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SSugar Pine MIne Medical Team Helped Save Journalist's LIfe/Oath Keepers Sugar Pine Mine Security Operationnnnn Situation Report

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May 2, 2015

Sugar Pine Mine Medical Team Helped Save Journalist’s Life

An Associated Press journalist suffered a stroke while doing coverage of the Oath Keepers’ Sugar Pine Mine Security Group
Medical Team update/report: Sugar Pine Mine Security in Oregon
28 April 2015

Oath Keepers security operation and the staging area both have medical teams available.

We set those teams up to cover any issue that might arise. We are fortunate to have skilled medical people in our local chapter and other medical volunteers have joined us. They have set up aid stations, collected supplies, stocked portable first aid bags and keep a strict inventory of everything.

 We actually have run drills up at the mine with a simulated injury that was handled very professionally. Unfortunately that drill became reality when we had a serious emergency a few days later. We had invited three media people up to the mine and it was on that trip that the Associated Press reporter suffered a stroke.

 His symptoms were immediately recognized by those of us standing by. We radioed for the medical team while the rest of us managed to get the gentleman into the back of his truck. Our Coordinator and the medical team nurse were in the back of the truck attending to the man while the reporter from Reuters drew the duty of driving down the mountain. At the same time we radioed to the staging area to have them call an ambulance to meet us. An additional security team responded from the base as well.

 We were able to get the man to the hospital within the golden hour of treatment protocol. The reporter was life-flighted to Portland (about 240 miles away) and had brain surgery that night.

The reporter’s car and camera remained with us secured at our base reminding us of what had happened. We are amazed to report that the reporter dropped by a week later to bring home baked pies to thank us. He walked in with no ill effects and is allowed to go back to work. His doctors said it may have been a fatal incident if it weren’t for our quick response and our medical team. The reporter’s main concern was, “Can I still have my trip to the mine?”




Oath Keepers Sugar Pine Mine Security Operation Siuation Report

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