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Look What Joel Osteen Just Did To Harvey Victims—Millions Of Americans Offended

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9- 8-17

When members of the community are in need, they should be able to turn to churches for assistance.

Such was the case when Hurricane Harvey hit, but residents of the nation’s fourth-most populous city had to scratch one option off of their list.

The church in question finally opened its doors up to help out, but it managed to make another highly questionable decision after doing so.   

The Independent Journal Review passes along the tale of a church and its pastor that have come under attack for questionable behavior during a time of crisis.  


Joel Osteen, the pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, received criticism from what seemed like the entire internet, as he was accused of keeping the doors to his massive megachurch closed while flood victims had nowhere to stay.

If you attempt to profit off of the misery of others, you’re an abominable human being.

That doesn’t mean that’s what Osteen was directly doing here, but it’s not too hard to see why many would be taking that leap.

Families in the Houston area have had their lives forever altered. The collection plates need to be put on ice when they come visit for a little solace.


A far better tact comes in the form of a simple question: What can we do to help you?