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Nov. 12, 2020


This particular experience is about our daughter, Cindy. 


Cindy, from the time she was little, had ear problems.  We took her to my brother -in-law, a doctor, several times.  This problem continued in her life.

In1998, Cindy developed a double mastoid infection in both ears.  It quickly got worse.  We took her to a clinic in Rapid City, and he threw up his hands in  dispare.

"Get her to the hospital immediately!  She has a mammoth mastoid infection in both ears, and even her face is distorted."

We rushed her to the hospital immediately.  The attending surgeon said to us that she had to be operated on immediately, as her life was in danger.

The operation took at least 6 or 7 hours.  What the surgeons found was that the infection had eaten a hole in her skull about the size of a silver dollar.  All that was protecting her brain was a thin membrane.

When the operation was over the doctor spoke to Patrick and said:  "Sir, your daughter is at the point of death.  There is only a 50% chance she will survive.  The mastoid was one of the largest infections I have ever seen".

Patrick replied:  "Sir, she is going to be all-right.  The Angels are protecting her.  She will not die."


The surgeon thought Patrick was crazy.  He stared at him and walked off.

Cindy was put in a room with another patient.  The doctor expected her to to die quickly.

We had begun taking colloidal silver only by the drops, as it was expensive to buy from the Contact Newspaper order form from California.  We were out of silver.  We quickly, upon taking her to the hospital, ordered a rush delivery of the 2 oz. bottle of colloidal silver.

After Cindy was in a hospital room we were given permission to visit her.  We had the 2 oz. bottle of colloidal silver with us.  We advised her to drink the whole bottle at one serving.  Before, we only took a very few drops per day.  We thought this 2 oz. bottle was like taking a gallon of silver.  She did so.


It was 6:00 a.m. the next morning when the whole family came to her room.  We were all sitting around her bed, some of us on the floor.  We were very quiet, as there was another patient in the room trying to sleep.

The doctor came into the room and observed through the partly opened curtain that separated the patients, and saw how quiet we were sitting around the hospital bed.  He was convinced that she had died. 


He carefully pushed back the curtain separating the patients.  What did he see?  Had she already died, or on the verge of dying?

What do you think he saw?

She was sitting up in bed eating scrambled eggs.  She greeted the doctor and said she was doing just fine.  He was totally amazed that she was alive, let alone eating scrambled eggs!


The Lighted Realms had saved her life. We knew that without a doubt.  We did our part by our prayers, and  giving her colloidal silver.  The Lighted Realms had answered our prayers.


Cindy got well quickly.  She got a job and paid a small monthly amount for several years on the enormous doctor and hospital bill.  One day she got a notice from the doctor.  The rest of the entire bill had been wiped clean.


Thank you again, Lighted Realms.



Nov. 7, 2020

The following is an other experience how the Lighted Realms can help is a dangerous situation.

We were visiting our children in  Washington just a few years ago.  We had just purchased a newer car, a 2010 Ultima.  We needed a better car to drive that long distance from South Dakota.

Patrick had gone to the gas station for gas.   There was a store there, as well. and cars were parked along the front of the store.

 Patrick was driving out of the station.  The exit was past all the cars parked along the sidewalk entrance to the store.  Just as he drove past the parked cars, this lady started to back out just as he was passing behind her.

Patrick was directly behind her as this lady backed her car out.  He knew he was going to be hit directly behind the passinger seat.  She continued to back out and her car went through the Ultima just behind the passenger seat as Patrick thought.

He sat there stunned, as he saw her drive through the Utlima.

The lady in the car drove off, as she did not see him.

This is just one example how the Lighted Realms raised the frequency to a higher dimension.   Patrick continued back to our daughter's  stunned, but unharmed.


This event happened in Rapid City.  Patrick and I were in our old 1979 Dodge Van and had gone on an errand in west Rapid.

Coming home the traffic was heavy.  We were driving safely, when I saw a yellow pick-up on the left side of the road approaching the entrance to the highway upon which we were driving.  All of a sudden this pickup started coming toward us as the driver was picking up speed to get on the road quickly, as he wanted to miss the oncoming traffic.

He continued speeding up to get on the road to make a right turn to drive on the left side of the road.

I saw him drive through the back of the van just behind the driver's seat.  Zip!! He was in the left lane at the light.

It happened so fast that Patrick and I were stunned at seeing him by the stop light. " What happened?"  Patrick asked.  I said "He drove through our van."  I saw him coming and knew he was going to hit us.  Yet we saw the yellow pick up at the stop light with no dents or damaage.  We were unharmed.

This is just another incident of having our frequencies raised by the Lighted Realms so that this fellow in the yellow pick-up never saw us.

We thank the Lighed Realms for saving us from having being harmed.







Nov. 2, 2020

This incident I shall pen today took place when Patrick was working as a Forrester on the Tongass National Forest in Alaska.

As I told you before, while attending Utah State University in Logan, Utah, one of the professors asked his classes if there was anyone, who would be interested in driving his Volkswagen to Sitka, Alaska, the coming summer.  One fellow raised his hand, but later declined.  The professor asked one more time, and guess who volunteered?

Of course, you know the answer to that one.  Patrick!   As I remember, the professor was able to get Patrick a job working for the Forest Service in Sitka.


atrick' brother, Marvin, found out that Patrick was driving to Alaska.  He wanted to go with him to help drive and also get employment, as the salaries in Alaska were much higher compared to the States. 


The road was gravel, rough and bumpy.  Most of the oncoming traffic was semi-trucks loaded with lumber.  When one of these trucks approached them, and it was quite often, the dust was incredible.  As the truck roared post, volumes of heavy dust  blinded the drivers for for several miles.  Marvin would try to help drive, but always fell asleep.  Patrick drove the entire way.

Upon arrival in Sitka, Patrick found them a low income place to live, as they were strapped for funds.  Marvin found employment, as a dishwater with a very good salary.

Patrick was employed by the Forest Service.  He was to mark timber for sale.  His schedule was 10/4. That is 10 days working and 4 days off back at Sitka.

His "home" for the 10 days working was on a 72 ft.  boat named the Chugatch.  As I remember, it could house about 10 men.  The boat would take a crew of about 10 men to the area on which they were to work.  The boat would anchor while the men got into a smaller motor boat to take them to the island to mark timber.  There were two men and Patrick in his crew.  The Chugatch would take the other crews to their destination.  The Chugatch would return to the area and pick up each crew.  Ad the Chugatch was anchorded out a ways, so each crew would have a smaller motor boat to take them to shore.

The most important gear they carried was food, water, paint, supplies and boots with cleats.  Those were most important, as the soil was damp, slippery, especially it they had to traverse over downed trees, and those trees were huge.  Also, travel through the Alaska forest was treacherous, as they traveled the Brown Bear trails.  These huge bears knocked down the bush like a bulldozer.  Patrick was the gun bearer also carrying 375 Magnum rifle.

The really important equipment was the map of the area which was to be marked, and a tide map to make sure they had their boat in a safe area when the high tide came in.

Itwould be dangerous if they were to be trapped on the island overnight with no sleeping bags or Brown Bear.  They were very careful to have the boat in a safe area because it was time for high tide.

The three of the men marked timber all day.  Dead tired they trekked back to their boat.  It would be a relief to get back to the Chugatch for a hot meal and get some rest.

As they approached the shore line they boat was gone!   As they scanned the horizon they could barely see their boat bobbing up and down way out in the ocean.   Guess what!?  Patrick said to the other two men:"They gave us the wrong tide map!"

The three of them scrounged the brush for anything that would be available for the to get to their boat.  After a search of the area they found and old, dried up row boat buried in the thick uhder brushh.  It had been there for a long time and the bottom boards had shrunk, leaving cracks. They knew what cracks meant when the boat was in the water.

They dragged the boat from the thick under brush to the shore.  Luckily there were two ores. They launched the old boat in the ocean with one man at the ores and Patrick and the other man took their helmets off and baled water seeping in the boat at a very fast rate.

"Keep going!"  Patrick screamed.  "We can make it!" The water level kept rising in the boat in spite of the grueling efforts of Patrick and the other man. 

They reached their motor boat and were able to scramble aboard just as their old boat sunk in the ocean.

Later, Patrick realized they were saved with the help of the Lighted Realms, for it was a miracle that they did not drown.



Oct. 31,2020

Patrick, upon graduating from high school attended Bethal  College in Minnesota.  He paid the tuition for himself and his brother, Marvin.  After one semester, as I remember, he transferred to River Falls College.  Marvin stayed at Bethel getting a degree in History.

Patrick had finally decided he wanted to be a Forester.  He transferred to Utah State University located at Logan, Utah, the next 3 years getting his degree in Forest Management.

While he was attending one of the classes, the professor asked for a volunteer to drive his Volkswagen to Sitka, Alaska when classes ended for the summer.  Patrick volunteered.  His brother, Marvin joined him in Utah and he and Patrick drove to Alaska.

At that time the road was gravel, bumpy, dusty, and a long way to Alaska from Logan, Utah.  As Marvin fell asleep every time he relieved Patrick at the wheel, Patrick drove the entire way.

Upon arrival, Marvin took a job as a dishwasher, and Patrick was employed by the Forest Service to mark timber for cutting.

He remembers that the forest was covered with a tremendous under growth, and in order to walk through the dense underbrush they would either have to walk the streams or follow a Brown Bear's path.  If they did the latter, Patrick carried a 375 magnum rifle in case they would encounter a Brown Bear.  As you know, the Brown Bear is probably the biggest bear alive, as when standing on its hind feet could tower at nearly 10 feet high. 

Patrick always remembers the incident of a logger at one of the camps he came across while marking timber.  One of the loggers told this story about himself.  He was hunting, apparently, walking down a stream.  All of a sudden he looked up to the opposite side of the stream and saw a huge brown bear towering and growling above him.  The huge bear could easily kill him., as he was on his hind feet ready to pounce upon his victim.  The logger was scared to death.  There was a log protruding from the bank opposite the bear.  The logger make a leap and landed on the log and ran to safety through the tough underbrush.

Later, as he told the incident to other loggers, they wanted to see where the log was where this logger climbed on to escape from being mauled to death.  They all tried to reach the log by jumping as hard as they could but were totally unsuccessful, as the log towered at least 10-12 feet high from the stream. 

How was this possible for the logger, who jumped to safety?  Incredible things can happen when one is scared to death.  This was one incident.

Patrick has more incidents in Alaska.  Remember, this incident happened in the 1950's.  Sorry to say a lot of destruction and logging has changed the environment in Alaska.



Oct. 30, 2020

Patrick was asked to give patriotic meetings in Albany, M.  At that time we had lost our farm and were living with friends in Mankato, MN.  It was a long drive to Albany which is north of the Twin Cities.  Always, the meetings went fine, but people had questions and more questions so it was always late when we left for Mankato.

On this particular night we started rather late, toward midnight.  As we walked out side to our car we noticed it was very foggy.  We started out anyway, and we were to follow another person leaving at the same time.  That way we could see better, as the fog was so thick the view of the distance was less than 25 feet. We started out creeping along in the fog following the car ahead of us.  All of a sudden we did not see the car ahead because the fog had closed in.  We kept on for a bit longer when Patrick and I saw a light through the fog.  Patrick said: "Let's stop here and rest.  We will wait until daylight when we can see better."  It was a motel that had one light on a pole.  By the way, it was in the winter with snow.

When daylight came we started off.  About 50 feet ahead the road made a very sharp left turn.  Had we proceeded to drive in the fog instead of stopping we would have missed the turn and plunged into a deep ravine and major construction. 

Thanks to the Lighted Realms.  We knew we were guided to stop.  The gentleman, who was driving ahead of us went into the ditch.  He was unharmed but he had great difficulty getting help. 





Oct. 29, 2020

Today's experience will be about myself.  Patrick and I cleaned up a 4 acre forest lot that had not been thinnned since 1940.  The owner where Flint lived took Patrick on his four wheeler to see the land and asked him if he wanted to thin the trees, and make the property look livable. Guess what Patrick said.  He said:  "Of Course".  Guess who was to help him clean up these 4 acres.  You guessed it...ME.  I saw the 4 acres and about fell over.  It was a tangled mess of fallen trees. dead fallen trees that had laid there since 1940, rocks, and tall weeds.  Patrick began cutting down old bug infested trees and ones laying on the gound.  Everythhg was in a tangle so you could hardly walk.  Patrick cut and I stacked wood and brush.  He made sure that the spacing between the good trees was proper, and all beetle infested trees were downed and stacked.  We were making progress.

Patrick was a master with the chainsaw, which he had operated for years.  As a forester he could line up a tree, tell the height, and figure out where to cut the tree down at the proper angel so the tree would fall EXACTLY where he wanted it.   Well, sometimes trees have another way.  This tree was one of them.

I was sitting on a log pile waiting for Patrick to down this rather large bug infested tree.  He lined it up, figured where it would fall and started the chain saw.  He got part way when he hollered at me.  "GET OUT OF THE WAY!".  I started to move as the tree was falling the wrong dircection, and it  was falling where I was sitting.  It fell so fast I could not get out of the way.  The tree crashed to the ground, just missing me.  Thank you, LIghted Realms for saving my life.

I have so many stories to tell.  I will just quit here....

More later....




Oct. 28, 2020

This incident thappend to Patrick prior to our rmarriage.  He was a United States Forester, as you recall, and worked in The Black Hills on the Custer District.  He was called to a major fire in the Hills.  He was in charge of a crew, and to give directions to the bulldozer operators what to do.  He was manageing his crew, fighting fire when he heard the sound of a bulldozer.  He had told the operator by radio not to work in his particular area.  The operator either ignored the warning or he did not hear it with the noise of the roar of the fire. 

Patrick felt he was in danger.  Just at that point he heard the falling of a tree that the bulldozer had pushed over.  He felt he should stay stock still.  The tree crashed down with a terrible thug.  It missed Patrick's head by only a very few inches. He was covered by the branches, but was unharmed.    Had he moved he would have been killed.

Patrick told me that God saved him from being killed. 

Oct. 27, 2020

Patrick wanted me to tell about another  incident where his life was saved.  We were taking down that huge barn in the park.  We had completed the entire structure down to the last beam.  This beam was 12/x12 and rested on a structure about 7 or eight feet high.  I do not know the weirght, but it was extremely heavy, and made of solid wood.  Patrick wanted to roll the huge beam of 70 feet or more on the ground so he could cut it up.  He tied a big rope on the front end and he would watch the back end.  He gave the rope to me to pull on it to see if the beam would roll over. It weighed many lbs.  Well, I took the rope and he gave the signal.  I pulled hard. WOW.  The beam rolled off immediately.  I know the Lighted Realms told Patrick to jump sideways hard as he could.   He glanced at the beam heading toward his head.   He jumped sideways hard as he could just as  the beam came crashing down missing him by an inch.  We stood in amaze. His life was spared. 

This is just one incident. 

Oct.26, 2020

ANNE:  After some consideration with Patrick, we felt it was more important to tell how we became enlightened rather than to write about the farm life we had for 16 years.  It was a struggle to build buildings, make a quanset into a dairy operation, huge gardens, windbreaks, tear down a house. barns and a huge barn for wood to built a big cattle barn.  The Lighted Realms were wondering  "How are we going to get them off the farm to  tart their mission.  We will have to encourage drastic measures".  Those  measures we took of our own will led to our losing our farm, becoming homeless, and to start our journey of enlightenment.  That is what is most important, as material things do not matter.  That is what we learned.  It is the spiritual that is most important and not how much you can accumulate.

Oct. 23, 2020

Patrick told me to write and article written about our life on the farm we purchased. He gave me suggestions of what to write.   I have to laugh now at the incidents and struggles we had that happened, as we made it into a dairy farm just as Patrick had as a young person until he left for college.  I look back at it and wonder how we did it all.  If you would like I can start with the uhbeliveable problems that occured after we purchaed this great newer home  with 15 acres back in 1976.  Some of it I mentioned in the series entitled in  the articles written below,

Oct. 21, 2020


Guess what we did...

We heard about this wonderful program of buying a house that was cheap, fix it up and sell it for a great profit.  It was summer, 106 degrees and hotter in the barn milking the cows alone.  All the children were living elsewhere or in college.  There was a severe drought and all our crops were practically nothing with our sandy soil and no rain.  I remember the day.  It was unbearably hot in the dairy barn, as we milked the cows.  We looked at one another and said,"What are we doing milking these cows all alone, killing ourselves?!!!  Guess what we did.  Yup. Bye Bye cows.  We were FREE!  We were not tied down 24-7, and the conference in New Jersey sounded pretty good.

We were excited about the new program we heard about buying, fixing and selling a house.  We boarded a plane for New Jersey and attended a several -day conference on  how to make a great profit buying and fixing  a house to sell. The leader mesmerized us.  This was in just after Patrick quit teaching in Edina k 1988,  We had  high hopes and bought 4 houses in Minneapolis.   The beginning of financial disaster was starting, although we did not know it at that time.

Patrick and Star's husband at that time, D., helped with all the unbelievable work.  I worked on the weekends and learned how to plaster, sand, skim coat, tear off wall paper, and work like a dog.  Every house we fixed cost you know what.  Money!  We used credit cards, bought the supplies and went to work.   To make a long story short, we lost every house after we fixed it up.   One house was taken down.  One was wrecked by the people living in it.  Rent was not paid most of the time.  One house had Asian people, who would move out and their relatives move in.  They did not speak English.  It was a nightmare.  One huge home we fixed up beautifully.  We went to sell it, but no one wanted to buy because it was "too close to those horrible black people".  We rented it to a black family that seemed very nice.  Guess what!  They wrecked it with their dog that ripped up the Venetian blinds and torn holes in the walls.    This was a bad adventure to say the least, especially the man that helped us stole Patrick's tools,

I kept teaching, but gradually we went down hill financially.  We were struggling to even pay our mortgage.

Two men, SZ and SH came to our home and talked about the farm claims and other programs.  We were getting educated.

We heard about all the farms people that were losing to the government, and the meetings held by Roy S.  We were being educated about our government.  Then came the prosperity programs.  Patrick called me at school one day in 1990 and told me about this program. We went for it and  put in a lot of people under us.  We never kept  their money but sent it in to the correct person.  We were excited that is would soon be paid out.   We entered several other programs, put the children in with high hopes.  We filled out the forms for the Farm Claims.  We were going to be paid a lot of money right away...............................we thought.  Ha, Ha!

We heard about the NESARA program and again had high hopes for its completion, but the government hid the NESARA Law that had been signed and put under locks and key.  They denied it even existed.   It could only be implemented if we were on the gold system.   The Darkside has kept on with their fiat system all these years.  Now Trump has different plans for being on the gold system.

Patrick became the "Rainbow Rocket" man.  He gave hopeful messages on our phone tape, and the phone rang constantly.  We wore out two phones.

During this time we attended many patriotic meetings.   We subscribed to Criminal Politics and did see the Contact Newspaper, but did not realize how important it was until we went on tour.    We were asked to give the meetings in Shakopee, MN.  Patrick prepared that booklet I talked about.  The meetings were crowded.  Mitzi, the lady I mentioned that talked to the Lighted Realms?  She was there at every weekly meeting and I learned about her ability to communicate with the Higher Realms.  She was like an advisor.  Little did I know that anyone can talk with the Lighted Realms if they believe and ask them to hear in their mind what they have to say.

Then the you know what hit the fan.  We missed a mortgage payemnt.  Then the bad news came.  It's called evacuate your farm. We went to court and lost.  So, in Feb. of 1994 we became homeless.  We were invited to live in Mankato with DG ahd his wife.  Then we were asked to give meetings at Albany, MN, a long drive north.  I resigned my teaching so I could go with him. We had no money, no home, and just a car to drive.  We were given a few dollars for gas.  Food and a place to sleep was provided.

Then it was time to go on tour to the East coast.  That, my friends, ends this part, as the 13 episodes follow.

Although some of what is in this last writing was told in #1 of the Enlightenment series, It gives a little more detail of our journey.

The words of the Lighted Realms was, "Whew!  We finally got them to leave the farm and start on their mission!"

Little did we know that 30 years would pass before we finally might see the NESARA money.  But is there time?  Read what I have written the last week or so.  Mother Earth is the determining factor.

Blessings to all of you reading these last two series.  May you find your pathway to the Stars and home. It is all about learning our lessons in soul growth and to help Mother Earth.  Treat her nicely and take care of the land on which you live with loving care.  Most important is living the Laws of God and Creation the best you can.  That's the ticket to go HOME.

In Love and Light,






Oct. 20, 20

By the promting of Patrick, I will begin this segment of our road to enlightenment, which is a procurer to the last 13 episode of that series.

I will write the Truth to you.

 It all stared when we  bought a farm with 15 acres of land in1976.  We added another 40 acres soon after that.  We were totally involved in fixing up the farm so Patrick could plant crops, and run a dairy farm. We could provide our own milk.  He was raised on a diary farm, and he wanted one of his own.

Our life was fixing up the house, fixing the old quanset, buying old tractors and farm equipment, and planting a huge garden.  I have another article I wrote about the escapades we had with the house.

 We took down old buildings, a house, old sheds, etc. using the lumber to build a large barn to house cattle.  We bought calves, raise them and make some money.  We were wrong.  They swindled us on the weight of the calves, and we ended up in court, and lost, naturally.

 We fixed up the old open quanset barn with doors, window, and a whole set-up for a dairy.  We had stalls for 17 cows.

When the quanset was finished we bought 1 cow, and named her Alfalfa.   I remember Patrick saying, "If we have to milk one cow we would have no trouble getting more cows to milk.  Since we had 17 stalls for milk cows, we bought 16 more cows to milk twice a day.

We were busy teaching school at the time.  That did not detour us from planting a huge garden, picking rock on the 40 acres, and planting corn, baling hay and building barns and sheds.  When I say "We" I mean our children, as well, for they learned  to run the machines drive tractors, build fence, milk cows, and help with the building of the big barn and sheds.

We planted a wind break of trees, as well, to the west of our home and watered each tree by hand.

I remember the park ranger coming to see us one evening.  We were still baling hay.  He said "I know people, who work hard, but you are crazy.  I have never seen anyone like you."  Then he said,  "Patrick (Emil) you took that house down before I could burn it.  You did it in four days!  Now, would you be interested in the huge barn that has to be destroyed?"

We sold our Arabian Mare to him for $1.00 in exchange for the huge barn.

We did it.....

The barn was over 100 feet long with cupolas on the top and 3 feet of hay on the upper level.  To make a long story short, We started taking it down in the fall, and had it competed b  May 1st the following year.  I remember taking 125 nails out of one board.

At the same time we got involved in the Shaklee program and had meetings etc. trying to make some moola (money)  We worked our tail to the bone. 

You ask," How in the world did you do all this at the same time?"  I will tell you.  Our day began at 3:30 a.m.  Go milk. Clean up the milk room, clean each stall get more bedding, feed the cows, get breafast and head for teaching school in Chaska and Patrick in Edina.  Get home, head for the barn, milk cows, supper and bedtime early, for 3:30 comes early.

One day a girl named Darcy came to see us.  She had been a student of Patrick's.  She was employed by the U.S. Government.  She was surprised we were so uninformed about what was going on in D.C.  She said the corruption was horrid.  How come we didn't know what was going on?  It was as if we were living in a bubble of life all our own, not taking time to know what was really going on.

Then things started to change.  We heard the terrible news about the incident in Idaho and how corrupt the government people shot the owners wife in the back.

Then there was another horrible incident in Oklahoma that all over the TV, giving the government credit for their  killing these "criminals".  In essence THEY were the criminals, but the lying MSM told lies, just like today.

Well, things began to happen.  We heard about a great program of buying a house in Minneapolis that needed work.  A person could fix it up and sell it and realy make MOOLA!  Wow! This was part of our lessons and they were getting harder.

Yes, the Lighted Realms were working overtime to wake us up.  Guess what we did.................... 

Stay tuned......



Oct. 18, 2020

I am advised  by Patrick to include, as anadendum to Our t Pathway to Enlightenment,  what experiences prompted us to move inthat direction.  It all started when.....

Stay tuned.......


Oct. 17, 2020


This will end the history of how we found the Truth, the battle that is fought every minute to stay in tune with the Lighted Ream.   The DDB's [the Dark Brotherhood or Darkside as Asher said] keeps attacking us every minute .  The Darkside gets frustrated when the person is solidly keeping in the Light.  They like to subtlety attack those who may have a doubt in their mind.  I am no exception to that.  It is easy to doubt or fear, and fear is the DDB's best tool.

So, I begin this last segment up to Patrick's passing.

Both Patrick and I, according to the Lighted Realms, had the DDD's.  That means DESIRE, DETERMINATION and DEDICATION.  That does fit for we worked at Fourwinds starting at 6 a.m. Monday through Saturday, and took a rest on Sunday.  Sometimes we worked on Sunday if there were articles that needed to be posted. The only breaks we took were for vacations (rare) and I took a few days after Patrick passed.  The posting came first, then we had the rest of the day.  Most often we worked 6 or more hours each day. Some days more.

When we found out that the owner of the Yellow house was returning back to his place we were surprised. Col. Payne was the father, and his son was in the military, as his father, and was to be stationed in the south.  We were surprised, but we had the house looking better than when we first came.  I had painted the entire house inside and Patrick cleaned all  the woodwork and made it look brand new.  When the owner and his wife came to look over their house they were blown away with how wonderful it looked inside.  That's how Patrick was raised and well as me. Pick up and keep it that way. You should see Cindy and Judy's home. Nothing is out of place, and their yard  looks like an arboretum.  I kid you not.  Jewel and Cory fixed up an old farmhouse and land that had been abandoned and stripped of everything.  It is absolutely beautiful, as they re-did the entire inside and outside.  The HUGE pine stand on either side of their entrance, and I mean HUGE.

Star's home is just the same.

Sorry, but I got side-tracked a bit. We found a home in Rapid City that was o.k.  The yard was a dog pen, and the owner had paid a Mexican man to paint everything inside white.  I mean every room which came along with drips here and there, windows smeared with paint everywhere.  Our clean-up and fix up never stopped.  Patrick built two beautiful sheds and we had a beautiful garden and flowers, as you can see on the site.

Flint, our webmaster, wanted to do other things, so we hired another webmaster.  In 2006 our site was taken down.  Our site was blankincluding all the published Phoenix Journals.  Our new webmaster had top friends in the CIA, and they helped him retrieve the data from cyber space.  The Journals were lost, but I had them on my hard-drive.  It took him almost a year to get them back on Fourwinds.  When Flint was webmaster he did the posting.  It was a long and arduous task. With our new webmaster I would do the posting.   But first I had to transfer 10,000 articles to our new system. That took a long time.  Then Flint gave me all the files for the Unpublished Journals.  The same procedure was like the published Journals, with more work making an index and content page.

Patrick was a wonderful editor.  He read everything that I ran off the printer and determined if it should be posted.  He demand correct grammar, with no profanity. Above all he read and followed the Phoenix Journals, which Hatonn calls "The Holy Books of the Lighted Realms." Hatonn also calls the Bible Satan's War book.

We kept up with messages from the Masters and kept posting the Journals by chapter. He, indeed, was an Arrow of Truth and never faltered at his job of getting the Truth out.

One delightful experience was the beam of light we saw that circled our home.  We saw it every night through our bedroom window. The beam of light did not change when we touched the plastic covering over the window. It circled our home over and beneath the house.  Each night the light, as it circled under the soil, came to ground in the garden or the back yard.

Patrick wrote over 600 "Hello Centrals" and many People of the Lie, Poems ad other writings..  He would hear the message in the night and write it up. sometimes in the night or early morning, never stopping until it was done.  He, indeed, was inspired by the Lighted Realms.

When his hearing diminished and his eye sight was impaired, he dictated to me what to what to type.

I just pray that I can keep the site at the high level it was when Patrick and I worked together.  Now I find out I can do it,  but you know what?  Patrick guides me what would be posted.  We agree on each article.


Oct. 16, 2020



Cindy and Judy got jobs and rented a house in Rapid. Star and Flint did the same. "De old folks was left all alone" in that LYHOTP.  We burned wood in the fireplace so Patrick would get piles an piles of pallets,  plus another gentleman dropped off truck loads of broken pallets for Patrick to cut up for wood.  We stacked 50 full cord plus we had to fill the opening to the fireplace with firewood from another wood pile of about 10 cord. Patrick built a big shop with a wood storage part, fixed a dog house with a separate top and a wonderful big shed.  We mowed by hand several acres.----and we sprayed the whole place for grasshoppers by the millions, and crickets. that crawled  their way into the light sockets and lamp covers on the ceiling.

Our day began at 4:00 a.m.   Patrick had taken a job as dishwasher at the Rapid City Airport.  He had to be at work at 5 a.m., so I went with him and worked on the Contact Newspaper on Flint's computer starting a little before 5 a.m. -1 p.m,' when Patrick was off work.  When we got back home the work began on the Journals, yard an garden.

E.Y., the editor of Contact Newspaper contacted Flint to tell him that he wanted all the Express Newspapers (134), the Liberator Newspapers (15) and the Contact Newspapers (over 500) on the Internet.  He sent to us all the newspapers that we did not have with the promise we would return them to him when we were done.

We did not have any of the Unpublished Journals; however one of the Contact staff secretly sent the entire file to Flint.  There were several missing as you can see on our website.  These were untitled and had never been in print.  The work cut out for us was enormous.  .There are 126 unpublished Journals  The total adds up to 241 Journals to get on the Internet.

Patrick started using a xerox machine at a business place in Rapid City to copy each of the 115 published Journals one by one. Needless to say it was  tedious and expensive.  My job was to trim the sides down so I could scan the pages, then crop the page, take out any marks or ink spots.. I did this at home on my scanner and little computer.  Some of the Journals did not have an index,so that had to be created.  I, also, had to bookmark every bold entry, and check each page for that.  It took hours and hours just to do one Journal.  That was my job at home, not counting all the 500 Contact Newspapers I worked on at Flint's place,  I was able to work on the Express and the Liberator Newspaper at home as they were a smaller paper, but still there were 149 of those.

Patrick would drop me off at Flint and Star's little place and I stated copying on the scanner the Contact Newspaper.  They were published weekly and some of them had 65 pages or more. When  I finally got done with the scanning I had to put in all the photos.  The last move was to put the paper in PDF format. That took  an hour or more to do.  Sometimes the PDF failed and I had to do it over.  As usual I would make a mistake and skip a page. I would have to start over.  So, in my spare time while the computer was grinding away at the PDF, I cleaned, house, did dishes, folded clothes and kept busy.  The  Unpublished Journals were going to have to wait, as that was another mammoth project of its own.

 Patrick made furniture and shelves to fit the corner etc. in Flint and Star's home. He also made a a huge desk for Flint that took up the entire small office.  Every home that the children lived in is was filled with Patrick's furniture.  They still have some today!  ( I'm living in Judy's room with a stand and lamp that Patrick made. They are beautiful)

When both of us were not working on our mission we were planting a garden.  The last garden we had was 150 long with 15 sprinklers.  The EAFB said our original well was polluted, so we made fix it so we could water the garden.  They dug and plumbed another water line into our house.  We had four levels: kitchen an living room, upper lever with three bedroom, down the stairs to the family room with a separate bathroom and bedroom, and down to the deep basement with 12 foot high walls.  That was the storage for food, etc. on shelves Patrick built.  We dried everything we could that we planted in the garden, plus sage and alfalfa we picked in the fields.   We would fill every room in the house with produce drying so we could put it in he oven, then in the dehydrator for Patrick to grind by hand and save.

Here is some of the photos of the food we gave away after Patrick passed away.

The water line they plumed in leaked and had to be re-dug again.  We used both wells to water our huge garden.  We fought the creepin' jenny all the time to say nothing about the grasshoppers and other bugs, and we canned hundreds of quarts of tomatoes, pickles, etc. .   The produce was given to our children as well.  This was all done while we were working  on the Journals. Flowers!  Flowers!  We had  100 flower pots in our home over the fall and winter.  Every room had flowers.  That kept me busy taking care of them, but I loved them and they were beautiful.  Did I mention that besides the sprinklers, I dragged 300 feet of hose to hand water the corn, etc.  We picked and dried garden produce and walked the fields for alfalfa and sage to dry in the house, bedrooms, shed,  oven, then dehydrator and finally hand grind to storage.  These were the things we gave aay at the time of Patrick's death. 


Now, at 86 I wonder how we did all that.   Enough for today.




Enough for one sitting.....more to come....



Oct. 15, 2020



We finally settled down in our Lighted Yellow House On The Prairie.[LYHOTP]  We had no furniture except one blue desk chair that made it through the chaos.  Patrick found out that in a former lifesream he had been Noah..  If he had built a ship he could certainly build furniture for our new home.    We gathered used pallets from around Rapid City with our old Van.  They were the source of excellent wood.  All Patrick had in tools was his circle saw.  With it he made chairs, a desk, stands, dressers and all that we need as furniture.  We bought an old kitchen table and some old chairs and put a big piece of plasterboard on the top to make it bigger.

At this point I will put the poem I wrote about it and then tell you about our mission with the Journals.


I got up in the morning,

And sat at my pallet desk,

On my nice big pallet chair,

Oh, I shall tell you all the rest.


My pallet dresser was there,

And my pallet bookshelf/stand,

I think the way he made them

Was fitting and just grand.


I loved the pallet dresser

He made for all his clothes,

And then his matching desk and chair,

Our furniture—it just grows.


The flowers in the living room

Were gorgeous just to see,

They rested upon pallet stands—

Yes, all made fit to a “t”!


The pallet lamps rested on pallet stands,

The books on a pallet shelf,

The bench and T.V. stand—

Indeed—we surely had “wealth”!


I can’t forget the other rooms

With furniture galore,

I must describe it all to you,

Indeed—we just weren’t “poor”!


The gorgeous chair and dresser

That adorned the red room of Star,

Were unique and nicely decorated,

They surpassed bought furniture by far!


Flint’s computer rested on a pallet stand,

The waste-can made of pallets, too.

His books were on a pallet shelf,

They made the room look new.


The bedrooms downstairs,

That belonged to J. and C.

Were filled with pallet furniture,

Art work beautiful to see.


With closets, shelves and dressers,

Made from beautiful pallet wood,

Matched the stands, chairs and HEAVEY foot stool,

Made by Patrick—we all knew he could


I can’t forget the flower boxes

That Patrick made in summer days,

Many flowers bloomed in the sun,

Pallets used in many ways.


Now Patrick did joyously work

In warm and cozy air,

He built a pallet shed—

It really was quite rare.


We loved our big LYHOTP,

The Lighted Brothers had it named,

It was “ Lighted Yellow House On The Prairie”,

And in Heavenly Realms has fame.


We viewed the wondrous starships,

That twinkled in the sky,

And waited the day of Lift-Off,

We knew it wasn’t a LIE.


We followed all the directions

Of the Lighted Realms each day,

And knew that they were with us

For protection and here to stay.


So thank you to our Brothers and Sisters,

And all the Heavenly Host,

We are grateful for all their help,

And our pallet house the most!



We moved from the LYHOTP

Some 15 years now past,

We still have most our pallet furniture

Patrick made it all to last.


The pictures you see on the web

Of flowers upon the stands,

Show what pallet wood can do,

From the work of Patrick’s hands. 



Althought we've moved from there to here,

Our house is fill with very good cheer.

Our furniture is made with his excellent hand,

As there is no doubt--it's very  grand.


( Penned Oct. 15, 2020)

Now that Patrick is aboard the ships,

And all he made has been put in store,

The memory of his excellent work,

Will be remembered forever more.


The process of getting the Journals on the Internet was a struggle.  Our first thought was to type them.  This would take hours and years to type 115 published journals, so we abandoned that procedure.  Flint loved computers.  He had another computer, printer and a scanner.  He learned how to make a website and it was he who copied the Banned Journals two pages at a time on his scanner and put them on the Internet in our first website.  We had copies made of these and sent one to DE in Tehachapi.  That when the you know what hit the fan.


We were called miscreants, gave our real name to the public in print,  and said how bad we were.  They said we stole the Journals and they were the sole owner of them. They were screaming mad at us.  When we finally got all 115 published journals on the ihnternet they copied our work, the bookmaking, underlying index making, summaries of the Journals. and called it their work.  I am sure they were scared, as the Journals we posted were banned by the U.S.  Government and all copies burned.  They did not want to be arrested or blamed. We never had any word from the U.S. Government , as the Lighted Realms protect our site.  


We kept gazing at the night sky to see the starships with flashing colors.  That's what Hatonn says identifies the Pleiadian Ships.  I had started my channelings with Hatonn.  He was our mentor.  It did not dawn on me for some time that he was not  just the Commander of the Phoenix Starship as D and E E. called him.  He was Creator God Aton squeezed down into 4th dimension so he could communicate with us humans in a direct way.


Then the real work began.......



Oct. 14, 2020



The reality office we first stopped at gave us no answer, but we were not through yet.  We went to the information center and purchased a telephone book. We got out our pendulum, held hands and went through each of the reality companies to find the one we needed to see.

The pendulum went to a "Yes"  when we pointed our finger at the ad for Caldwell Banker.  We knew this was a prominent reality.  We were greeted  by one of the representatives, and invited to sit down so she could help us.  She said:  " How can I help you?"  Patrick replied, "We want to find a house to rent. We are looking for a house with 4 bedrooms, 40 acres of land with trees and a stream running through it."


She looked at us like we were crazy, and said:  "I'm sorry,sir, but there are no houses available with that description.  In fact, there are next to nothing in rental, let alone what you have described."

Patrick and I thanked her and turned to leave the place. Just as we reached the door the same lady called out.  " Wait!  !  Just a minute!  Col. Payne just called and said he wanted to rent his house."

Patrick turned and asked, "What kind of house is it?"  She replied, " It's a newer 4 bedroom home in the country with a grove of trees and 40 acres.  There is no stream, but there is a big well for water that you can use.  It is located near the Ellsworth Air Force Base in Box Elder",

The Lighted Realms had answered our prayer.  We drove 12 miles to find the house.  It was painted yellow.  The driveway was curved and covered with 8-9 inches of snow.  Patrick could not even tell where the driveway was, but he plowed our way to the house.  Col. Payne was in the house waiting for us. There was no question but YES we will rent it!

He said, "Go get something to eat at the Truck stop, and I will meet you  there with the keys and other details.  We did so, and went back to the house with the van and unloaded it in the big attacked  garage.


Patrick said, "Let's get back to Alexandria as fast as we can to get the children".  Since the roads were slippery, we parked the Dynasty in the garage and drove the van back to Alex. traveling all night.

We arrived back at Alexandria.  We found out E.L. had called the police because she thought we had stoen of mothers things. They came out in person  and accused Patrick of stealing my dad's guns and selling them.  Patrick sternly replied:  " Those guns we sold were MY guns.  I bought them, and I sold them.  The neighbor's son is the one who stole the guns from this garage.  There was no evidene we had taken anything.  Why?  Because we did not take anything.  All was there, arranged and properly packed.  The house was neat and clean.

After they left,  we packed the last of the items in the  old van and the old Mercury.  No one was told where we were going.  When my family arrived they saw a house clean and neat, with nothing out of place. They checked over everything.


Our new life in Rapid City had begun in the Lighated Yellow House On The Prairie.  That's when  the real work began.


Stay tuned for the Journal episode.....................


Oct. 13, 2020



Living in my old home in Alexandria was a bittersweet experience.  The next door neighbor was friendly, but not to be trusted. She stole things from my mother several times.  My mother could not find her diamond ring she had laid on the end table.  She told the neighbor (E.L) . The next day the ring appreard on the end table. My mother would hide dishes she liked so they would not be stolen.

We were aware of all this and kept the curtain closed so she could not spy on us.  I worked  on the old Apple copying what is now posted as The Valley of Radience.   We worked hard cleaning the house and yard, and repainted and reroofed the double garage. 

Cindy and Judy joined us.  My family kept hounding us, as E.L kept them informed how bad we were.  They told us they were coming back to make sure everything was tip-top shape.

We had organized the closets, cleaned the basement and packed much clothing in the garage closet.  Patrick was a great organizer and kept everything in its place.  We had a water problem in the basement when it rained. Some of my mother's clothing was in the old coal room, which we packed carefuly and stored it in the garage closet.

We had a huge auction of all the things we had, including some of the furniture giving to us by my dear aunt, who had passed away.  My mother was living with my sister on the west coast.   The sale went fine.  We even sold Patrick's guns and the cannon balls from Custer's former camp ground we lived on in a  pine board cabin after we were furst married.

There is one bright spot.  We saw beam ships fly over our house.  We saw beam ships move across the sky, and we saw the moon jump up and down.  One night we took the lawn chairs and went down along a dark road, as the town lights blocked a clear biew of the sky.   We got out and put our lawnchairs in the ditch which was not far from the  the Russian colony.   We laid in our lawn  chairs looking up at the night  sky.  We counted 50 beam ships, and one flew very close from clear across the horizon.  They were putting on a show for us.   We looked at a constellation and saw one ship leave and another take its place. Wouldn't you know that on this desolate road a truck came by and saw these crazy people laying in their chairs in the ditch.  I know they thought we were absolutely insane,

Hatonn told us that we are not where we think we are in the cosmos,  Our solar system is moving toward Pleiades. The ships take the place of the constellations to make sure people don't panic.  Sometimes the Big Dipper would be upside down or all the ships forming the Big Dipper would flash their colored lights or move up and down.  Does anyone check the night sky?

Well, the tension grew. We knew we had to leave as soon as possible. After our auction E.L. called the police.  They came out and accused Patrick of stealing my dad's guns and selling them.  Patrick sternly replied:   "Those guns we sold were MY guns.  I bought them, and I sold them.  The neighbor's son is the one who stole the guns from this garage.

After they left that's when we packed the old van and the old Mercury.  No one was told where we were going.  When myfamily arrived they saw a house clean and neat, with nothing out of place. They checked over everything.

We did meet my family later at Alex. and went through all the things each would have.  I got a salt and pepper shaker and all the old jars from the basement.  The rest went to my sister.  What she did not want was sold on a auction, of which we did not attend. 

Life is not fair, but we had our mission. There was nothing to detour that.

This experice was a precurser to our Mission. That, my friends is a....

More to come.....






Oct. 12, 2020


When we left Bloomington MN, Star left with us in the old Van she purchased. It was an unhappy parting from her husband.

We arrived in Alexandria, SD, and lived in the home were I was born.   Cindy and Judy came to visit.  When they left for Idaho, Star went with th;em.

Flint, Patrick and I decided that we were going  to get all the published Journals out to the public. But first we had to have all the copies of 125 published Journals.

We got a copy of  one Journal from a man in Canada. Now we had all of the published Journals except the Pleiades Connection series.  We wee told of a gentleman, who lived in Wisconsin and who had these Journals,  Patrick, Flint and I drove there to meet the man, pick up the Journals  with the promise that when we were done with them, we would return them to him. We agreed and started home in the dark and drove all night back to Alexandria.

On the way home the Lighted Realms Beam Ship followed us. It flew along side our car to the left at the same speed  Patrick was driving. Patrick could see it clearly.  Flint and I were asleep.  The Beam Ship was about 21 feet  more long and  stayed even with our car to the left of the road all the way to Alexandra.  Then it went  ZIP-- up in sky as if to say, "We got you home safely.  Good Night!!"

The problems with my family continued getting worse.  It was a stressful time.

Then Cindy and Judy came back  to live with us in Alexandria.

Living in my old home in Alexandria was a bittersweet experience.  The next door neighbor was friendly, bu t not to be trusted. She stole things from my mother several times.  My mother could not find her diamond ring she had laid on the end table.  She told the neighbor (E.L) . The next day the ring appeared on the end table. My mother would hide dishes she liked so they would not be stolen.

We were aware of all this and kept the curtain closed so she could not spy on us.  I worked  on the old Apple copying what is now posted as  The Valley of Radiance.   We worked hard cleaning the house and yard, and repainted and re-roofed the double garage. 

My family kept hounding us, as E.L kept them informed how bad we were.  They told us they were coming back to make sure everything was tip-top shape.  

We had organized the closets, cleaned the basement and packed much clothing in the garage closet.  Patrick was a great organizer and kept everything in its place.  We had a water problem in the basement when it rained. Some of my mother's clothing was in the old coal room, which we packed carefully and stored it in the garage closet.

We had a huge auction of all the things we had, including some of the furniture giving to us by my dear aunt, who had passed away.  My mother was living with my sister on the west coast.   The sale went fine.  We even sold Patrick's guns and the cannon balls from Custer's former camp ground we lived on in a  pine board cabin after we were first married.

 There is one bright spot.  We saw beam ships fly over our house.  WE saw beam ships move across the sky and we saw the moon jump up and down.  One night we took the lawn chairs and went down along a dark road    We got out and put our lawn chairs in the ditch  which was not far from the  the Russian colony.   We laid in our our chairs looking up at the night  sky.  We counted 50 beam ships, and one flew very close from clear across the horizon.  They were putting on a show for us.   We looked at a constellation and saw one ship leave and another take its place. Wouldn't you know that on this desolate road a truck came by and saw these crazy people laying in their chairs in the ditch.  I know they thought we were absolutely insane

Hatonn told us that we are not where we think we are in the cosmos,  Our solar system is  is moving toward Pleiades. The ships take the place of the constellations to make sure people don't panic.  Sometimes the Big Dipper would be upside down or all the ships forming the Big Dipper would flash their colored lights or move up and down.  Does anyone check the night sky?  .

Well, the tension grew. We knew we had to leave as soon as possible,.....................

Stay Tuned.......




When we returned to Mankato things had changed.  There were two other gentlemen there that were "in charge" of the farm claims etc., and we were were told to leave immediately.  No explanation.

We quietly packed all our possessions, loaded them in the Merc and left.  There was no place to go, but our

daughter, Star, offered her apartment in Bloomington, MN.  She was married at that time.  We moved in the spare bedroom.

I will back up here a moment.  We met a wonderful lady name M.. who channeled the Lighted Realms.  We met her in Shakopee when she attended our meetings.  She was told to talk to us. She was  our "guide" while we were on tour, and didn't live too far from Star.  We talked to her quite often.  I have volumes of those conversations.

I tell you this because when we recieved the 15 Journals, we gave her #2, "And They Called His Name Immanuel, I Am Sananda"  Both of us started reading the Journals.  Patrick started with Journal 15, all about our Consitution,  and thought it was rather boring,  Our friend, M. called and talked to Patrick.  She said:  "Jesus is called Sananda, and he didh't die on the cross!"

Patrick almost flew out of his chair.  She said she would return the Journal to Patrick for him to read after she finished reading it.  In two weeks she returned the Journal.  But.......

Now we had a problem.  Star's husband was not on the same page, and with tensions flaring at our stay, we, along with Star, went to my home Alexandria, which was not lived in at that time.

I remember Patrick sitting in a chair with his feet propped on the steps to my  Aunt's home in ALexandria.  He was reading Journal 2, I believe.  All of a sudden he said, "Well, there goes the New Testament!"  A while later he said "There goes the Old Testament!  I have been searching for the Truth all my life and I finally  found it.!!" 


More trouble came.......

My family became angry and thought that we were stealing all my mother's things......the saga continues of our homelessness and our patheay to getting all the Journals and.......

Stay tuned....




Oct. 9, 2020


We had completed our tour of meetings on the East Coast and now had to head back to Mankato Minnesota where we were staying with DG after we lost our farm to the banks.

We packed our suitcases in the old Mercury and headed home on the Pennslylvania Turnpike, as our last meeting was in that state.

TheTurnpike is a toll highway.  The cement barriers were on either side of the highway, which to us seemed very narrow.  We felt we were barely missing the oncoming trucks.  There were stopping points which were rest stops.  The gas stations were miles from each other. There was no turn off to a city on the Turnpike.

The impossible happend.  We drove only a short distance on the Turnpike when the old Merc started heating up, as the heat gage kept getting higher and higher.  Steam rolled out from under the hood.  We were able to pull into a rest stop, but of course there was no service available.

Patrick open the hood of the Mercury.  Steam rolled out and both of us saw a stream of anit-freeze flowing out under the car. Patick got a container of water and poured into the radiator. He slammed the hood down and said, "Angels, FIX IT!"

We drove off and the heat gage was down a bit. In a few miles we were able to stop at a gas station on the turnpike.  Patrick went into the station and bought a can of Stop-Gap.  He poured it into the radiator and we drove off.

We traveled  all the way to  DeMoines, IA, and  stayed over-night.  The heat gage remaned normal. The next morning we headed back home to Mankato, MN.  The car did not heat up, but drove like a dream.  In all, we drove 1000 miles.

Well, we got to the bottom of the hill leading up to our place with DG. The car started heating up ad steam was rolling out under the hood.

We parked the car and let it cool.  The next morning Patrick drove the car to a station where they could check and fix the radiator.

A couple of days later the service agent called Patrick and told him the car had been fixed witha new radiator, and he could pick ithe car up.  Patrick got a ride to the station.  When he got there the station agent said:"I want to show you something". He led Patrick to the back room and pointed to a corner where the Mercury's old radiator was was sitting.  "That sir, is your radiator!", he said.  Patrick could not believe his eyes.  The only thing left of the raditor was the rim.  The rest was in a crumbled heap on the floor.

The station agent said: "You said you drove a thousand miles with this radiator? That's IMPOSSIBLE.!!"   Patrick replied: "I drove a 1000 miles with that radiator, sir, and I am telling you the Truth."

Tha station agent just shoolk his head.

This was another eperiencce with the Lighted Realms.  We were being awakened.

Can you guess who helped us?   You know the answer!

More to come......






Oct, 8 2020


Patrick and I were giving meetings in Pennsylvania.  At a meeting we met a lady named Helen.  She approached us and told us that we were to stay at her home that evening.  She told us that she never invited anyone to her home unless they were very, very special people.  She mentioned she had a heavehly shield around her property, and no one could come through that shield unless she gave poermission.

Both of us were wearing a cross.  Patrick's was the Jersulem Cross.  Helen mentioned that to us, and that it was part  of the Christianity Cult.   We were not offened just surprised, as we had not heard those words spoken by anyone.

We visited with her in her living room, and I glanced at the papers she had lying on the coffee table.

I picked up the Contact Newspaper and started reading an article about the Blue Beam Project planned by the U.S. Government.  Patrick read it with me.  Interspersed within the article were comments in bold print with brackets.  The name that went with these commets was Hatonn.  The comments were honest and sometimes very pointed, but said in a way that was almost comical.

I spoke to Helen  and said: "He made  comments in a way that are so true and sometimes amusing.  This guy

said 'BARF!' in aother article.  He's funny!  Who in the world is this guy??

Helen replied:  "He's the Commander of a starship."

I said:  "Really?  WOW!"  Patrick felt the same.  There was no hesitationon my part, nor Patrick's. It was like a bright light was turned on.  We were so excited we read all we could of that article and others.  Helen ran some pages off on for us to take with us.  I read and read to Patrick while he was driving.  

It was at that time that we were introduced to human cloning, an article which was written by Hatonn.  People were cloned in 1979, such as former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Henry Kissinger and his wife, and other well known  people.  We were totally amazed.  Lights were coming on constanty.  We were told Dr Beter was assassinated. See the link below, and you can read the Contact Newspaper  for June 13,1994.

Helen explained to us that Hatonn communicated to a reciever via radio broadcast in Tehachapi, California from his starshiop called The Phoenix.  These writings were not channeled, but sent by radio signal to Doris E. in Tehachapi, CA.  She typed what she heard via radio signal.   Helen, also, told us that the crew in Tehachapi put the writings of the Contact Newspaper in paper-back form called The Phoenix Journals.

There was a list of 87 published Journals at the end of that Contact Newspaper, Patrick and I were so excited we ordered the first 15 journals for $6.00 each.  We could not wait to read them.....

More to come.....




Oct. 7, 2020

This experience took place at the meeting I spoke of in the Update for Oct. 6.  The auditorium was packed with people eager to hear Patrick speak.  I sat at the back of the auditorum monitoring the whole event.  Both of us noticed a witches coven in the audiience right before  Patrick was to speak.  It was an evil sign to us.   Patrick walked to the podium with confidence and didn't let this group bother him, as he spoke. 

I looked at Patrick and saw a very bright blue light shining over him, above him and extending out on either side of him.  It was a sign of Lighted Realms protection, as the witches coven would try to send their evil energy to him.  It was mentioned to us after the meeting that this witches coven wanted to talk to us. They were waiting in the front lobby.  Patrick said he did NOT want to talk to any of these Satanic people, but all the other doors were locked up tight.

All of a sudden, as we stood there wondering what to do, a little old man approached us. He appeared out of no where.   We thought he was the janitor.   He said to Patrick, "Would you like to go out the back door?  I can unlock it for you .  We said yes, and thanked him.   We got in our old Mercury and drove off leaving the witches coven still waitng in the lobby.  They found out we were gone and were disturbed and angry.

Was this man the janitor?  Was he sent by the Lighted Realms? Was he our Angel in disguise to help in a time of need?  Himmmm.....

I know you have had experiences like this.  The experience seems so normal, but later you realize what had happened.

Stay tuned.....more to come.........





Oct. 6, 2020


On our second trip to the East Coast I wanted to stay in the same nice motel we stayed in on our first trip,   As I recall it was in Greensboro, Norht Carolina.  Besides, it was the motel where we heard the clock alarm coming out of the wall socket.  Instead, Patrick drove into this crummy motel with weeds growing out of the sidewalk, and looked like some old thing no one would want to stay for the night.  Patrick said to me that it was only $25.00 per night, it was open and he was going in.  I was disgusted, but I went along with him.  There was a black couple running the motel.  We rented the first unit.  There was an old car next to our, and an old man was renting that unit.

We carried our luggage and a box of food in our room.  We had a nice cold supper and retired for the night.  There was a TV hanging from the ceiling, and we could hear the old man's TV from the adjacent room. 

We got up  and prepared for our patriotic meeting.  It went well.  After the meeting one of the group approached us and said, "Where did you stay last night?  We called every motel in town and you were not there.

Patrick aswered that we stayed in this notel next to the new one.   The price was just right.

The people at the meeting were concerned.  No, you could not have stayed there.

Patrick said that we stayed there and enjoyed the motel.  It was quiet, kind of old, but very clean and tidy.

The whole group looked at us in amaze.  They remarked:  "You could not have stayed there becuase that motel has been closed for 25 years!"

Answer:  A Satanic group was seeking us.  We went into a time warp and stayed in a motel that was open to us, but to others it was closed and dark.  We were in safety.

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During our trip to the East Coast we had a most memorable experience i will never forget.  At that time, 1994, we did not have any GPS inthe old Mercury.  I was the map reader looking at the green signs to get the right directio Patrick to drive.

We were headed for a meeting and were at an overpass near Greensboro, NC. We were at a stop sign waiting for the traffic to coming off the freeway making a left turn to go past us as we were stopped at the light.

I was reading the map. All of a sudden Patrick yelled out.  "He's going to hit us!  He's going to hit us.!!   He is maing too short of a turn!"  I  jerked my head up to see what Patrick was screaming about.  

A utility truck was makng a left turn off the freeway coming past us.  That's when Patrick yelled out.  We both saw the rear end of the truck drive THROUGH  the engine of  our car.  We expected a smashed car with us run over by the wheels.  Zip. The truck was gone and we sat there stunned.  

Patrick said:  "Did you see that?  He drove through our car!  The car behind us honked his horn, so we drove off in a daze trying to figure out what happened.

What happened?  The Lighted Realms put us in a higher frequency the instant the truck came around the corner past us.  He drove through our car.

 We have had several other occasions where this happened.  

This experience was one more step to our enlightenment and our wake-up call to our life Misson--to get the Truth out to the world.

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Oct. 3 2020


I had a blog all ready to post today about our farm life.  However, Patrick told me that at this time that experience was not to be posted, but rather how we were awakened, became enlightened and found our Mission.

We were in the height of farm life,  We ran our dairy farm that  started at 3.a.m.. then taught school all day, home to milk cows, take care of our huge gardens, truck farming, and running a Shaklee business on the side. The Lighted Realms said "We have got to get thm off the farm!  Let's get started!"

Patrick had retired from teaching in 1988  and  I resigend in 1992 . It was during this time that we learned about the Farm Claims and other Prosperity Programs designed to help those, who lost their farms, and to have money for their future with the Prosperity Programs, ie.  Morgan. Builderberg, ITI etc

We had started attending patriot meetings, and learned about the corrupt government.  Patrick gave meetings in Shakopee, MN   We were fighting  the banks to save our farm went to court several times, and filed papers, etc.   Before one of our meetings the FBI and the sheriff grilled us before one of our meetings in Shakopee. At this FBI meeitng  we stood firm, and they were very nervous. We told them everything they wanted to know was filed in the courts.  We were not arrested.  We, also, had a number of our people at the meeting.

The Journals tell us that we volunteered to come back to Earth Shan to help her in transition and to also, continue our soul growth on this dark, most difficult planet in the Cosmos that was controlled by the Darkside.  It was a graduate school of difficult learning. We were to come back again without memory to this planet that we had been on for many lifestreams.  We had graduated to the higher realms but we volunteered to come back.  If we did not wake up there was a handicap of repeationg 350,000 years in 3D before we could reach the level of where we were before.  Each soul returned to Mother Earth Shan is a Returned Master.  Each one was to set "alarm clocks" to wake up to his/her mission.  

So, here we are farming like mad, teaching, truck farming, running a dairy farm,miling 16 cows, baling hay, building more buildings and running a Shaklee business.  The children were gone, it was hot and dry.  We sold the cows and quit milking.  We were now busy giving meetings, and as I said before we were.fighting the courts, filing papers..  We faced the last court trial and guess what......we lost.

Yes, we lost our farm to the banks.  The court trila did not go in our favor.  The lawyer against us won.   We became homeless.  We had to be out by noontime.  We were given until 5 p.m.  With help from our friends the furniture was thrown into a moving truck, taken to Albany MN a 100 miles away,  and jammed in a big barn with no floor, mice and rats, and everything wastumbled over and pilled full.  It was a mess.  Beside that, the owner threw moth balls all over the place, on top of our furniture, etc.  What a smell and a mess.

We lost all our furnture. all of Patrick's tools,stc.  Everythig we owned was gone, and the owner of the place where we stored our belongings was an auctioneer.  He sold or took it all.  We had nothing left but one blue desk chair.  All the stuff stored in the sheds at our farm wasalso taken when we lost the farm

This was a lesson for us.  Physical things do not matter.  We had to lose all to start doing what we had planned to do before we came back to Mother Earth.

 We gave meetings once a week  in Albany, MN, driving all the way from Mankato where were invited to live.   It tooks several hours to to drive to Albany.  Then we were asked to tour the East Coast and give meetings about our corrupt goverment.

We started driving to the East Coast the summer of 1994.  The first night of travel we stopped at DeMoines, Iowa. .  All of a sudden the alrm clock in our suitcase rang out at midnight.   da da da da ....da da da da...da da da da ---- da da da da-da da da-da-da da da da--DAH,  Patrick  asked, "Did you set the alarm clock!?  I replied, no!"  I checked the clock in the suitcase and no alarm was set.

The next night at midnight while staying in another motel the same alarm sound went off in a wall plug.

The next day we gave a meeting and then at night had to travel to our next destination because it was a long way to travel.  Patrick said, "The alarm clock is in the suitcase in the trunk.  There will be no alarm to go off tonight!"  Ha ha!  The Lighted Realms were not finished,   Guess what!  The alarm went off on Patrick's old watch that did not have an alarm.  So, every night the alarm went off on his watch.  When we were staying in a motel on the east coast it ran off at midnight again, this time in an empty suitcase.  We were being awakened, folks,and this was just the beginning.  The saga continues with more surprises.......Whew!  Next time you won't believe what happened.  Stay tuned...............


Oct. 1, 2020



Patrick was a forestry student at Utah State University.  During the summer months when there were no classes he had several jobs, but was also on the fire crew if he was needed.   Patrick said it was during the summer that a major fire broke out in the area.  Many fire fighters were called into help, and Patrick was one of the crew.  Because of his ability to lead, he was assinged 30 Native Americans under his superviision.  He was the fireboss of that group.

He said these Native American men worked hard, and they were a super crew of men.  He treated them with respect, and they respected him.  The fire was dangerous, as at any time the wind could switch.  That is exactly what happend.

They were in a box canyon and the fire was burnihg with the wind in the opposite direction away from Patrick's crew.  All of a sudden the wind changed, and the fire was roaring in their direction.  Patrick knew that in a box canyon with a fire roaring at them, all of them could  burn to death.   The Native Americans were scared to death and cried out they were going to die.  Patrick gathered them around and spoke: "We are NOT going to die!"

They cried out, '"What can we do?  We are in a box canyon with a rocky cliff behind us!"

Patrick told them "We are going to climb the rocky cliff to the top!   One of you will be the leader.  The rest of you are to follow in line.  Watch the guy behind you, and if he needs help, grab his hand and pull him up. We can do this if we help each other".

One strong Native American volunteered to be the leader.  He had done much mountain climbing before. They started the climb quickly, as the fire was approaching fast. They helped each other, and after a great struggle made it to the top of the canyon wall.  The fire burned up to the canyon wall and stopped.  There were still many small fires in logs, etc, and the smoke was tremendous. Now they were at the top of the canyon wall, miles away from the main crew camp.

In the meantime at the fire camp, the head boss had lost contact with Patrick and his crew.  The wind had changed and the last he knew, they were in a box canyon.  He was convinced all of them were burned to death.  The rest of the fire crew were silent and worried.  No word meant bad news, for always the crew boss kept in contact with all crew leaders working on the fire.

The 30 men at the top of the canyon wall cried out to Patrick.  "What will we do now?  How are we going to get back to camp?!"

Patrick replied:  "We are going back down the canyon wall, and we are going to walk through the burned area back to camp.   Darkness will be here soon, but if we start now we can make it to the bottom of the canyon before it gets dark."

The men were dead tired after a day's work on the fire and then having to climb a canyon wall, but they obeyed their leader. They climbed down the canyon wall, helping each other as needed.

Patrick led them in the darkness through the burned area.  Luckily, he still had his fire shovel with him to whack down the small fires to make a path through the darkness with fires still burning here and there.  Each man wore a helmet with a light, so they could see a few feet ahead of them.  Patrick led them around the burning stumps and other fires still smoldering.  He was carefull not to step where a fire was burning or they would be in dire trouble with their boots.

They trudged on all night through the burned area.  It was just getting daylight when the first man reached the top of the steep mountain to the fire camp.  When the first black smoke covered man of Patrick's crew came in sight, the camp crew let out a a big loud "wah-hoo!".  They started counting how many men were saved from the fire.  They counted 1-2-3-4 as each man appeared.  The count went up to 30!   All men were accounted for!  Finally, their crew boss, Patrick, was the last man to reach the camp.  The fire-boss grabbed Patrick in a big hug and said, "You're alive!  I though you were dead!  You did a wonderful thing in saving all your crew!"

(I am postive that the Lighted Realms were there and helped Patrick save the crew from burning to death.)   ....Anne


#1:  THE SUMER OF 1962



We were married June 17, 1962,  After our marriage, we lived with my parents that summer. Patrick had several jobs so that we had some funds to go to the Black Hills for our first real home.   

His first job was to help dig a ditch close to Mitchell, SD.  He said the trench got deeper and deeper, and he had to dig with a shovel.  His back gave out after a day or two of this slave labor.  My father said, " You work hard, Patrick(Emil), but this is ridiculous".  Patrick then quit this job and worked hauling rock from Spencer, SD  to Gavins Point Dam on the Missouri River near Yankton, SD.

The truck was old, unkept, and had no power steering, as I recall.  They were almost impossible to start.  His truck had to be rolled down hill to start the engine, and  Patrick had the knack to drive it after driving all the farm equipement as a boy, and the fire trucks as a Forester in the Black Hills.

This incident was dangerous.  Patrick was drixing an extra heavy load on this particular day. When he got to the dam he had to back down a steep incline and dump the rock out.   Everything went fine going down the incline, and the rock was dumped.  Then

the impossible happened.  The truck engine stopped.  He was stranded on the incline.  If he let the brake off the truck would plunge into the river.  This  had happed to another driver. There was no one to help.  The truck would only start if it were moving forward down an incline, but never backwards.  Patrick let the truck move backwards and at the right instant jammed the clutch in and turned the key.  Whew!  It started.  That was a miracle!  

Another  day, as he was driving with another extra  heavy load of rock on the highway,  the front left tire blew out.  Patrick said he put one foot on the brake and the other foot and both hands on the  wheel to hold the truck steady on the highway to keep from either going in the steep ditch on the left  or hitting oncoming traffic.  With all his might , he finally got the truck stopped.

 I just now heard from Patrick that ihe inched the truck to the side of the road and radioded a driver that was coming back from Gavins Point Dam.  He got a ride back to Spencer. 

His old truck was towed back to Spencer.  Patrick went to change the tire on n is truck.  He got out the cumbersome tire jack that was old and not kept up.    The old  jack broke and struck his hand cutting off the end of his little finger.  The broken part still had a little skin holding it on his finger.   He  wrapped his finger and put back the part cut off.  He held it there for hours before he got to the doctor ion Mitcell, SD.  His finger healed properly.

I am sure that the Lighted Realms had helped the situation, for they knew how important his life Mission was even before he knew his pathway. 


Many times people are saved from accidents or things to harm them, but they knew not it was their Guardian Angels of the Lighted Realms guarding them.  This is why I told this incident so that people can wake up to the reality that they have two Guardian Angels assigned to them for life.  You have to ASK them to help.    I know Patrick prayed for help in the stituations told above. 

Have you asked your Guardian Angels to help when in need?  If not why not?

....Anne Bellroger