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PATRICK H. BELLRINGER: Greetings to all on this beautiful day on Earth Shan.  Today’s message shall be a culmination of my life as a forester, farmer, minister and teacher.  I realize that each one of these professions prepared me for the mission that I was to fulfill with my Twin Flame, Anne and our four wonderful children.  That mission was to present the Truth to the people of Shan through the Phoenix Journals i.e.,  Anne is now carrying that Mission forward until the very end.

Life is an abundance of lessons to learn, and so I shall explain what I mean by the lessons I have learned along the way.

As stated before, I was raised on a diary farm.  At an early age I begin learning many things from my father and mother.  What things?  It was called work.  I learned to milk cows, run all the farm machinery and do all the chores i.e. care for the animals (cows, chickens etc.).  I learned to repair machinery that broke down, repair car engines, as I drove an old Model T. Ford.  I learned to plant and harvest garden crops, cultivate, and most of all neatness not only keeping things in order in my bedroom and the house, but to take care of all farm tools.  It’s called pick up and put away carefully and repair any tools that needed repair.  I learned the value of caring for trees, plants, flowers and the most valuable words.  Pick up, put away and organize.

In my life I have been on many farms, some of which were cared for, but others were a sight to behold.  I remember one farm, in particular.  Every tool, machine parts, oil, grease, dirt and everything imaginable in piles on the barn floor.  You had to watch where you stepped or you could be injured.

I had a desire to learn and to find the real Truth.  I was not satisfied with the status quo of the church every Sunday.  It was the only day of any kind of rest in the week.  Milking came first, then the long drive to church, back home, try to study and the milking again, chores and the long drive back for the evening church service and back home to fall in bed exhausted after the “day of rest”.

When I think about the farm and dairy business we had. I must include my children. They did complain about all the work at times, but they learned exactly what I learned as a young person growing up on a dairy farm.  We were a team of workers, and we worked together.  In the process, all of us learned the value of nature, how to plant and care for gardens and trees, to help in building the sheds and barns on our farm, and to pick up, clean and keep things in order.  They all learned how to drive the farm equipment, bale and stack hay, care for chickens, clean and scrub the milk room, feed, clean the barn and milk the cows.  They learned to care for the animals and even build a fence line.

Today you can walk into their homes and find it neat and clean, with everything in its place. 

When all the children were grown and away in college or having their own place, Anne and I traveled several states and along the East Coast giving patriotic meetings.

We had lost  the entire farm, but we did not weep and cry.  We kept on.

During the two tours we did on the East Coast we met so many wonderful people, you can’t imagine.  They, too, were looking for the Truth, mostly about the Farm Claims and our evil government.

If it had not been for us losing our entire farm, all machinery and everything we owned in the house, I would have never found the Journals and become enlightened.  Anne feels the same, for we always worked together.  We were “on the same page”.

It is sad to say that we have met VERY few couples that were on the same page.  One would be enlightened and the other just the opposite.

I think of all the 49 years that both Anne and I taught school, and the hundreds of children we taught.  By our lifestyle we taught far more than was in a book.

In mentioning the school teaching, the parents of these students were also affected by our teaching.  The teacher is the medium of learning, not just the books.

When I attended the New York Theological Seminary and the United Methodist School of Theology, I studied the Bible from cover to cover  That even started as a young person when I became Mr. Christian Endeavor for the state of Wisconsin.

Had I not learned the Bible, I would never had been able to write and answer all the questions through the Hello, Centrals that wrote as editor and owner of Fourwinds.

When I think back about all the people that have been affected by both Anne and I it is amazing.  It is the same with each of you and all the acquaintances you have had in your life.

I tell you that even one person can make a difference in your world, if you but think about it.

Have you given love and kindness to ones you have met?  In all the hundreds of children that both Anne and I taught, both of us can not even remember all the names, but we loved teaching and remember this again:  you are the message not the books.

Take the time you have NOW, to learn all you can to read the Journals and know the Truth, if you have not done so.  Don’t regret the past because you cannot change it.  You only have today to make that difference for ones with whom you contact.

Blessings to all.  I hope that you can see by all the experiences both Anne and I have had will show you that your life influence is just the same.  Keep to the goal of holding the Light of Truth high.






3-17-21  (UPDATE)

PATRICK H. BELLRINGER: I have asked Anne to place the following quote to my article below that was posted March16, 2021.  It is one of my favorites!


“He drew a circle that shut me out-

Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.

But love and I had the wit to win:

We drew a circle and took him In!”

Edwin Markham

Better yet quote that fits even better for me is and I Quote:


“They drew a line that shut me out,

Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout!

But love and I had the wit to win

We drew a circle and brought them in.”

Edwin Markham





PATRICK H. BELLRINGER: Today I am going to give a message about LOVE. It is not the love of sexual pleasure, but of the relationship of family.

I do not exclude myself from this article, as I had difficulty with my mother and family for years, especially when I was called the son of Satan.  I harbored that resentful feeling for years. and because of this I developed cancer.  It’s called the Law of Cause and Effect.  It is hard to tell you all this, but I wanted to let you know a few things that are most important at this time.

I felt betrayed by my family, as they did not accept the Truth that I gave them.  However, both Anne and I went back to see my brother and sisters and re-established a friendly relationship with them. We had a wonderfl time.

The most important thing in your life is you. You must take care of your health, for it houses your soul.  Any harmful substance you inhale or eat affects how your body keeps healthy.  The same is thoughts.  Your mind knows every word you have spoken, every act you have done, and you shall review your life when you die to judge yourself.

The very next important thing is your family, your parents and your brothers and sisters.  I tell you this, as it is most important to establish a friendly relationship with your family, including your father and mother.  If you harbor ill feelings, get them resolved.  I am telling you this as I was as guilty as anyone because for a long time I did not contact my family.

I was a minister for years, and when I found out the truth about these cults I left the ministry to pursue teaching and finally fulfilling my mission of getting the Phoenix Journals world-wide.  My family thought I was a heretic.  None of my family responded to the message of Truth.

My family were all Christians, as was I for many years, until I found the Truth.  I wrote to them about the Truth, but it went on deaf ears. At least their soul heard the message. But I did not have any good relationship with any of them for years. 

The whole crux of this message is that you do not know when your parents may pass on or any of your siblings.  If you have not done so, please do it, for you may regret it if they pass on and you have not done your part of reconciliation, if that is necessary. 

I speak the Truth, as this happened to me with my mother.  She did treat me badly at times, but I know she loved me even though she called me the worst name.  She was a staunch Christian and nothing could change her mind, and any words I wrote to her went on deaf ears.  It is my prayer that she shall find the Truth at some point in her lifestreams, as her soul knows the Truth.

Keep a good relationship with your family as best you can.  You do not want that regret hanging over you as the Law of Cause and Effect is absolute.  Harboring anger or resentment of even one of your family only comes back to you.  I speak from experience.

I send Love and Light to those of my family and those, who that have passed on, but what is more meaningful is to take some time to see what you can do to help and love each other while they are still living.  The biggest word to think about is FORGIVENESS.  Forgive the wrongs they may have or you have done in the past.

I think back about that last visit I had with my family of sisters and brother.  Not too long after that visit my oldest brother died, then my sister and her husband died, and my brother’s middle daughter passed on.

You do not know when your family members shall pass on.  Take time now, while you can and make things right, if that is necessary.  Your health will benefit.

You can not change the past but you can change the future.

Do so, if that is necessary.  Time is very short, as this civilization is at its end.

I send my love to my children every day and shall greet all of them aboard ship soon.







A friend, RT, has sent the following picture and has written: (Quoting) “This is looking toward our Galactic Central. There are 200 billion stars in our galaxy. Quite a few... Makes me wonder how many Galactic Federations there might be in any one Galaxy, let alone countless Galaxies.  I’ve heard that there are 200,000 star systems in this Galactic Federation.  I wonder if this is a large Federation or is there a “United Federation Of Light” that is extra Galactic?  Just wondering.” 

You probably know that in the whole of Creation of celestial stars and planets, which is called the Cosmos, there are seven super universes, which extend like spokes of a wheel out from the hub or central universe, the center of which is the Isle of Paradise where Creator Source resides. Our Milky Way Galaxy has been misnamed. It is really the seventh one of the seven super universes.

Within each super universe are 100,000 universes, and each of these universes has a Creator Son. Therefore, there are 700,000 universes in the Cosmos with 700,000 Creator Sons. Our super universe is called Orvonton, our universe is Nebadon and our Creator Son is Hatonn/Aton.

Our earth’s Cosmic name is “Shan”, and we are to be the thirty-third planet to join our Galactic Federation. Therefore, our Galactic Federation is quite small in comparison to everything around us in the Cosmos. We are told that more than 200 Star Nations have come to assist in Shan's transition into fifth dimension.

Shan is the only planet in our solar system that has not yet achieved 5D. Also, our planet is a very small planet in comparison to many other planets in the Cosmos. Why would Creator God Aton of our Nebadon Universe even care about our little, dirty, stinking planet that is seen, as a smudge pot of filth sailing through space in this "corner" of the Nebadon Universe, leaving a trail of negative energy behind it? Why would he come to Shan, the "planet of tears", as Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/Aton disguised as the Pleiadian Star Fleet Commander of a fleet of ten thousand starships?

Why would Esu Immanuel Sananda spend so many lifestreams in 3D on this planet as Buddha, as Esu, as the Great White Father, as Sananda, etc. as a Truthbringer trying to wake us up? Why would Violinio Germain spend lifestream after lifestream on Shan doing his alchemy magic and building wealth for the future Truthbringers and Lightworkers’? Why have we returned lifestream after lifestream to this very Dark and dirty little planet? Surely there are other places we could have chosen.

Earth Shan may be a small and very Dark planet today, but in its beginning, it was a most magnificent and valuable planet in the Nebadon Universe. Shan was created as a supply planet for other planets and placed at the crossroads of travel in this section of our super universe of Orvonton. Our planet had such abundance and variety of plant and animal life as never before seen. The purpose of this was to supply other planets that were developing and were in need of various plants and animals in creating their balance.

Now, I'm going to tell you a secret that few people know. Our little planet was important in another way. In the core of Shan was placed by Creator God Aton a brilliant crystal, when he created Shan. Our planet was to be the "seed planet" for the entire Nebadon Universe. From the energy of this crystal all of the Nebadon Universe was created. Because this is so, Shan is the oldest planet in our universe, and because it was the first planet it was also designated as the "supply planet" for this sector of the Nebadon Universe.

How could our most beautiful planet become so Dark? We can blame Lucifer for that. Lucifer at one time had achieved the position of being the Archangel of highest authority next to Creator God Aton. That was not enough for his ego, for he desired to be Creator God. His ego caused his frequencies to lower to the point where he could not stand the higher frequencies of the Lighted Realms. When he finally chose to leave and go to 4D, one-third of the Angels of the "Heaven" of Aton went with him. They roamed our universe destroying planet after planet, including Venus and Mars, with their evil, until Aton said "Enough!"

Lucifer was told to choose one planet on which to live, which would become his "jail planet!" Guess what? He chose Shan! He chose the most beautiful and abundant of all planets in the Nebadon Universe. Wouldn't you? So we were given the great handicap of defeating Lucifer on our own planet. Is it any wonder that Shan became the Darkest of planets in the Nebadon Universe? Is it any wonder that for eons the greatest spiritual beings of Light have come to our planet as Truthbringers?

Now we know why Hatonn/Aton is here on our dirty little planet to help us. It's called the "Lucifer Connection". Now we know why even Creator Source is helping us. Our little planet has polluted this whole area of the Cosmos with its negativity, and it is now time for the Darkness to leave and Shan to be returned to the Light. This is, indeed, the end of the Age of Darkness on our planet.

Because we, who are now on Shan, had proven ourselves as Enlightened Beings in the last two Grand Experiments, we were chosen and asked to volunteer to return in this lifestream to assist in the transition of our earth into fifth dimension.  We could have learned our lessons elsewhere, but we agreed to come here at this time and help combat the Darkside.  Those Lightworkers, who have awakened to Truth, have endured much and have with their positive energy and thought-power helped greatly to overcome the Darkness on Shan.  It is now time for these powerful but very tired Lightworkers to have relief.

Be of good cheer, my friends, for the time of the coming of the Light is here. The Great Awakening is happening. The Starships are here everywhere in the sky day and night. Our Star Friends from over 200 Star Nations have come to our aid, as the "Hosts of Heaven". Our little speck of a planet in the Cosmos shall be redeemed from the Darkness of Satan and his troops. Satan has been defeated. He and his troops have been escorted off our beloved planet, never to return.

Only his evil human minions remained to carry out his evil plans.  These plans lay in tatters, for the Lightworkers through the power of Spirit are overwhelming these Serpent People everywhere.  The Darkness is fading into the sunrise of Shan’s Golden Age, as she proceeds with her self-cleansing and re-birthing.

Rejoice, my friends, rejoice!  Our pain and suffering shall soon be no more. Heed not the blatherings of the soothsayers.  Our time of peace and freedom and abundance is soon here!  Declare with me that we shall have victory! The long night is ending, and our beautiful little dirty little planet shall be rescued from the pit of Hell and returned to a place of beauty and peace once again, but this time in fifth dimension!  Aho!


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PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Greetings to all of you Lightworkers and souled ones.  It has been a few days since you ones have had a message from me.

 I am going to explain to you one important thing about these spiritual messages.  Anne and I are Twin Flames.  We act as one soul together.  That means when this writing is penned for you to read, it comes from both of us.  Because we are Twin Flames we act as one, and I am just the same editor as Anne at this time even though we are separated physically.  It does not matter.  What you are reading comes from both of us working together.  This mainly true for all the spiritual writings Anne has done over these past few months since my physical passing.  Of coursek Anne asks for both of us to pen this message and be sure that all is clear of Dark Ones ahd spaces filled with Love ahd Light.

All the spiritual messages are written in this manner, and those messages from other Lighted Ones i.e. Micheal are with total agreement between the three of us.

As to the other articles, whatever she posts or does not post is a decision we make together.


What matters most to those, who are in the physical is very important.  That means that each of you, even though you are a returned master, are in the school of learning soul growth on the toughest school ever in the entire universe.

What I am telling you is that Earth is a graduate school.  The lessons are presented to each of you to obtain great soul growth.   This is not a first grade school course.  You knew that the lessons would be hard, as the evil spirits prevalent upon Earth outnumber the souled ones. These evil minion of Satan have untold means of dragging you off course or keeping you asleep at the wheel while your physical life moves on, keeping in line with the evil side until you wake up to your mission.  What if you do not awaken?

I can't think of anything worse than to physically perish and have to judge yourself on the scale of how well you have lived the best you can the Laws of God and Creation, and found yourself wanting, as a speck of dust on this great scale of learning.

School starts in the kindergarten school and on up to the college of learning.  You had already graduated, as you are MASTERS!  You learned your lessons but you volunteered to reincarnate in 3D to help Mother Earth and grow in great spirituality.

I have spoken to those still asleep. What about Sananda's Flock?

I am so grateful that these writings Anne and I are doing together with other great Lighted Beings have made some headway, as some of the sleeping giants have awakened.  When even one awakens, Heaven rejoices. 


All of you Lightworkers, even so small in number compared to all the souled ones, have had a tough road.  You have held the LIGHT!  I did not say waking up was going to be easy.  There is a fight every minute upon these awakened by the Darkside.  They have captured nearly ALL souled ones at this time.  I said NEARLY, not all.

The greatest thing is however, is that the Lighted Realms, especially Sananda, are here to help in any way they can, as you awakened ones ask for that help.  Everyone has, also, two Guardian Angels that have been with you since you were born physically into human form.  Have any of you asked them for help?

You must know that the Cosmic Law of Non-Intervention is adhered to at all times, so you must ASK for this heavenly help just as Anne has asks me to share with her as a twin flame the message which you are reading at this time.

Both Anne and I give you of Sananda's Flock all the prayers and love possible. 


One last thing is most important,  That is CREATION, which is above ALL.  Have you thanked Creation for everything around you that has been created for YOU?  I mean every blade of grass, the trees, mountains, animals, sea life and flowers blooming are for you to enjoy.

How well  have the people upon this beautiful orb thought of CREATION?  Have you kept your promise to care for all---the air, the water the animal and all that dwells upon it?

May all of you Ligyhtwokers stay steady on the HIgher Road and keep the Light about you, as you finish your goals to the TOP with all the help we can give you.

For you ones still asleep at the wheel, there is time, although very short, to awaken to the TRUTH.  May all of Heaven help each of you.

Blessings to ALL.















PATRICK H. BELLRINGER: Today's message to all Lightworkers and souled shall be to the point.  I will not "beat around the bush", but tell  yo directly how things are.

I am pleased to say that there have been more souled ones to awaken to the Truth in these past few months since my transition to the Lighted Realms.  I am grateful to Anne for keeping Fourwinds up and running, as it is a means of getting messages to you from the Lighted Realms.

The number of ones upon Earth that call them selves of the Light are many, but I am not naming any of them to you.  It is up to all of you ones to use discernment about all ones I call gurus.  Hatonn says to make a proper decision based on whether or not the ones that are giving

messages teach the Laws of God and Creation.  If they do not they are not of the Light.

Satan's minions have captured many souled ones so subtly, as many of these gurus have  tangled the dark and Light together to fool many.

The Laws of God and Creation are simple, direct and are given to mankind for proper living.   One greatest false teaching is  that of the Bible.  I am going to give you an example of what I mean.  Paul/Saul's writings in the New Testament are a good example.  He was not a disciple and he twisted what Esu Immanuel Sananda taught.

For instance, there are passages where he speaks about women.  They should not wear any clothing of men, keep their head covered, etc.  He misnamed Esu Immanuel Sananda, as the Son of God, which he was not.  He named him "Jesus", which was not his name.  All these hundreds of years the "Bible" has been rewritten, tweaked and changed into different versions.  My mother was  an avid believer of the Bible.   She followed literally what Saul/Paul wrote.  She was very strict about women, who were to wear a dress at all times, not cut their hair, and to keep their head covered at all times in public.  Also, boys were to wear overalls to school, and "half pants" were something sinful.  What did my brother and I do?  We cut off the top and made our own half pants.  We did not want to be ridiculed at school.  Of course my mother would have sewed the top back on, but we had thrown them away.

I was raised on a dairy farm and did see my mother one time in overalls.  She was terribly embarrassed because it was hard to milk cows and do the chores wearing a fine dress and shoes.

I had a friend, who was going to be a missionary in a country where a lot of it was jungle.  She was very upset and cried and cried as her father, the head minister and others insisted that she absolutely should wear a dress at all times, even in the jungle with all kinds of insects etc.  I did not understand at the time why these ones were so insistent about this subject except that it was written in the "Holy Bible".

Well, my opinion is that what Paul/Saul wrote was about the people of that day, how they dressed,etc.  I was absolutely astounded that these church people took everything in the Bible as literal, not realizing that in 2000 years in our modern society, that things had changed.

You must remember that Saul/Paul was Sananda's greatest enemy.  He stated that over and over in the Books of the Lighted Realms, called the Phoenix Journals, given to mankind to set the Truth Straight one last time.

Sananda, also, stated many times that the bloodof him on a cross does not save anyone, as each person is responsible for his own actions, and shall stand before God and judge himself as how well he/she has lived according to the Laws of God and Creation.

I did not say you must lead a perfect life, but to live the best you can.  No one is perfect, as that is something we strive for over thousands of years of reincarnation to learn soul growth and eventually be ONE WITH CREATION.

My mother stood in agony when she passed to realize she had rejected the Truth given to her.   She is on her own pathway and I pray that she shall find the Truth.  I only can send her much Love and Light, as I do to all, who have rejected the Truth.

Think of this:  ALL souled ones on Earth are returned Masters!  How many have awakened?  Sananda's flock is very small, but there are ones, who have found the Truth as of late.

Time has about run out for this civilization, so I urge all ones asleep to take advantage of the short time left to awaken to the Truth.  My blessings to all Lightworkers to keep strong for lessons continue until the very end when Earth turns on her axis.  All people on Earth have the opportunity to be beamed to safety or perish in the violent cataclysms to occur.  Even if the cataclysms are mild, the frequencies are raised to 5D, and a 3D person cannot survive that vibration.

It is my greatest pleasure to see ones awaken, and that is part of what we are doing aboard ship.  We monitor soul growth of anyone souled being.

My love to all.







PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:    I have asked Anne to write a message from me this beautiful day upon your planet.   It shall be one that will surprise you, as I wanted to talk about my family.

I have enjoyed having to work with Anne to write about all those experiences we had whilemarried for 57 years.  As I write about these past  experiences , it is a reminder how hard we all worked.  By that I mean the entire family worked together.

Never did we go anywhere that the children were not involved.  I taught them all to drive the tractors, know what to do when the baler got tangled up, or how to rake hay.  They were all taught how to milk a cow either by hand or with the milikng machine, how to clean the milk room equipment and tank, bed cattle, feed cattle, and cut, bale and stack hay.

It wasn't any different when all of us worked like a "dog" at pulling that barn chain out of a cemented gutter.

We always planted a huge garden, and the last years had a second garden, as well.  They all helped pick peas, beans, pulled weeds, gathered corn from the field, and helped with the truck farming we did.  They, also, helped in canning and freezing the garden produce.

We planted a wind break with hundreds of trees west of the house.  They all helped plant and then tediously carry water to water all the trees every few days.

One time Anne and I had to leave for a few hours.  We told the children to pick the strawberries so we could freeze some for eating.  I remember Anne and I came back home and came into the kitchen.  We could not believe our eyes. There were pans and trays of strawberries everywhere.   We about fell over.

All the children worked like beavers picking every tiny little berry in the big patch.  Have you ever cleaned pans and pans of strawberrkies?  It was a long, tedious job, but we all helped do it.

Then there were the rocks.  We had purchased 40 acres of land that had not been planted for crops for many years.  We picked tons of rocks....all of the family.  We piled them in the north west corner of the land, and this pile is still standing there today.

Then there was the fence experience.  The Farm Thrashing event was adjacent to our property.  According to law, you are responsible for your half of the fence.  Some men, who are a opart of this organization, agreed to come and build their half of the fence.

We were all there, children and all, to help see that it was done right.  It was Cindy and Star that told them how to build the fence.  They corrected these men how to tighten the barb wire and wrench it a certain way.They all stood in amazement that these young girls could know such.

We, also had to pick up all the trash this one family threw on the land over years.  I mean bed springs, cans, rubbish, etc.  What a mess.

Everyone helped when I took a building down, house down,or that huge diary barn.  I remember Cindy and I were roped on top taking the shingles off of that hge dairy barn.  The rest of the family picked up shingles by the hundreds.

I won't go any further about that event, as that is one both Anne and I will explain in another farm article.

I realize that I am a little off the subject, but all of us, children included, laugh about all of these earthly experiences before we found the Truth.

When we lost the farm to the banks, I know the Angels said:  "How are we going to get these guys off the farm!  They have work to do."  When we finally lost everything they sighed for relief, as our real mission was to begin.  Little did we know of all those experiences we were to have. to find the TRUTH,m at last!

I do know that God Aton saved my life several times in my life.  One of them was when we took that huge barn apart.  I remember that I looked up and saw......

Stay tuned....







PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  I have asked Anne to write this message today to give you an update on the world situation, and what we of the Lighted Realms see at this point.

Trump, the White Hats and the U.S. Military are in control of the situation letting the fake Biden Administration carry on their evil deeds to wake you people up.  That is happening, but there are others, who are still asleep and listening to the lying media that has not been taken down, as yet.

Dangerous moves have been taken by this fake socialistic/communist regime that is presently trying to do their best to win.  They have made moves world wide that spell doom for the entire world.    These ones are the replace doubles and clones of those, who have been either executed or serving life sentences at Gitmo. This situation has had a bad effect on Mother Earth.

Trump has his plans and is surely to win when the axe hits. The only problem in the way is Mother Earth.  Her message is one of pain and distress and she is rocking back and forth with more momentum than ever before.  Her voice is weak and trembling, filled with agony and suffering.

Because of this situation we of the Lighted Realms are on the highest Red Alert ever.  I mean that sincerely, for Mother Earth's groaning and suffering has told us she wants to graduate.  She has been waiting patiently for more ones to open their eyes and also, for the final take-down of the satanic claws that have enveloped her for millennia.

Because of freewill, we do not know the exact moment when Trump shall make his final move.  We see that there are many ones being arrested and facing military tribunal.  We just know he has plans and when the final strike shall happen is up to him.

I can honestly say that the entire situation on Earth is in balance, as we do not know if Mother Earth can hold off any longer.  She now says she is in a desperate situation.  I do know that the flipping on her axis shall come without warning.    That is why we are now, at  a a moment's notice, to do our part in evacuating those, who wish to be beamed to safety aboard the ships.

Those Lightworkers of Sananda's Flock will judge themselves. as to whether they have passed the test if they have lived the Laws of God ahd Creation.

The same is true of all others not awakened yet, but have made the positive decision to board to safety.  They, too , shall judge themselves and decide where they shall go to continue their soul growth.  They shall gain soul growth by stepping into the awaiting beam of Light.

The difference with this present civilization is that those, great Masters, who have not awakened, shall face the agreed upon options they knew about before they reincarnated willingly back to 3D Mother Earth to help.  That, my friends is either you wake up and graduate or you shall perish in the cataclysms repeat thousands of years in 3D to come back to the very situation you left this lifestream upon Planet Earth.

That is why all these messages that the Lighted Realms have penned with Anne have been to tell you straight-up the situation.   This has, also, been told over and over in the Journals. Many ones think the Journals are just someone's opinion and are old and out of date.

The events told in the Journal are what has happened at the time they were penned, but the messages of the Great Masters are endless, including those of Creator God Aton/Hatonn of Light.

You ,also, know very well that the Dark Side did not quit as they agreed to do so in 1987.  Do you think the evil has gotten any better since then?  You know that answer.

We have been in overtime since 2012, and the evil has been the worst in the Cosmos.  There are, finally, events of a good  that are  happening, but is there is still time this day to wake up.

The seconds are passing by quickly.  For all the Lightworkers, keep steady at the wheel of enlightenment for graduation time is anytime, now.

Will Trump make his announcement or have the inauguration of his return before Mother Earth says it's enough?

We await Earth's decision, and have not left our post at the helm of the ships.

This is a great exciting time.  See you aboard!