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Puerto Rico may be facing crisis for several reasons

Jim Stone

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Puerto Rico may be facing crisis for several reasons.

1. The power company was negligent and did not keep the system maintained, as well as installing it poorly to begin with. They filed for bankruptcy this year also, before any hurricane was an issue, so funding is all messed up.

Downed trees broke wires everywhere and caused problems everywhere (this happens in ordinary thuder storms) but the problem is that unlike in the U.S. where this is planned for and trees get cut back if they could be a problem, the power company in Puerto Rico simply let everything grow in like a weed patch which turned what could have been a small problem into a huge problem. The big problem in Puerto Rico is power outages because the hurricane was not strong enough to wreck anything that was constructed half way decent. Puerto Rico is not having problems housing people, the problem is food distribution and power.

2. The second huge problem is that the leadership of Puerto Rico basically runs the country like the Clinton Foundation and steals everything it gets which should be given to the people instead. So there was no emergency plan, only a 0.000001 percent top of the pinnacle fat cat club that sucked all the state energy into a black hole. There are no emergency food supplies, nothing whatsoever on hand to help people out with. Everything was drawn down to zero and running on nerves.

3. The third problem is MASSIVE CORRUPTION in the charities like the Red Cross, which now use crisis donations to pump up the wealth of a few individuals rather than actually using the money to help. Since organizations like the Red Cross are the only way average people can lend a hand, average people get eliminated from the equation when their help goes into a new luxury hideout rather than a loaf of bread and bottle of water. But the Red Cross can at least spend $5,000 out of 300,000,000 to make a great commercial with a few mud soaked volunteers off loading a van somewhere, put that on TV, and fake a presence. It works, so why not use misery to turn a profit?

It seems at this time that ports have re-opened and the U.S. government is arriving with gasoline to put the cars back on the roads Which are being cleared of branches a lot slower than they should be getting cleared but they are predominantly open by now. So people are not likely to starve. But there is another issue at play -

Puerto Rico is NOT MEXICO. If this type of problem happens in Mexico, roads get cleared in hours and power is back on quickly, no matter how bad whatever happens is. I went through Mexico City yesterday, after the earthquake, and it is already completely and totally business as usual. Things were built so well and repaired so quickly I did not see any damaged buildings, it really was the 1:1000 ratio as I originally said. There were some large collapses but overall the city handled a large earthquake amazingly well, and whatever problems did happen got taken care of with amazing speed.

Unlike Mexico, there is a people issue in Puerto Rico even at the basic level, where problems have been created where there should be no problems, and things are slow to be corrected. However, There will probably be no major crisis in Puerto Rico, only inconvenience, because all it will take is for America to arrive with gasoline so food from America can be distributed. AMERICA, not the Red Cross or Clinton foundation. Puerto Rico is an American territory so help that arrives from an official level is not foreign aid. Contrary to what has been claimed, aside from a huge mess made by trees the island was not devastated. Almost everyone still has a home so recovery ought to be fairly easy.

We will have to wait and see what actually happens.