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Katy Keifer- Food and Water Watch

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June 11, 2015

"The company lied."

Watch John Oliver on the Abusive Chicken Industry and Take Action



Chicken is America's most popular meat, yet many chicken farmers are living below or near the poverty line. And when these farmers try to change the conditions that have forced many to live like indentured servants on their own land — these companies bully them. 


This is unacceptable. Watch John Oliver's revealing piece and send a message to Congress to protect chicken farmers from retaliation by Big Poultry.

John Oliver on Chicken Farmers

Food & Water Watch has been working on this problem for years, and we've seen small, incremental steps toward progress. But every time we move forward, the powerful poultry lobby exerts their influence over members of Congress to block common-sense protections for farmers.


It's past time for Congress to wake up and stop caving to special interest money. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (OH-9) has introduced an amendment that would protect chicken farmers from retaliation if they speak out against abuses by Big Poultry.


Watch this clip, then tell Congress to support Rep. Kaptur's amendment to protect farmers.



Thanks for taking action,


Katy Kiefer

Activist Network Manager

Food & Water Watch