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It Was Going to Be a Great Year for Texas Farmers — Then Harvey Hit

Dartunorro Clark

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BAY CITY, Texas — This was shaping up to be a record year for cotton farmers in Texas.

In 2016, farmers were lucky to harvest one bale of cotton per acre of the profitable crop. A year later, with perfect weather conditions during harvesting season, farmers would get three bales, maybe even four, per acre — the most in more than a decade.



Image: A flooded cotton field in Bay City, Texas
A flooded cotton field in Bay City, Texas on Saturday. Spike Johnson / for NBC News



But because of Hurricane Harvey's far-reaching devastation — from dense urban centers to outlying rural areas — farmers in several counties in the state along the Gulf Coast were left in soggy ruin.

"It was going to be good," said Ginger Beyer, 40, who farms in Bay City with her husband, Richard, 39. "Everyone was super pumped-up for redemption for last year, then the storm blew up out of nowhere."