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Two things are being covered up BIG TIME

Jim Stone

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April 23, 2015


And there is a third one that is spooky to say the least -

First two, the Iranian relief ships and the sinking of the large boat carrying Libyan refugees - There are no images of either. And I found out why.

The Libyan refugees had to have been torpedoed. I cannot find any images on Google that are related to the sinking that actually showed the boat. But the Mexican press has been repeatedly airing photos of the boat, or what is left of it. all that is left of the boat is tiny fragments, with the largest being approximately 12 feet long. The boat was made out of fiber glass and wood, and as a result it did not sink. So on the mexican press there are photos of the disaster scene, and it amounts to a huge amount of floating debris mixed with people. If a boat broke up naturally, there would be large pieces. In this case, it looks like shrapnel of a boat, random small pieces everywhere and I would be willing to bet that the 800 or more who died actually were killed by the blast from whatever destroyed that boat.

So the refugee "sinking" was in fact a war/murder scene.

The other oddity is that I cannot get pictures of the Iranian relief ships headed to Yemen, but I think I figured out why I cannot get them -

The "armada of war ships" is in fact several large freighters that are being escorted by small Iranian patrol boats. Google won't allow access to any Iranian web site that is talking about this, it shows the links but you can't get on the web sites. From Google's small text blurbs you can figure out that it is freighters and small patrol boats (Navy speaking this means the patrol boats are about 70 feet long) It is so obviously not an aggressive move by Iran that the zio press cannot have pictures of what is really going on out there, because if America sinks these relief ships or if Saudi Arabia attacks and it is obviously just a red cross type effort, it won't sit well with decent people

Additionally - CONFIRMED: Israeli war planes are bombing Yemen. Saudi Arabia is doing most of it, but as it turns out, according to Iranian sources Israel is in on the action DIRECTLY as well. That should say it all! And I'd trust Iranian media a lot more than the zio press any day.

The third interesting thing - spooky

A U.S. marshall who was disguised as a normal police officer smashed a woman's cell phone for taking video of police activity in the Jade Helm region. The woman was taking the video because the police had a large number of people from her neighborhood detained and lined up. When they discovered the woman videotaped them with their line of people, they smashed her phone. PROBLEM: Other people were video taping them smashing her phone and when they figured out that they had been busted, they let the people they detained go.

It is possible then that they are now rounding up Americans to be shipped to the detention centers as part of Jade Helm and they don't want any video footage of this happening. If others did not catch what they were doing (others they realized were there after smashing the woman's phone,) it is my guess they would not have let the people they detained go.

Here is the article that talks about this and though the article mentions nothing about jade helm, fema or anything else, if you read between the lines here, the police and federal marshals were not on the up and up with whatever they were doing, which means a connection to Jade Helm and detention of dissidents is rightfully suspected. They certainly would not have let real criminals go just because someone videotaped the bust, they would only have let regular citizen dissidents go because they could be identified by the videos being taken, videos that could answer the question: Hey, where did Bob go? Any such dissident round ups are supposed to be TOP SECRET.

It will be interesting to watch the blogs and see if anyone surfaces to talk about this.

April 21 2015

Iranian supply ships: Something horrible is happening to Yemen

Forget the usual tribal warfare in the ziopress, where the first casualty is the truth, The ships being sent by Iran are humanitarian aid only and there will be no weapons. However, on warfare terms, food is a weapon because it helps people survive. Most likely, if Iran is sending these ships (especially after announcing it so prominently) it is because there is a seige and American/Israeli/Saudi forces are trying to starve Yemen after destroying food supplies. This is the only thing that fits. Iran would not be doing this if lives were not on the line. Something horrible is happening in Yemen at the hands of the American alliance, bet on it!

My guess is that America will block Iran, stage a false flag attack, and then declare war. It is all the zionazi war dog is capable of, do not expect any decency here.