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PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Today's message from me is on the above subject written in the title of this article entitled " WE ARE ALL ONE!"

By that statement do I mean only the human ones?  No, Creation created all by thought.  He created everything you see on your planet by thought.  This includes all animals, plants, bird and sea life.  It, also, includes every tree, blade of grass and every flower that blooms!  The humans created are of a higher level of development and it is their duty to care for all of the creation with love.  Each of you souled ones must know that the animal life, also has a group spirit.

A dog may die and reincarnate again as another dog, or a cat, etc.  Our children have known that one of their former pet, who has died, has been reincarnated in their present pet, as they recognize the temperament and actions of the present pet that is just like their former pet.    This is the absolute truth.

Now, I want to give you some information about your pet.   If you have a dog, for instance, you realize that as you speak to your pet he or she knows and understands every word you say.  They cannot talk back in human language in your 3D world, but they hear and know what you speak to them.  Your pet dog becomes absolutely devoted to you, especially when treated with love and care.

It is no different with a cat except that they are very independent and your home becomes THEIR home.  They understand every word you speak to then and will give you their devotion when you treat them with love and care.

Anne and I had a wonderful pet cat for several years.  His name was Blackberry.  He would come and sit on the overstuffed chair and watch TV with us.  He was most independent and knew every word spoken.  When Anne would walk the fields in the morning Blackberry would want to follow.  Anne would have to turn and speak to Blackberry to go home quickly, as there were fox roaming the fields that just loved to eat cats.  He obeyed immediately.

Take for instance a flowering plant you have in your home or garden.  They, too, have a spirit  and respond to your love and care for each leaf and flower and will bloom excessively as they respond to your love.

Is it any different with the bird life?  When Anne and I lived in Rapid City, SD for years, I built a large bird feeder, a squirrel house, and had three other bird feeders.   We had hundreds of birds in our back yard. 



I remember the Rock Doves, especially.  There would be many birds perched on the electric lines in front of our house.  There was one bird we called the sentinel that perched near the bird feeder on the electric lines.  I would fill the large feeder with whole and cracked corn.  The very minute I was done and started to walk back to the house the sentinel gave the word and the birds flew down to the feeder in about 5 seconds.

The squirrels were no different.  I could walk out to their feeder and they would be perched six inches from my hand waiting for the feeder to be filled.  They loved the squirrel house a made for the in the old Maple Tree, and would come down the tree and gaze in the kitchen window or perch on the lattice by the back door.

One time, as I sat oh the bench outside the back door, a Chick-a-Dee flew down and perched on my hand.  I gave it my love and he looked at me for a while and then flew off.

All of you are to take care of the life around you, and you must realize you are only a few chromosomes more than they, are a higher development and you are their caretaker.  You are to give LOVE to all of the fantastic creation around you ....even across the entire world.

Now I approach something that maY sound absolutely unbelievable to you.

When any loved one passes over, including your pets, you can talk to them just as we of the Lighted Realms talk to Anne ,my children and Anne's friend J.  

Two days ago my daughter, Jewel, lost her pet dog, Hayden.  She was told by us that he was aboard our ship, The Star of Bethlehem.   In the middle of the night she heard Hayden whining.  We talked to her and told her he was having a little difficulty adjusting. "Do you want to talk to Hayden?"  She said yes, and had a conversation with him.  After that he settled down.

Yes, this is possible!  We are all one!

When I did that first walk among the flowers and trees, as I boarded The Phoenix Command Ship, I heard them talking to me and I talked back, just as I am having a conversation with Anne at this time telling her what I would like to say.

As Creation, Creator Source and Creator God Aton and you all have a soul you can talk to anyone of the Lighted Realms.  This also, includes Creator God Hatonn. Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Gabriel, Violinio Germain and others, to whom you can speak.  You will hear through your own God Spirit within through your own God Slpiit.   

I will speak of two of my daughters  who work in conjunction with each other.  One hears the message for both and the other is the mouth to speak to others about the Lighted Realms.   The one, who that speaks to others, we arrange the meeting of the two.  It is then up to that one to whom she speaks to take the information and learn.

I have said though for you are probably thinking I am lying,  however, i have told the TRUTH.  We of the Lighted Realms do not lie.

Blessings to all, who know in their heart what I have said is so.







[PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  I wrote this article several years ago.The message is timeless and I encourage all of you to read it again. ]


I write to you this day with great hope in my heart for our world and her people. As you know I often communicate with God Aton of Light. He also refers to Himself as Creator God or Creator or the “Big Boss”. He has great compassion and Love for all of His creations, and wishes to talk to everyone. Creator is very personal and talks to me as a friend. He feels what we feel, and weeps when we weep. He laughs when we laugh, and sometimes He is really funny. He wants to be a friend to everyone, if we will let Him.

Many people have the wrong concept of Creator God. They think this He is far away in the “Heavens” somewhere or that He is so high in authority and so busy that He is not interested in the “little people”. Many fear Creator God because they believe they can never achieve the goals set by His “Rules of Perfection” and He will, therefore, judge them for their failures. This is simply not true.

Each of us has a “built-in” communication system directly from our God Spirit within to Creator God. The line is always open. All we need do is to pick up our “telephone” and without any answering service, Creator is there. Creator waits for everyone to “call” Him. He is limitless and can talk to everyone on our planet at the same time. If you have a problem with the words “prayer” and “petition” because you do not know what they mean, or you do not know how to pray, forget these words. Just talk to Creator God through your thoughts or out loud, as you would to a friend. Hear His response through your thoughts, your feelings or even audibly through your hearing. Creator God talks to us in many ways.

Creator God said to me last night, “Bellringer, tell the people to hold on tight and to continue with their prayer power. I am listening. I have not abandoned you. Things shall soon settle down into Paradise on your planet.”

We are to continue with our prayer power, for Creator is listening. You may think that your petitions and prayers are not heard. All sincere prayers and petitions are known by the Angels of Light. That positive energy is carried immediately to Heaven’s Gate and is heard and accepted by Creator. All prayers and petitions are put into Creator God’s filing system, which is kept in very good order, and recorded for all time. For those who think that their prayers are not meaningful and do not count, Creator says to stop and think of what I have written here, and to keep praying.

Any sincere prayer makes a difference. Creator God values every prayer ever uttered back to the beginning of time. All have been recorded and stored in the Great Hall of Prayers for all time. One day soon we shall be able to visit the Great Hall of Prayers, if we so choose.

There are many old stories about Creator God which have warped our thinking about who He is, what He does and how we relate to Him. For some people even His name has been a problem, so that He becomes God/Goddess to denote both male and female energies. As Creator of All that Is, Creator God inherently carries both female and male energies. It is silly to think otherwise. In the English language it is understood that at times words such as “man” (in mankind) and “he”, referring to Creator God, carry both the male and female energies.

Creator God has told me that we are to let go of the past and hear what He has to say to us now. He is here now. He is experiencing now in modern times. All has become new. Leave the old for what it is and focus on the now!  We need to build on the new revelations and not the old misunderstandings.  Creator says that He did not issue the word “channeler”, but that He helped to create the telephone! We can talk by telephone to a friend, to another human spirit to gain advice and wisdom. We have no need of a channeler, when we can talk to Creator God all by ourself. Creator God is for everyone. Like the times before dial and push-button telephones, we can turn the crank and say, “Hello, Central! Give me Heaven!”

We are in the changing of the times. All is not as it seems in our world, and especially in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Israel and in Palestine.  Resignations indicate that the evil Zionist governments of Britain, Israel, and the United States are crumbling. Our world is teetering on the brink of financial collapse, propped up only by fatal credit buying and deficit spending. In the face of such doom and gloom and imminent world chaos, please know that Creator God has not abandoned us. He never abandons any thing or anyone. There are so many beautiful things that Creator God wants for everyone. We must be accepting of Creator God and communicate with Him as our best friend. By accepting Creator God we accept what He wants: peace and happiness, freedom and abundance for everyone.

Indeed, even the tiny prayer such as, “Sananda, help!” is registered with the same prayer power as is the largest prayer in the Great Hall of Prayers. That positive energy is added to the Pool of Cosmic Energy to make a difference for all Creation. Even the thoughts of good intent to offer help to someone, when we physically are unable to do so, carry great power for the Angels to act in our behalf.

So my friends, “hold on tight!” Talk to Creator and gain the strength to do so. The times are changing for good, and “things shall soon settle down into a fifth dimension Paradise on our planet!”

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PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Greetings  to all the Lightworkers and souled ones on Earth.  I wish to give you a message from the Lighted Realms at this time.

As we monitor Earth Shan at all times, we are as excited, as you ones, about the progress that is being made, to take down the Deep State.  What exactly is the "Deep State"?  It comprises all those, who are aligned with the Satanic Forces, that have been on Earth  for Millennia.

The type of government that is aligned with these evil forces is called Communism.  It is not a government of the people and by the people and for the people, but by the evil leaders that are dictators, who rule over the little people with an "iron hand." All freedom and privileges granted by the Creator are forbidden.  In essence the God-given rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are wiped away.

Under a Communist rule every part of your life is controlled by the top elite rulers.  I am sad to say that there has been much effort by  your Social programs to rip your rights away by

Censorship to blocking any free speech of any conservative voice to be locked out of their agenda.  Even President Trump has been censored.  Free speech is given only in a tiny  area and monitored for every word said.

The great country of America has slid far to the left by riots, the terrorist Antifa, and the Democrats, who now are called the Demoncrats, and likely so.  How sad!

Oh, they spout their "wonderful agenda" to you and the grand things to come. but it is a great horrible LIE. Their agenda is to follow their leader, Lucifer/Satan. Would you be surprised to know that Satan was uncreated in 1998?  Yes, that is so, but what is happening?  It is the minions of Satan that are pushing his satanic agenda. What they have, and are doing to thousands of innocent kidnapped children is absolutely horrid, and is far worse than even Satan himself could imagine.

At last, after millenniums of evil control, the dark ones are being removed from Earth.  Many have been arrested and given life imprisonment, but most of these satanic minions have been executed.  Thousands more are being arrested, as I speak.  The plan that has been in progress since JFK was assassinated is be played out before your eyes.

The Biden charade is like an act that is being monitored by the White Hats and U.S. Military. This being allowed to show you the evil that these ones have planned, and to WAKE you up to their evil agenda.  That is happening.

Mr. Trump did leave the office as CEO of the U.S. Corporation operating on foreign soil (D.C.). He invoked the Insurrection Act in order to let the Military and White hats take over with Trump in the background monitoring all that is done.  However, he is the President of the Republic of the united States of America!

The Lighted Realms are ready for evacuation of Planet Earth as all the Pleadian Starships are in their proper co-ordinates waiting for the great event of Mother Earth to graduate into 5th Dimension. With her freewill she choose to turn over on her axis, as she has done in the 20,000 civilizations that have populated her surface.  Always, in time past, there was a remmanent of ones that stayed in safety to re-populate again another civilization.  This is NOT so this time, as she moves to 5th Dimension, where no 3D ones can exist.   The free will choice is to either board the awaiting Lighted Realms ships to safety or stay on the surface and perish in the chaos. 

Let me remind you that there are no other evil alien ships awaiting to evacuate you to hell or otherwise!  They are forbidden to be involved and have been banished from around Earth, as she graduates.

However, she has told us that she is watching the momentous event of evil being removed and balance brought once again to her surface.  We of the Lighted Realms do not know when or how long she shall hold off her birthing, but it shall be a little while longer. Could it be that she is waiting to see Trump inaugurated on the legal date in March?  We do not know for sure.

At any rate, you Lightworkers must keep to your reading of the Journals and meditation, for that shall keep you on the straight and narrow road to the Light.  Stop watching so much TV and take some time to let your soul be fed with the Light instead of the movies where most of them are filled with satanic symbols and mind control.  Once in a while, there may be one that is enjoyable to watch, but these are not in great number.

For you ones, who are still slumbering, may you awaken to what is going on around you and to see the TRUTH that is in front of your face. It's like the old saying, "I can't see the forest for the trees".

Remember any wealth you may gain, houses you buy, the clothes you wear, or how much money you have accumulated, are only  3D physical things, and you can't take any of these with you when you leave your physical life. .

FEED Your SOUL..  

My love to all..








PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  It has been some time since I have asked Anne to pen a message from me.  I greet all the Lightworkers and souled ones at this time, and what I have to say is most important to all of you.

There are great changes taking place in the United States and all over the world that have not happened in many millennia.   The world has gone through a fake pandemic that was deliberately set upon you ones for not only depopulation the planet, but to take down the whole world economy. It is still in progress and people are still in total lock-down.  It has been done deliberatly!  The great masses are becoming aware of the Satanic hold upon them for centuries.  Take a look at some of your once beautiful cities in America.  That is how far America has fallen to the wiles of evil. 

I shall mention Canada.  Many people in some of the Providences are being kidnapped in the lieu of "Covied-19, and placed in internment camps or whisked away from their family without any way to find out where they were taken.  This evil is being dealt with for arrests are being made of those responsible. Other couturiers are facing the same thing with people finally waking up to demand an end to the lock-downs.  

There are still some Democratic states that have lockdowns or partial lockdowns.  For instance, Washington State has loosened restrictions in the counties that voted for Biden, while the consevative counties still have stricer restrictions.  This lock- down shall be done with shortly.

Alos, in the U.S., there is finally a solution to all the Satanic ones and the horrible tortuous acts that have been committed with men, women, and thousands of missing children.   Many of you ones have seen the list posted on Fourwinds of those, who have been arrested and have faced a Military Tribunal.  The result was for many-- execution.  Others received life imprisonment, and a few are still awaiting trial.  The clean-up of the evil ones started when Trump took office, and for that Mother Earth is most grateful.  She has waited eons of time for this moment in all the 4.5 billion years she has lived.  Goodness is finally happening as thousands of evil ones world-wide are being rounded up.

Are you surprised at the names on the list in the article posted on Fourwinds?  I am sure that many who read the names were in shock.  These demonic acts have been going on for a long time.  I will say that this present civilization is far more evil than any of the 20,000 civilizations that have been on Mother Earth since her birth.

I am so delighted that more souled ones have awakened to the Truth, however, there are still thousands of souled ones that have been swept off their mission by the Dark Ones.   The evil Satanic minions of Lucifer/Satan have done a grand job of keeping many asleep to the real Truth of what has happened not only in America but World  wide.

The most powerful tool that the DarkSide has used is religion.  The cult of Christianity has led thousands astray from the real Truth.   It is taught by Satan's War Book, the Bible, that you are not responsible for all the evil you may commit as "Jesus"  saves you from  going to hell.  You do what you want and always can be forgiven.   Then you can be raptured to a pink cloud somewhere.  This is a total lie and is not the TRUTH. You are responsible for what you do and shall face that when you leave this physical life, You shall judge yourself how well you have lived the Laws of God and Creation. God does NOT judge you.  You judge yourself!

The U.S. Supreme Court made a law allowing same-marriages. This has brought down to the depths of degradation your entire country.  . The most sacred act of marriage and birthing a child has been dragged to the depths of hell.  The abduction of children for satanic sacrifice is almost unthinkable.  God has given the Laws by which good and heavenly living should be done.  They are not hard nor abusive.  I am NOT talking about the 10 Commandments of Satan's War Book, the Bible.  There are 18 Laws of God and Creation which are simply given for great living and are not hard or punishing.

What I am saying is that the Laws of God and Creation are absolute.  No other laws made to change these laws is going to change anything of these LAWS OF GOD AND CREATION given for proper living.  Again, I say THEY ARE ABSOLUTE.  What is so sad is to end your physical life and find out that you just didn't have one life on Earth but  you have been back thousands of times in another physical body to learn soul growth.  You had to come back without memory and wake up to your mission and you missed the boat.

You ask what about you, Patrick?  or Anne?  Yes, we have had thousands of lifestreams such as you ones.  We choose what family we wish to be reincarnated to to learn soul growth.  We have been everything, such as you.  We volunteered to come back to Earth to help and to wake up.  We know what you are going through and we sympathize with all of you ones still asleep.  It is our most desire, as well as all of heaven that you see the Truth.  It is in front of your face.

There have been ones who just recently found the Truth.  All of heaven rejoices, as well as Mother Earth.  She is holding off from turning over on her a bit longer to see the great things happening in America , but also that more souls are awakening to the Truth.

Why do I tell you all this?  It is because I was ONE OF THEM.  I achieved 500 college credits to try and find the Truth.  I preached Christianity in the churches of which I was the minister.  I taught school for years not knowing the Truth about the real Science that Violinio Germain has given in the Pleiades Connection Series of the Journals.  What happened?  When I found the  Phoenix Journals my soul rejoiced that I finally found that for which I had searched my whole life.

I have one more thing that shall be the downfall of those, who are desperately trying to make the U.S. a Communist country.  What you hear from you lying Mainstream media are lies.  Joe Biden has been executed some time ago. The U.S. Military and White Hats are in total control.  There are plans already made to inaugurate Trump soon.   Keep up your prayers for goodness to continue .  Wake up and help. for all of you are needed at this time.

It is my great joy that I can speak to you through my twin flame, Anne, and that is I, who am giving you this message today. My blessing to all Lightworkers and my greatest joy is that more of you souled ones find the Truth and your mission, for that is why you came back this time.






PATRICK H, BELLRINGER:   Greetings!  I could not help but ask Anne to pen a message from me about revolution.  What is revolution?  It is a secretly planned event to happen without anyone knowing what is happening uhtil it happens.  Trump is playing the Art of War.  He has plans in place that are happening, but no one knows those plans until they happen!  That is what you are seeing today with the take-down of the DarkSide.  

In my physical lifestream I was a master at acts of revolution.  I wish Anne to pen one incident at the Methodist School of Theology in Kansas Citym Missouri.  I spent two years there getting a Master of Divinity, so I know that about which I tell you is the Truth.

I had a class with two professors called "revolution".  They spent several hours telling us the logistics of a revolutin, how it is done quietly without anyone knowing what is to happen.  It is done secretly so that it is a complete surprise when it happens.  This class was several houre long, so the first part was to teach about revolution.  The second part of the class after a short break, was to have a well-known professor speak to the class about this subject.

After the first part of the class we had a short break.  I gathered everyone in the class and said to them, "let's have a revolution!"  "How", they answered.  I told them that we must stick together and do not let the teachers know what is happening.  We put all the desks in a circle.  We cleaned the black boards and hid all the chalk.  We sat in our chairs and had a conversation with each other. 

That's when the you know what hit the fan.  The two professors came back to class.  We paid no attention to them.  They could not find the chalk.  We disregarded their pleas to set the chairs back because this famous professor was coming to talk.  They becamse frantic.  Their pleas went unheard, as we were absolutely paying no attention to their calls, and orders.

They finally did not know what to do.  They left the room because the professor was coming and they would be terribly embarassed to see this class in which they had no control.

When they left, we quickly put the desks in order, put the chairs back and sat like perfect students.  When the professors came back with the guest speaker, all was in order.  They about dropped over.

They did NOT realize we were teaching them inexample what they taugt us....revolution.

They did not know who in the world was the leader.  They asked everyone but no one said a thing.  It was not until the last day of school did they find out it was me. 

One the the professors was so mad he wrote a bad report about me in my file which prevented me from getting a teaching job until I removed it. 

In my opinion, they acted like two little boys fighting in a sand box.  We taught THEM by example and they never caught on, not even to this day. 


Wait until you hear the NEXT revolution I pulled off....

The school will never forget that one....I am sure!  So, next time.....






PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Good morning to all the Lightworkers and souled ones.  I have requested Anne to pen a message from me today.  It is a timely one. for you are so anxious about what is happening in your country of America and around the world.

This is the time of change back to the goodness that has been lacking for centuries.  As is said in the Phoenix Journals, people have cried out to Creator God to clean up Earth.  They have said:  "Please clean up the mess of war and strife for us.  Please, please do this.  We are tired, worn out and cannot do anything."

Creator God Hatonn (Aton) has spoken many times to all of you.   He has said: "You have made this mess on this planet and you shall clean it up".  He knows, also, that Earth is the jail planet for Satan and his minions, but it is you souled ones and you alone, who have the power within to do your part in helping clean up the mess of things on Earth.  Instead, many of the souled ones, the returned Masters have slept through the entanglement of evil and have let themselves be caught in the net of Satan. 

No, God Aton says he will not do it for you.  It must be you ones to round up the evil.  He says that you do your part and Heaven shall assist you.

This evil upon Earth has gone on for millennia without anyone trying to stop the evil.  The rich became richer with top ones holding untold amounts of money,giving them the control over the people.  He who controls the money controls all is the old-age saying.

Mother Earth has been a patient and caring Mother for all, but she has reached her very limit of abuse.  There are thousands of earthquakes happening each day.  There have, also, been the eruption of volcanoes which indicate the fact she is releasing all the negative energy poured upon her.

Now I tell you that things have changed!  Creator God Aton of Light said he was going to play his last Trump card.  You know exactly what I mean.  This one Trump card with his brilliance was trained carefully for the position he held in America.  Because of his influence, there are other countries where the people are waking up to the evil in their government.   He is honored not only by millions of Americans, but by other countries, their people and leaders.  He has been the example of one to take down the evil Satanic Cabal that is like a giant spider clasping in his claws the entire Earth.  I look at him like David and Goliath of the Bible.

He has carried the plans for which he was trained, and endured unbelievable attacks against him the 4 years he was your president.  Even recently, there was another attempt on his life.  He is still in that position, for his plans and those of the ones that were his teachers have all in hand.   The clean-up was started when he took office.  Those arrested and sent to Gitmo to face trial started as he took office.  You have just heard of the ones taken there in 2020. There are thousands more to see their fate, let me tell you.

I tell you again that he is still the President of the Republic of the United States, but did step down from the position as CEO of the Corporation of the US.

Your question is how long is this going to take?  I hear you saying that you are worried and apprehensive about your safety and that of our family.  Will we have to be a prisoner in our own home?  What do we do?

I tell you this. Mr. Trump has been protected by the Lighted Realms, or he would have never survived all the 50 + attempts on his life.  Also, his Executive Order 13484 is now in effect and it takes time to be completed, at least 90 days from Feb. 1, 2021.

You are to take care of yourself.  Be wise and have food, water, money and your medications on hand just in case.  Do not be anxious, for Mr. Trump is not there to destroy the people, but you must take care of yourself. 

Go to Alternative Media for information until the MSM is taken down and the Truth be told over that media source instead of lies.  As for Mr. Biden, he has been executed along and many of the Congress.  The White Hats and Mr. Trump, and the U.S. Military are in control.  They have placed clones in the place of those arrested, in prison for life or executed.

Keep your prayers up, and for you ones still asleep, WAKE UP to reality.  Join the Forces of Light for which you came.  Read the Journals or "The Truth in a Nutshell" ( to help you see what really is TRUTH.

The biggest answer lies with Mother Earth.  She has allowed each day for goodness to happen, as she has waited eons of time for these healing events.  How much longer is up to her.  Just know that if you ask, you are protected.  Live each day seeking Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge.  Time is short.








PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Greetings to all Lightworkers ahd souled ones.  Today I am going to explain about the Space Force implemented by Trump and information about the Russian Cosmospheres.  I intend to add to this message an article wirtten by me several years ago.  It has nothing to do with being out-of-date, and it is good information that you need to know.  Some of you may have read this article many times, but it still is good information that has reference to what is happening this very day.

I will mention this about Anne and her friend J.  Many times we have a 3-way conversation.   They ask questions and I am able to respond to their inquiries or we share experiences.  Last evening Anne was asked about the Space Force and what they are doing, as there is no current news from the "Lamestream" Media.  What is happening with Trump's Space Force?  

Trump has been working and is good friends with Vladimir Putin.  He has known about the Russian Cosmospheres for some time.  They are called the "Kings of the Skies" by Hatonn.  Both Trump's Space Force and the Russian Cosmospheres are working together to stop the missiles shot by China to take out not only the U.S., but other countries, as well.  Were you aware of that fact? They have kept World War III from happening, as the CCP (China Communist Party) wants  to rule the entire world.  They have been stopped at every turn, as their bombs and missiles are taken out by the Cosmospheres and the Space Force.

We of the Lighted Realms have been abreast of everything, but have not interfered with either the Space Force nor the Cosmospheres.  If needed and asked, we can interfere.

I suppose you are asking about the Cosmospheres, and need more information.  The article about the Russian Cosmospheres was written when the U.S was under the control of the DarkSide with an evil president, and the drive by the Corporate U.S. to have a war with Russia.

Things changed drastically when Trump became President.  You know the scenario of what has happened with the current U.S. election fraud, but you must be reminded that Trump is still in control, along with the White Hats.  Trump has been working for world peace with Putin for some time.  Russia did NOT interfere with Trump's election, just to make things straight. You most, also, be reminded that it was Russia, who came the defense of America during the civil war.  Russia helped the people of the U.S. against England. 

May you be reminded that there are great things to be happening very soon.  I will not mention those at this time, but it shall be good news.

Keep calm and steady on the Road to the Light.  Much is happening behind the scenes of which you are not aware.  All I will say at this time about what is to happen for goodness is: Boom! Boom!  BOOM!  Hang on to your hat!  The ride may be bumpy but........GOD WINS!







-- Original Message -----

From: C.E.
Sent: Sunday, October 30, 2016 3:25 PM
Subject: Russian Cosmopheres

Greetings Patrick and Anne, hope the two of you are well.

I have been reading a great deal on Russian Cosmospheres in CONTACT-pg. 17 states, “The Russian’s monitor all American missile bases, new and old, by means of their Cosmospheres.” It is evident to me that the Bolshevik rulers of the US are hell bent on carrying out their final plan of nuclear war against Russia however these numerous Cosmospheres that monitor all military bases have actually been preventing a world nuclear war.

It seems to me that Russia’s space technology is far superior to that of the US and yet there is a great deal of posturing on the part of the US military-hell bent on going to war with Russia. I hear and read so many people talking about if Hillary gets elected the US will go to war with Russia.

I think this is nonsense because first a foremost 1) God/Aton will not allow a nuclear war on this planet 2) Russia’s technology over the US military to neutralize nuclear weapons

Please correct me if I am way off in my analysis of this play but is all this chest beating or posturing just that; a child throwing a temper tantrum?

Is there more going on here that I am missing, like perhaps the US knows they can’t win but let’s continue with the charade to fool the masses anyway?

Lastly, are Cosmospheres a type of large spaceship or a type of space satellite; what do they look like? And do they monitor military bases all over the world?

Thank you kindly


Love and Light to all

FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  C.E.
DATE:  Oct. 31, 2016
Dear C. E:
    Thank you for your letter.  We are fine!  Due to their advanced technology, Russia considers nuclear to be obsolete.  The 'White Russians (Christians)" have been working with Hatonn for years, and have agreed to monitor and neutralize any nuclear that would cause a Word War III.  They do this by placing their Cosmospheres for surveillance over all military bases on Shan.
    Indeed, Russia's space technology has always been far superior to that of the U.S.  They accepted Tesla's technology over a century ago, when the U.S. rejected it, and they had a moon landing base long before the U.S. made their one time visit to the moon.  Due to their evil intent to set up weapons on the moon, the U.S. was told to leave and never return.
    Your analysis of the U.S. plans for nuclear war with Russia is correct.  The Zionists are determined to win their One World Order at any cost.  George Bush, Sir.'s military have ravaged the Middle East with no victory.  The Zionists are like the bully destroying all the toys in the sand box, and hurting everyone around.  They control through fear, yet they are losing badly.  Their end is near! 
    Cosmospheres are space ships and have many shapes and sizes, round, oblong, but mostly lenticular (cigar-shaped).  They are called levitation platforms and hover or move by magnetic forces.
    I consider the present Corporate U.S. Government administration to be quite stupid, as they are disallowing the Keshe Foundation plasma technology as was done with Nikola Tesla's work.  Russia developed scalar and particle beam technology, and now they are well advanced with the use of plasma and cosmic energy.
    There is so much that could have been, and shall be, used for good!  Be in peace!
 In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer
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From: CE
Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2016 8:14 AM
Subject: Re: Russian Cosmopheres
Thank you kindly for your response,

I know that the US has always hidden the true military nature of their various missions, like placings spy satellite(s) over Russia, the secret space reconnaissance mission of Columbia to name a couple; all failed attempts and all MILITARY missions.

Patrick could you please tell me one more thing, who or what was behind the Sept. 1st 2016 Cape Canaveral explosion? My instinct tells me the mission was evil in nature as they all have been.

and is the small orb in the picture a Cosmosphere?

Thank you kindly, love and light to you and Anne




FROM  Patrick H. Bellringer
      TO:   C.E.
DATE:  Nov. 3, 2016
Dear C. E:
    It is my understanding that the 9/1/2016 explosion at Cape Canaveral was caused by a laser beam from a Russian Cosmosphere stationed in the area.  The U.S. satellite carried a nuclear weapon to be used to destroy Syria and start World War III, and a surveillance satellite to be used over Russia.  The orb in the picture of the explosion is a U.S. drone.
    Oh, the tangled web that evil weaves!
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer











PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Greetings to all Lightworkers and all souled ones upon Earth Shan.  I awoke Anne early this morning to pen this message concerning soul growth.  I read the long article concerning the arrest and execution of thousands of the Dark Ones via the Military Tribunals.  I sensed Anne's distress at finding names of ones, who were Hollywood actors and government workers that were a surprise to her, and caused a great sadness in her soul.  I wanted to let her and all of you to know the depth of this Military Tribunal process and what it means.

As you already know, Lucifer chose Planet Earth to live and destroy like he did for many other planets, but he was given a directive by Creator God.  This was to be his last planet to live with his fallen angels.  It was to be his jail planet and told that Earth and her people were NOT to be destroyed by him as he had done before.  His name was changed to Satan, as that designated the most EVIL there could be. 

As time moved on, Satan and his fallen angels captured the souls of nearly all the souled Masters  that reincarnated back to Earth to help her graduate to 5D.  Each souled one had a mission to accomplish, but had to come without memory and wake up to his/her mission. 

Satan is very clever, and he captured nearly every souled being into his web of deceit.  The offer of riches, notoriety and everything materialist they wanted would be theirs, if they did what he wanted them to do.  They would have to agree to lie, cheat, impound their bodies with all kinds of sexual misbehavior, and if they wanted to be a "star" in Hollywood, they would have to agree to sell their soul as he demanded.  They would have to delve into horrible sexual acts, lie, cheat, and make the sexual act a devil act with all sorts of acts in front of a camera to show the public.  They would have to give all for evil.  In return they would have all the riches desired, and the  notoriety of a great person, and loved by those who would watch their films.

As for the government workers, they too, received the same in riches and all they desired, but they must again, sell their soul to Satan.  Thus you see they became like Satan himself, with no morals, and many of them agreed to be cloned. 

The Truth now has come out to all.  Thousands of these ones, who were executed, under house arrest, waiting trial or are sentenced to life imprisonment have made their own course in that direction.  This is what the payment is for following evil, for Satan never pays in the end.

Each one of these ones have reincarnated many times, and if they chose to follow evil, each reincarnation would find them back at the very place they left off.  It is much, much harder to climb the ladder up to goodness than it is to keep following the downward path of evil.

What you see in the article Anne posted "UPDATED: LIST OF INDICTMENTS, ARRESTS AND EXECUTIONS!! Dismantling the Deepstate Operatives and Doubles!!" is what these ones have chosen.  They chose the path of evil and now have reaped the consequences of their path.

Many of these one will probably either go to the void or the cave and start all over living 350,000 lifestreams until they arrive back at the same point they left from this lifestream. 

What can you do about this?  You can send these ones Love and Light, and pray for their soul. If it was a clone that was executed, pray for the soul of that one, who allowed that to happen.  You must know that everything that happens to us we have chosen by our freewill.  Everyone was in on this list in the article has chosen that pathway. 

I will now tell you that both Anne and I are Twin Flames.  The article below will explain more.  We have been everything...good, bad, cave life, and have had almost all reincarnations together with other like-souls.  Sometimes we were the father, the mother, the child, or a friend, but we have reincarnated with like souls many times.  Sometimes we chose to have a different path to learn a certain lesson we needed to learn, but mainly we were together, just as we are at this present time, for I am with Anne constantly, even though I have left my physical body. 

Both Anne and I agreed to come back to help Mother Earth.  We already had graduated, but we chose to come back knowing the odds against us if we did not wake up to our Mission.  Thankfully, we both awoke and you see the result with the website, Fourwinds. 

Do send Love and Light to everyone on that Tribunal list, for this greatly helps them to climb that ladder to goodness. 

Please read the article below entitled "LIFE, TREADMILL OR PILGRIMAGE?"  May it help many in their pathway of life at this time.







by Patrick Hl. Bellringer

The entire Cosmos, which includes our planet, Earth Shan, is governed by the Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect. For every cause there is an effect, and for every effect there is a cause.

What happens to us, we have caused. What happens to me, I have allowed to happen. What happens to you, you have created by your own freewill. In other words, life is what you make it to be. Even if you make no plans or decisions to direct your own destiny toward a goal, you have still chosen. You may end up nowhere and very unhappy, but that, too, was your choice.

People find themselves in dead-end treadmill jobs and ask, "How did I get here?" Many are caught in a never-ending triangle of work, the "bar" and the apartment, while others choose a useless and meaningless life of chemical delusion. You see, for treadmill people, life is what happens to them while they are making other plans. For them life is a monotonous revolving treadmill, like a squirrel in a cage running for exercise. For most people life is only a revolving treadmill, a squirrel cage, with no real purpose of good intent. Why?--because they are still spiritually asleep. Today, life is very difficult for most people because they have not yet discovered the light of Truth. They are walking the Darkside and are being tricked by the lies of Darkness.

Even for the more experienced families today, living is a constant struggle. It is a challenge to cope with the job, care for the children, pay the bills and meet all the demands of society. The newly wed couple due to inexperience has an even greater task of creating a secure family unit. The choices, decisions and pressures of living in modern society often become overwhelming. As a result most marriages are not long and happy.

For the few who have awakened to Truth, life has become a joyful pilgrimage. The pilgrim follows a set plan, with a definite goal in mind. The pilgrim may face great difficulties and endure great hardships without straying from his pathway to his goal. Why?--because he is guided by his God Spirit within. He knows his power to create his way. You see, the pilgrim has a purpose of good intent in life. You ask, how does he get it? He gets it, we get it by waking up to Truth, to our spiritual connection to the higher dimensions.

As freewill souled beings, we were created by Creator God Aton of Light. Without freewill we would be only robots. Our purpose in life is to learn our lessons of soul growth to graduate to a higher dimension (5D/Heaven) and to finally return in perfection to our Source. Thus, our third dimensional planet, Earth Shan, becomes our school-room. Here we learn our lessons in soul growth. Contrary to what you have been taught, our soul repeats lifestream after lifestream in physical form on a third dimensional planet until we graduate in soul growth to the higher realms. This is why life for the pilgrim is, indeed, a pilgrimage of learning many lessons of wisdom, of bravery, of fortitude and of generosity. This does not mean that the pilgrim’s life is easy. He can overcome all obstacles in his pathway because he has learned to use his God Spirit creative power within.

There are a few individuals, a few married couples, a few families that are happy. They live in balance and harmony in spite of the chaos around them. They find ways to cope with the attacks of the adversary and emerge the winner. Why is this so? This is so because these few have left the treadmill by freewill choice, and are now pilgrims in search of Truth. They understand their own power within to create their way and to overcome the adversary. They have asked for the protection of the Lighted Realms against the Dark Brotherhood and, they have it. No evil can penetrate God Aton’s White Light of protection around them.

An enlightened married couple, also, has the added protection of the Twin Flames. By living their lives in harmony and balance they enhance the power of their individual auras. When such a couple take action together to accomplish a task, they combine their aura energy into a Twin Flame Circle of power and of protection around them. One partner carries the Alpha flame of leadership, and the other carries the Omega flame of support, forming a circle of Light around them that cannot be penetrated. Thus, the Twin Flame Circle of Light is like an impregnable fortress, standing against the dark energies and elements of evil.

Those who walk the path of Light and Truth are, indeed, pilgrims. They are not slaves to a treadmill. They have a mission, a goal and move ever forward, upward toward it. They can move mountains, a shovel full at a time. They can accomplish the impossible because they have enlisted the creative power of the Lighted Realms to help them. Those who have found the Red Road of Truth walk with their brother, Esu Immanuel (Jesus) Sananda. Esu’s circle of Golden Light surrounds them to light the way and protect them by removing the Darkness.

This is why some of those, who travel with us are truly happy. They truly are "just fine" because they have exchanged the Darkness for Light, the Lie for Truth, the treadmill for a pilgrimage. By freewill choice they have created a pathway of balance and harmony, of peace and love and hope and joy. They have created the pathway of a true pilgrim--which always leads upward to the stars! Aho!

The Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect never changes. What happens to us we have caused, and we live with the effect. What kind of life do you desire? Within, you have the will to choose and the power to create. You can join those who have left the treadmill and are now pilgrims traveling the joyous road of Truth, but that decision can be made only by you!  May you choose wisely, the High Road, that leads to your home in the Stars.





PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  I have asked Anne to post the following article on Reincarnation.  There are so many "died in the wool" Christians that have been so indoctrinated with the cult of Christianity, that is is almost impossible to change their minds about anything different that is contrary to what the War Book of Satan (the Bible) has led them to believe.  There is no person in the world with more Karma than those preachers, who teach the lies to his congregation, for they weep in agony when they find out they have been on the road of the DarkSide.

Why do I say this?  It is because I was one of them!  I was a minister for several churches and schooled in that theology for years.  My 5 degrees in higher education was aimed at trying to find the Truth.  Even though I preached and taught the Bible,spent 4 years in seminaries,  my heart was not with what I was taught.  It was my utmost desire to find the Truth, and I was never satisfied with what I was taught all those years in college and seminaries.

Why am I telling you this?  It is because there are so many many wonderful people, who have been so indoctrinated that they cannot see the Truth that is before their very eyes.  Could God actually be coming to tell you the Truth in a paper back journal?  Why would he do this?  It is because the System of your government has control of what ever people write, forcing them to have a copyright.  When something is copyrighted it is controlled by your government.  If they do not like what you have written you cannot get it published until you have it exactly as they wish.

A journal cannot be copyrighted.  It is a daily report of what has happened.  That is how the Phoenix Journals, all 241 one of them are all connected, telling you about the real truth that has been hidden from you eyes for millennia.  The first book, only, is copyrighted.  The rest are not.  Hatonn, who is Creator God of our Nebadon Universe said not to change one iota or one period of the Journals.  That is the battle I have had with several people, who say this or that should be changed in the Journals, and they should be changed according to how he/she believes.  In the past both Anne and I have had run-ins with people who would change a Journal statement to what they wanted.  We were their enemy.

We have been back many, many times in the past learning our lessons in soul growth. We have been paupers on the street and kings on the throne and have spent time in the Void, as well.  It takes a long time for great soul growth, and to believe as the Christians do that there is no former lifestream is the biggest lie ever taught.  It is my hope that ones that are asleep and unaware of the Truth will awaken from their slumber before it is too late,  By that I mean that Mother Earth is to graduate into 5D and everyone leaves the planet.  Those asleep who have not awakened can board the ships to safety or else perish in the great cataclysms that shall occur, finding out the real truth too late.  They would be told that they have another 350,000 years of 3D life on some other planet to get it right.

It is my hope that those asleep shall find the Truth, and reading my article will help awaken them.  To those of the Light, I request that you read this article again, as well as the one being posted by Sananda today in his Message article on Fourwinds.

My blessings to all, who seek Truth and find it! 






by Patrick H. Bellringer

For centuries man has debated the concept of reincarnation. Reincarnation is the coming again of your God-Spirit or soul within another physical body in another lifetime. To incarnate is to manifest in physical form. We are spiritual beings, who have taken on a physical body to experience in third dimension at this time.

There is no debate over reincarnation, if one believes what Esu (Jesus) Immanuel taught his disciples 2000 years ago. He taught that every human being created by God received a portion or fragment of God's Spirit, which is known as the "soul". To be truly "free" individuals, we were also given a free-will to choose between right and wrong. Without a free-will we would be nothing more than robots or puppets on a string.

Our task as human beings is to learn the Laws of God and the Laws of Creation, and then by free-will choice choose to live them to perfection to become one with God and the Creation.

Every human being has been given the ability to determine right from wrong. This means we, through our conscience, can determine good and evil. With our free-will we can then choose between good and evil. Our goal is to always choose good in order to perfect our God-Spirit(soul) to the point of again becoming one with the Spirit of God and The Creation in perfection and harmony.

To do this we must learn Truth. Truth involves the Laws of God and The Creation. These laws are also known as The Laws of Balance. As we learn to choose wisely good over evil, we learn wisdom. Our goal is to always choose wisely so that we grow in "soul" perfection. Gradually, we learn the Truth of The Laws of Balance and grow in knowledge. As we learn to choose good over evil and follow those laws in daily living, we grow in wisdom, and thus, in soul perfection.

It is impossible for one to gain the knowledge of Truth, to grow in the wisdom of right choices, and to complete all of one’s lessons to the point of soul perfection in a single physical lifestream. Therefore, our God-Spirit must return again and again over many lifestreams within human physical form to continue the task of soul perfection. This repeating incarnation of one's soul is one's reincarnation. So, we see that reincarnation is necessary for one to complete the task of our God-Spirit becoming "one" again with God and The Creation.

We have all lived many lifestreams either on Planet Earth or on some other planet. Each time we reincarnate, our soul perfection starts where we left off in the previous lifestream. This point is always determined by our previous lifestream choices. The one major problem we face each time we reincarnate is that we have no memory of our past lifestreams. The physical plane, as we experience it, is a third dimensional plane. At the end of any given lifestream, our soul goes to the astral plane where our memory is restored to us. There we judge ourselves according to the Laws of God and Creation and decide the lessons we have yet to learn. If we have not learned all our lessons in soul perfection, we then return again to the schoolroom of third dimension without memory to learn them.

Our common enemy, Satan, knows about and fully understands the meaning of reincarnation. He knows that this life is but a passing experience and that there is life experience after this one. He, too, has a free-will. He was known as Lucifer of the Lighted Realms, The Bright and Morning Star", and he chose unwisely to attempt to "become God." This caused great imbalance and disharmony within the Lighted Realms, which lowered the frequencies of Lucifer and his dark brotherhood to the point of great discomfort. Thus, he chose to leave the Lighted Realms. After causing much destruction in the cosmos on other planets, he was finally banned by God Aton of Light to live on Planet Earth as his- "jail" planet. Lucifer was then given the name "Satan" by God Aton.

Satan knows, that through the knowledge of the Truth of reincarnation, we will want to perfect our souls in order to move to fifth dimension and leave Planet Earth. Satan does not want that to happen because his goal is to "trick" us into believing his "Lie". He wants us to choose to join his forces of evil, so that one day he can again challenge God! Satan's goal is not only to take control of our world but also of the entire universe. Therefore, Satan has planned carefully to bury Truth and especially the Truth of reincarnation. He can not afford to let us have the knowledge of how to escape his clutches. He needs troops for his army of evil intent.

Most of the people of Esu (Jesus) Immanuel’s day chose not to accept his teachings. Esu (Jesus) Immanuel clearly taught reincarnation. From the very beginning Satan's troops, starting with the Pharisees and even the early "Christian" disciples, altered Esu's teachings to suit their own needs. The accepted writings of "Christianity" were collected and canonized at the Council of Nicea in 323 A.D. Esu's teachings on reincarnation remained intact for nearly 500 years. Finally, at the Second Council of Constantinople in 525 A.D., the "canonized" writings of Christianity were sanitized of most references to reincarnation. Thus, Satan skillfully buried the Truth of reincarnation, and the "Christian" church has faithfully perpetrated that "Lie" ever since. Other people have not been so ignorant concerning reincarnation, as is evidenced by the knowledge of the Natives of both India and of North America.

Satan has used Christianity as one of the master plans to deceive us. Christianity has "tricked" us into believing that we do not have to work at soul perfection, but that the blood of their Messiah, one renamed "Jesus Christ", magically removes our "sins". The Satanic myth continues in that those who have been "saved" will at the magic moment be whisked away from this evil place by the "Christ", who comes floating back to Earth in the clouds. Thinking that someone else "does it for you", one makes no progress in soul perfection. The result is for one's soul to stay lifetime after lifetime on the "wheel of reincarnations."

Satan also uses self-punishment to "trick" us. Satan encourages self-punishment for our errors and past sins. The cause of our problem is believing this "Lie". The effect is that we allow our "ego" to be altered. We believe the Anti-Christ (Satan), that we are either inferior or superior to other people. This results in a rejection of our true being; for God has created all human beings equal. This gives us a sense of unworthiness to really be our true self to live freely without such feelings of inferiority or superiority.

Our altered ego feelings of inferiority/superiority may then be expressed in such ways as shame, resentment, helplessness, depression, envy and self-doubt. They may be lust, greed, hatred and jealousy. They may be expressed in impatience which leads to frustration or even in illness and disease which leads to the death-wish of the body. Because we believe in the "Lie" of self-punishment and do not accomplish "soul growth," our immortal God-Spirit again becomes locked into the "wheel of reincarnations", and lifetime after lifetime our soul cycles through human forms with little perfection of the soul.

Reincarnation and soul growth are inseparable. Our rate of soul perfection determines the number of lifestreams necessary to reach perfection and become one with God and Creation. Of all dimensions the third dimension of physical human experience grants us the best lessons for challenge and perfection of our Creative Spirit within. Now is the most fantastic time for soul growth in all the history of Planet Earth. The potential for soul growth is greatest when a celestial planet moves into its fifth dimension. Planet Earth is now at that point in its evolution. Third dimensional human beings must now leave this Earth. We are at the culmination of all of our previous lifestreams on this planet, and we have the greatest potential for soul growth at this time. In the Lighted Realms this opportunity for such potential soul growth occurs only when a planet graduates out of the third dimension.

Soul growth never remains constant, that is, it never stands still. In soul perfection we are constantly moving either forward or backward. If in a given lifestream we choose Truth, in the next lifestream it will be far easier for us to find and choose Truth again. Should we choose the "Lie" of Satan, in the next lifestream it will be far harder for us to find and choose Truth again. It is possible for one to continually regress in soul perfection so that the flickering Light of the soul is all but extinguished. One may be required by his God-Spirit to go back and start over as a "cave man" to work on soul perfection. Should that occur, one could continue as a cave man without memory for thousands of years on the "wheel of reincarnations!"

Reincarnation is Truth. The Earth is nothing more than a schoolroom where we learn our lessons and prepare for our next place and experience. Our destiny is perfection of our God-Spirit--of our Soul within. We must strive for perfect Love that is pure and without conditions, and its fire will burn and cleanse all that is unclean and evil in its path. We must work and grow spiritually or we will "repeat our grades" in another place in another schoolroom until such time that we have learned our lessons.

Reincarnation is probably the most basic tenant of Truth for us to learn at this time, for it answers our questions about our past, our present, and our future. This is why Satan very quickly removed any teaching about reincarnation from Master Teacher, Esu (Jesus) Immanuel’s teachings. Reincarnation is an elementary lesson, and unless we fully understand its meaning, we shall have great difficulty with our future lessons in soul growth.

Whether we accept reincarnation as a fact of "Life" or not, most certainly, will determine both our soul progression and our destiny. We are but fragments of the "Whole"". By our free-will we decide how quickly we will learn our future lessons in soul perfection and find complete harmony and balance, and again re-join the "One" Creator/God Aton of Light and The Creation and live in complete love and harmony and peace with all of Creation.  Ponder this most carefully.

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