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Anne and Patrick Bellringer

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          Another exciting and challenging year is ending with the arrival of Christmas, 2018.  We are grateful for our millions of readers worldwide.  May you find the Truth you seek!

          We are thankful for the many, who had sincere prayers and kind thoughts for our mission of presenting Truth freely to our world.  This would not have been possible without financial help.  So, we thank the thirty-two people, who through their financial support made it possible for Fourwinds to operate and to stay on the Internet this year.  We especially thank the ten people, who had the ability and kindness to help Fourwinds on a monthly basis.  Together you all make up the Fourwinds Ground Crew.  May you be proud and blessed to be a part of this Mission!

          Anne and I are in good health, and we pray the same for you.  Let us remember that Esu Immanuel Sananda (Jesus) came to our planet as a baby to experience third dimension as we do, and to bring us Truth that would give us peace and joy.  Keeping the Laws of God and Creation is our ticket to the Realms of Light.  May you create for yourself and others this year a very Merry Christmas!


In Love and Light,

Anne and Patrick Bellringer