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The Unhived Mind

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  • Jul 29, 2014
  • theunhivedmind

    I noticed some interesting things and symbolism within this new movie called ‘Lucy’ directed by Luc Besson.  I’ve highlighted these points which are pictured below, left click for full size pictures to be visible.  I should point out that the name Lucy comes from Lucifer and that this Cherub is an hermaphrodite representation of the planet Venus (Aphrodite) which controls your heart chakra, the seat of your very soul. Aphrodite is the child of both Selene (Moon) and Zeus (Jupiter). Zeus is the son of Kronos (Saturn [Satan]) what controls your base sexual chakra.

    The film is basically about a woman who takes a special synthetic drug which allows her to use more of her brain and this percentage of brain power activation keeps increasing. As it activates higher she can perform more tasks and eventually shape-shift. Makes you wonder what the level of brain activation is within certain Dragon families.

    The Dragon’s Claw hand symbolism below is also what both men and females will use to masturbate a female. Now the two fingers involved in the penetration of the vagina (Yoni) are the Saturn and Sun fingers. Saturn as I said controls your base sexual chakra and thus in the man the generative force aka penis or Cleopatra’s needle used to measure the Sun as well as being ancient birth certificates (birth of the Horus). The Sun is symbolized as the dot in the circle meaning the penis fire generative force within the feminine waters vagina. You will notice the coming together of the Zeus fingers both from the woman and the ape. This could be symbolism of the Reptilian Anunnaki engineering of man. Throughout this film it pushes the New Venice fraud of Evolution over the truth of Creationism, man did not evolve he was specifically designed and created.

    This article does not mean I am a supporter of the Reptilian theory but instead it is merely an observation of what is called Operation Greenstar mind programming.  Operation Greenstar is the programme designed to condition the herd into believing in alien lifeforms so New Venice can pull off the greatest hoax of all time and finally destroy all current religions over night.