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Boom! School Destroys ADHD With This Old School Remedy

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For many years I've been giving parents/kids (almost all boys) who are "accused" (not diagnosed) by teachers of being ADD or ADHD, to drive the kid to 1 mile away from school in the morning.  Then the parent and child get out of the car and WALK the rest of the way to school.  The kid can run or walk, but the parent goes with him.  Every day.  Very shortly -- within a week -- there is no more ADD or ADHD!


Interestingly, one of the very first Mom/kid pairs I gave that assignment to when he was about 7 years old just called me a few months ago.  He is now well into his 20's!!  He called to thank me for 'saving his live.'  He says he never forgot me!  20 years later he just had to call me!  Both he and his mom were profuse with thanks.  (Mom is another, different story -- and I indeed did save her life!)

And get the kids off that damned sugared cereal and any sugar period!  Its pure poison!





PARENTS: If Your Kid Has Been ‘Diagnosed’ With ADHD, More Than Likely It’s FRAUD]

That, or else be deliberately rigging the system with the intention of sabotaging the academic success of boys. Because the solution to the spike in boys’ ADHD is ridiculously simple.

Let them run.

No, really… that’s it.

While most school districts across the country are cutting back on recess time and ramping up the Ritalin, one Texas school has kindergartners and first graders sitting still and “incredibly attentive.”

What’s their secret? Their recess time has tripled.

Instead of 20 minutes of recess per day, Eagle Mountain Elementary kindergartners and first graders now get an hour, broken up into four 15-minute breaks, in addition to lunchtime.

Their teachers say it’s totally transformed them.

The kids are less fidgety, less distracted, more engaged in learning and make more eye contact.

Eagle Mountain is one of dozens of schools in Texas, Oklahoma and California testing out extra recess time as part of a three-year trial. The pilot program is modeled after the Finnish school system, whose students get some of the best scores in the world in reading, math and science.

Source: Return To Now


It’s not just ‘play’, either.

It’s specifically UNSTRUCTURED play, where kids can be turned loose instead of funneled into activities that were organized for them. And yes… it’s better when the play is outside.

What are some of the benefits?

The CDC defines recess as “regularly scheduled periods within the elementary school day for unstructured physical activity and play.”


There has been a downward trend in time dedicated towards recess due to a belief that more time in the classroom results in better academic performance.

Other countries have demonstrated that academic achievement does not suffer – but improves – when including time for recess and physical education.

Benefits of Recess

Increased attentional focus

Improved academics

Improved attendance

Decreased behavioral diagnoses (anxiety, ADHD, anger)

Improved creativity and social skill development

Source: Link Project

And with so many boys either medicated or dropping out of school early, this sounds like a solid alternative.