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New photos from the Health Ranger ranch: Snake capture, roosters, goats, donkeys, wildflowers and more

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

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Junle 21, 2015

(NaturalNews) Because most people who read Natural News live in cities, I like to share photos from the ranch in Texas, where life is rugged, rural and self-reliant.

There's tremendous natural beauty on the ranch, and it's authentic beauty from Mother Nature. This isn't some city park, artificial Disney campus or landscaped urban construct. This is nature in the raw, with real animals, real predators, real challenges and real life playing out every day.

My responsibility on this ranch is to protect life and nature. It's the same job I have as the editor of Natural News. And that's why this ranch is:

• 100% glyphosate-free

• Never sprayed with pesticides or herbicides

• Never fertilized with synthetic chemical fertilizers

• Never used to raise animals for factory farming

• 100% free-range chickens, goats and other animals

Here's just a taste of what I see and manage every day:

A field of beautiful wild flowers cropping up after the spring rains: (this photo was taken several weeks ago)








I'm presently watching a brooding hen who is sitting in an astonishing 16 eggs. What's funny about this is that she only started with 10 eggs. It turns out that another hen keeps visiting this nest every few days and laying another egg on top of the ones already there! The "surrogate" brooding hen then sits on them all, incubating them at the proper temperature for hatching. (They're only a few days away from hatching now.)