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Patrick H. Bellringer

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As I write to you this New Year’s Day morning, I have many thoughts I wish to share.  To many people, nothing seems to have changed for the better.  Too many people are starving, homeless or suffering from war effects and disease in our world.  Our planet is shaking and erupting worse than ever.  People are rushed and stressed in their survival mode, creating constant negative energy that continues to engulf our planet to the point of her demise.

          Yet, daily we meet good people, who smile at us, say a kind word, or do an act of kindness like shovel our sidewalk or give someone a jar of homemade jam.  These little acts of kindness create the positive energy that carry us along when we need it.  This allows us to repeat these actions to others, and the positive energy grows and grows.

          This is how we make a difference, how we create a light in our dark world.  I remember attending a Christmas celebration at the Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, many years ago with Anne and our four children, when the minister said as a New Year’s resolution, “Practice random acts of kindness and senseless deeds of love”.  I have never forgotten that statement, and it has become my motto.

          My friends, all is certainly not as it appears to be in our world.  We have the promise of the ages that in the end, God wins!  We are in the ending times, and the evil controllers behind the Darkness and lies and deceit are being revealed.  Across the world people are taking action to take back control of their lives and of their country.

          The Satanists/Zionists have had a long-term plan for world control, which they nearly accomplished.  They have been here for our lessons in soul growth.  It is now our time to carry out Creator God Aton’s plan to stand against the Darkness and win!  We do this by our “random acts of kindness and senseless deeds of love”.  Together we create a wave of positive energy that shall sweep across Mother Earth and overwhelm the negativity.  2019 shall go down in history as the year we took action and “cleaned house” on our starship, Shan!

          May we all have a most magnificent New Year!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer