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Patrick H. Bellringer

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In a recent “Hello, Central!” a request went out for people to use “The New Energy Way” of the Power of your Spirit within to ask the Forces of Light to help us to “halt the conspirators” on our planet.

          At this moment in history America stands at the crossroads between good and evil.  The Forces of Darkness are arrayed against the Forces of Light.  The Satanists are beating at America’s southern border, the Democrat Satanists have returned to the U.S. Congress, and the evil venom of Hollywood and the main stream media against President Trump is overwhelming.  The Satanic Deep State has vowed to win or destroy our entire planet.

          America stands at this moment as the key to the future of our world.  It was the only nation on earth to have been founded upon the Laws of God and Creation.  In two hundred and forty-three years it has nearly lost its soul to evil.  Having had “enough” Creator God played His “Trump-card”.

          Now, it is up to the good people of Shan to wake up, to realize the present danger, and to use their Power of Spirit to defeat the Darkness.  Pray, my friends for the defeat of evil in America!  Pray for protection and wisdom and courage for President Trump, his family, and his people to totally counter the Deep State and “check mate” their evil.

          As goes America, so goes the world!  We can do this!  We can help save America!  We can help save our world!


In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer