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Anne and Patrick Bellringer

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NEW UPDATE:  Patrick is anxiously awaiting our flight to the clinic  Mracles are happening to make this possible.  Fourwinds readers are responsing world wide and we know their are many prayers for his recovery.  We are most grateful for our readers, as every cent has gone into expenses for this trip.  Thus far readers have donated 6,556.39 


          Patrick came home from the hospital Sunday, June 21, 2020.  The medical doctors told him the cancer had progressed and they could not help him.

          We are not giving up.  We plan to take Patrick to another clinic that does the Dr. Simoncini treatments.  We need your help in this matter.  We will need to travel to Arizona for this help, which we feel will be very helpful to Patrick.

          Any donation you can give would be most helpful, as we are needing funds for Patrick’s treatments, travel and lodging.  You can use our PayPal account listed on the left side of our Homepage.   We need to leave ASAP for the cancer is still progressing rapidly.  Time is of essence.

         Thank you all for your prayers for Patrick. 


In Love and Light,

Anne and Patrick Bellringer and family.