOL SPRAYING projects that have gone beyond EXPERIMENTATION and are now ramped up into full global assaults on natural weather patterns. Either ignored or intended, these assaults are contaminating and damaging our forests, waterways, wildlife and HUMANITY

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Community watch groups, like SKYWATCH, have formed across the nation. Surface water tests, both by state governments and by Citizens, have alarming results. Aerosol Spraying evidence includes nation-wide surface water and air samples that are hundreds and thousands of times higher in aluminum, barium, sulpher hexaflouride, magnesium and a wide spectrum of other contaminents. Over a DOZEN US PATENTS have been exposed that describe EXACTLY those same contaminents being used via jet aircraft dispersal, to deflect sunlight back into space and thus reduce global warming. It should be noted here, however, that intelligent research by thousands of individuals world-wide has exposed further evidence that the aerosol spraying apparatus now above us, CAN be used for a host of other "experimentation".

This is ONE of the patents used to poison you: 5,003,186

Here is the Governments OWN patent office patent search by number url:

Put the patent number in the search engine and READ FOR YOURSELF!

NASA, under the guidance of the Bush / Cheney administration, has begun promoting a program to educate the public on "persistent SPREADING contrails" (NASA's own words). Meanwhile, international reports of large scale influenza, respitory distress, increased alzheimers and many unknown ailments are following intensive AEROSOL SPRAYING activities. The federal government is now scurrying to pass legislation that will make legal open ended weather modification projects that will legalize aerosol spraying, much in the same way the FISA BILL legalized the domestic spying activities THEY WERE ALREADY DOING.

This website is not a detailed research tool but will lead you directly towards EXPOSED EVIDENCE via several regional groups (LIKE "SKYWATCH"), to help you connect with this issue and to other concerned Citizens who have said "ENOUGH". Also, we hope you will investigate our other links and GET INVOLVED.

EACH OF YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and focus your anger and frustration

where it belongs...AT THOSE WHO ARE SPRAYING YOU!



2- Read as much information as you can from the sites listed here and the links off of their sites.

3- Join or create a Citizens Watch group in your area.

4- Do what your CONSCIENCE believes.

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Evergreen Air owns Pinal Air Park in Arizona. Evergreen and Pinal are well known CIA fronts (Air America /Vietnam originated there).  Is Pinal where most west coast chemtrails originate today?  Check out Evergreen's own industry ad  for their SUPERTANKER




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