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One Thing That Happened At The Super Bowl Means The End Of The NFL

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End Of The NFL

Watching the Super Bowl has been known as one of the most American traditions.

But over the past year, due to anti-American protests at NFL games, more and more people have been tuning out.

And one thing that happened at the Super Bowl means the end of the NFL.

If you’re like millions of other Americans, you decided to tune out of the NFL’s biggest game of the year.

So many Americans decided to tune out, that the NFL has taken notice, causing officials to fear for the future of the NFL.

The most visual group that is furious about the NFL’s handling of the kneeling protesters are veterans.

American Legion and VFW posts across the country were so furious that they boycotted the Super Bowl, citing the anti-American protests over the past season as their reason why.

But it wasn’t just American Legion and VFW posts that joined in the boycott, tons of bars across the country made their opposition known, outright refusing to play the game.

Even a bowling alley in Kalamazoo, MI joined in the boycott.

As reported by Breitbart:

“More Americans than ever have decided to ignore the NFL’s biggest game by finding other things to do than to tune in and watch Super Bowl LII and most cite the NFL’s refusal to stand to honor the country during the playing of the national anthem as their reason.

Veterans are especially unhappy with the National Football League’s constant indulgence of anti-American protests during the nation’s song. But millions of others are just as upset at the protests, Fox News reported.

American Legion and VFW posts are boycotting Super Bowl LII, but so are bars and restaurants across the nation. Even a bowling alley joined the boycotters.

In one case, the Oneonta Veterans Club in New York raised a sign to announce their boycott reading, “In honor of our country, our flag, our veterans.”

Indeed, the club had been boycotting the NFL all season but decided to avoid criticism and continue the boycott through the big game.

“The members thought it would be kind of hypocritical if we just brought it back for the Super Bowl to make money,” manager Wayne Gregory told The Daily Star.

Then there is the Knights of Columbus chapter in Longview, Texas, that decided to turn TVs to other shows on Sunday.

“The veterans are especially aggravated by the course of events. This especially hits us as an insult when people are disrespectful of our flag and national anthem,” KC member Vance Lowery told KLTV.

Even a bowling alley decided to skip the league’s championship game, according to the Kalamazoo Gazette.”

The NFL shot themselves in the foot by not clamping down on the anti-America protests taking place at their games.

Despite their attempts to save face, the NFL may never fully recover.

Many felt that the boycotts promoted early into the season would fizzle out, but with the amount of opposition during the year’s biggest game, that is looking less likely.

Did you boycott the Super Bowl?

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