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This is Big

Ronnie Cummins- Organic Consumers Assoc.

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Dec. 22, 2016

It's a Match!

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Our real problem is not a heating planet or rampant malnutrition…We only have one real problem: Our own feelings of powerlessness to manifest the solutions right in front of our noses. - Frances Moore Lappé, from her book “Getting a Grip 2: Clarity, Creativity and Courage for the World We Really Want"

For decades, we’ve watched as corporations like Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, Exxon, Coca-Cola, Cargill and others have committed crimes against our health and our environment.

While fraudulently claiming to be offering consumers “modern solutions” these companies have brought us only toxic, nutrient-deficient food, poisoned rivers and streams, and an epidemic of cancer and other diseases.

Together, they’ve pushed us to the brink of an environmental, public health and climate disaster.

It’s time to push back, as never before.

We know what the solutions are. They’re right in front of our noses . . . and under our feet.

Regenerative agriculture can feed the world and cool the planet. Empowering farmers to work with the natural world to grow nutrient-dense food will help restore public health and revive local economies.

We, as consumers, have the power to support a much-needed paradigm shift in our food and farming system.

But we have to organize for BIG change. Now.

Our loyal allies in the fight for a better food system— and Dr. Bronner’s—have once again pledged to match the first $250,000 raised during our year-end fundraising campaign. Please donate by midnight December 31 to help us take advantage of this generous offer.

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This is Big

Corn kernels

One of the biggest scams Monsanto perpetrated against consumers was getting its GMO crops declared “substantially equivalent” to non-GMO crops—a coup that allowed the biotech industry to unleash GMOs into the food system with no independent pre-market safety testing.

First, a little history on substantial equivalence:

The concept of ‘Substantial Equivalence’ was first introduced in 1993 by the Organisation for Economic Development (OECD), an international economic and trade organisation, not a public health body. The principle states that if a new food is found to be substantially equivalent to an already existing food product, it can be treated the same way as the existing product with respect to safety. This concept has greatly benefited the trade of GM produce, allowing it to effectively bypass regulatory requirements that would apply to novel food and other products including novel chemical compounds, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and food additives, all of which require a range of toxicological tests and can be subject to legal limitations on safe consumption/intake.

Independent (as in not on the biotech industry’s payroll) scientists who have previously argued that GMO foods are not substantially equivalent to non-GMO foods have been dissed and discredited by Monsanto.

Now there’s a new peer-reviewed study led by Dr. Michael Antoniou at King’s College London, that once again suggests that GMO foods—at least a specific variety of Monsanto’s Roundup-Ready GMO corn—are nowhere near to being “equivalent” to non-GMO foods.

And what makes this Roundup-Ready corn “different,” say the authors of the most recent study, has serious implications for your health.

Read ‘New Study Shows Major Molecular Differences between GMO and Non-GMO Corn’

Read the study