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ESU IMMANUEL SANANDA:  Greetings to all souled ones and my Flock of enlightened ones.

I wanted to give all of you a message today that may clear up about the history of the human race upon Mother Earth.  Some of this information may surprise you, but I assure you that it is the Truth.  What I have to say shall be concise for the major explanation is given by Ashtar in Phoenix Journal 5, entitled "From Here to Armageddon

When Earth was first created 4.5 billion years ago, she had to develop into a planet where life could survive on her surface.  That took a billions years of your time for her to be ready to support such life.

If you where to understand when humans were put upon her surface, let us think of a 24 hour clock.  Man came at 1 minute before midnight.  The first humans were given a spark of Creator and were cared for as such, living many years.  Creator wanted these ones he created to be one with him.  Little soul growth happened during this time.

It was decided that in order for the human to develop his soul some changes had to be made.  Creator gave man a freewill and a spark of Light and a spark of Dark.  Man would have to choose or discern which he would develop.  In short, man had to make choices of either dark or light.

To further help man to develop into a great spiritual being, Creator gave the great gift of reincarnation of man to live in another physical body to learn certain lessons for his soul growth.  Man could choose what lessons were to be learned and to whom to return to as a child to learn and grow in spirituality.

All was going as planned until the fallen Angel, Lucifer and his band of followers left Heaven, as their frequencies clashed with the Light.  He wanted to be God.  He and his band of fallen ones roamed the Cosmos destroying planet after planet.  finally he had to choose one to be his jail planet.

He looked over the billions of planets and chose Mother Earth for her beauty and abundance.  That, my friends changed the planet, for the evil ones took over.

Many of these souled ones already on Earth were lured into the evil hands of Lucifer now named Satan.  Wars between the tribes and countries flared up with much death and killing.  It became very difficult for the souled one to remain aloof of Satan, and the situation got worse even after Mother Earth turned on her axis to start another civilization.

Do you see the progress toward the most evil civilization in all the 20,000 ones that have been on Earth's surface?  When the turning over of Mother Earth would happen there were a number of souled ones that survived to repopulate the planet.  The end of this civilization is different in two ways.  I shall explain in further detail later in this writing.

Creator, on his vast wisdom, asked his highest developed souls, the Masters, to return or reincarnate again on this once beautiful planet to help her graduate into 5D and in the process these Masters would have a mission to accomplish in order to  gain great soul growth.  That my friends is the fact that ALL souled ones that have voluntarily returned are great Masters!

The handicap they would have to face is that on a 3D planet the reincarnation process has one unbreakable law.  These great souled ones returning back to a 3D  physical body would have to come without memory of who they were nor how high they were in soul growth.  It would be a difficult task, but they would have to awaken to their mission in order to gain great soul growth.  If not these great Masters would have to start over in the cave for thousands of years in 3D to reach where they were when they left Mother Earth.  To explain further, these uawakened ones shall have to live thousands of years in 3D before returning back to where they left off on Mother Earth.  Do you see this great handicap?  The opposite is true if the souled ones awaken.  Absolutely great soul growth shall be gained!

Oh, my children!  I am saddened to say that the wiles of the evil captured many of you souled Masters  by keeping you asleep.  Truth has been given to all, and oh, that all of you slumbering ones open your eyes!  Few have done so, but these ones have carried the Light to the top of the mountain, and have helped Mother Earth to graduate.

Now I explain what I said about this civilization being different in two ways.  All the other civilizations had upset and cataclysms but there were those that survived to repopulate again.

Not so this time, for the cataclysms coming to Earth are so great that no one could possibly survive in 3D.  I repeat, nothing in 3D can survive this great turning for it shall be extremely violent.

The second reason is that Mother Earth's frequencies shall rise greatly to those of 5th dimension.  Even if Mother Earth's turning on her axis would be gentle, no one in 3D can survive the frequencies of 5D.

That is why we shall offer safety aboard our ships as we have done thousands of time on other planets that have graduated into another 3D civilization or graduating to 5D where no evil can exist.   Remember in your Milky Way Galaxy (7th great Orvanton Universe) there are 179,000,000,000 life-supporting planets.  With the gift of freewill you can choose to come to safety or perish in the process of Mother Earth turning over.  You slumbering ones shall gain soul growth even to step into our beam of safety.  Otherwise, you shall perish and be taken to the level of frequencies where you left off at this present time.

It is your choice and yours only.  We do not force nor interfere with freewill, but can help when asked to do so.  We offer safety aboard our ships and then you shall determine if you have graduated or you are to live another life in 3D.  You judge yourself, not God, according to how well you have lived the Laws of God and Creation.

To my Lightworkers stay strong against the evil ones, for they want you on their side.  I am with you as you walk these last steps to the top of the mountain.  I care and Love each and every one of you!

I love all you souled ones not awakened with a great Love beyond your understanding.  Open you eyes.








PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Today's message is a different one, as both Sananda and I shall  be giving this update to all Lightworkers and souled beings. Sananda shall speak first.

SANANDA:  Greetings to all.  Our message today is to emphasize that you are one with all, especially my flock of enlightened ones.  In the Lighted Realms there is no distinction of who is more enlightened than another, nor is there any rank of enlightenment.

I want to express that, especially at this ending time for lessons are the hardest to learn at this time.  No one is exempt for the attacks from the Dark Ones are most constant, and no one of my flock is immune to such attacks.

There are ones along the pathway of enlightenment, who have learned to talk to us of the Lighted Realms.  Are they any better than those, who are still learning? NO.  No one is any better than another enlightened one, for if you think that is the case, then you are letting your ego take over.

Each souled being, rather sleeping or awake to the Truth, is on their own pathway, as they have their own freewill to choose which way they wish to learn their lessons in soul growth.

Never should any Lightworker criticize and scold another Lightworker if they think they are not doing the "right" thing.  This would render discouragement to that Lightworker and cause that one to feel unworthy of the Lighted path which they have chosen.

PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  I want to add to what Sananda has said in these last statements.  All of you souled ones have your Great God Spirit within that is the connection to the Lighted Realms.  I know that in these ending times the Darkside is desperately trying to lure you ones of the Light into his camp.  There is nothing he would not do to get you off course.

Even criticizing another Lightworker to think that person does not have a good "connection" and tells them so, that negativity comes back to that person.  Remember the Law of Returns is instant.  The advice of the Lighted Realms is to keep on your own soul growth and help others when they ask for your help, but to force your opinion on another one is trying to force your will upon them because you think they are not as far advanced as you.

SANANDA:  Yes, Patrick you have said what is so true.  In 3D the biggest fight Lightworkers have is their own ego.  The whole society of 3D is one of achieving more than your neighbor.  If one has a big house, car and all that money can buy it is very often these ones think themselves better than those who have not.  Letting your ego take over to tell another without them asking is forcing your will upon that person.

I know this lesson is a hard one to swallow, but it is Truth.  There are times when we see an unenlightened one is seeking Truth so we ask our Lightworkers to give the Truth to that person.  What that one does with the truth is up to them, but to criticize the person for not learning or listening to you is not what it is about. The soul knows and shall take the Truth given to him and shall, if he desires, keep learning.  If that person rejects the Truth the soul knows and at some point will come to Truth.

PATRICK:  Now I tell Anne that she needs to not worry about anyone on their own pathway.  The only thing that does help is to pray and petition for that one to see the Light.  All prayers done in sincerity are heard by the Lighted Realms and are answered accordingly.  Sometimes it is to be more patient, and to lay the burden upon Sananda, who will help at all times.

Both Sananda and myself are most happy to help you at anytime you ask.  We do not force our will upon you for one second.

SANANDA:  Yes, that is the message we have for you.  Keep on your pathway and ask for our help when you need it, for we are ready to assist when asked.  The same for all Lightworkers.  Love each other, give encouragement and help them when they ask for help.

Keep to your own enlightenment and worry not about others.  If you readers think Anne if is any different because she writes the messages you are wrong.  Each of you enlightened ones are working in different ways, and no one is better than anyone else.

Stay strong on the Red Road of Truth.  We of the Lighted Realms are here to help at all times.

PATRICK:  With these last words of Sananda, we both give you all the Love and Light of the Lighted Realms, and are always here to help when you need us.


 We include with this message that you, also, have all the help of Creator God Aton/ Hatonn of Light,  Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Gabriel, Violinio Germain and all the Lighted Realms.