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August 15, 2016

"The Beginning" A special public teaching session with Mr Keshe of the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute.



Hello visitors of Fourwinds10,
On Tuesday, August 2, 2016, The Keshe foundation has changed the course of humanity. With a special broadcast of the Knowledge Seekers Workshop #126, Mr. Keshe has literally given us the "golden" secret to free ourselves from any financial burden. 
Below is a transcript of the first 10 minutes of the workshop, after the birthday messages to Mr. Keshe. (Aug. 2 was his birthday). This is only a partial transcript, transcribed here for you to read to get a teaser of the fantastic information released. Please watch the video below this transcript for the complete message.
"...It is a nice day to be among the family of yourself.  We started with two, now the family runs into millions.  Every day we get news on different levels in respect to the development of the technology and the family becoming bigger.  The reason I called for the presentation today is two-fold and then it will be come to be known. It will unravel itself as we open up.  It will be very short one but fundamentally changing the structure of humanity. As you see on my right-hand side, this says one planet, one nation, one race. Throughout the time, this race has divided itself under different names and nationalities and over time different leaders of different parts fought each other for the greed of the materials or the position.  We have seen this even in the structure of the Keshe Foundation, the habit still goes on. 
"It's time to change in a way that as we said, when you are one nation, one race, one planet, one group of people working, there is no hierarchy.  That's why I teach this way.  That's why we are so approachable and open and this is the strength of the foundation. In no organization like this, worldwide, internationally working and respected in so many ways, you see such an openness and approach.  This comes out of our strength because we know what we have, we know what we deliver. 
"But there is a very big gap in this One Nation-ness. We tried over past two years to bring it very, very slowly into prospect. Reeling it in that it can deliver it's job. You saw the teaching but there is a lot goes behind, not only by the teaching, not only by manufacturing, not only by development. There is a lot of political movement. We get all sorts of things moving around the foundation, that  we bring the political arena, the scientific arena and the humanity together at one point. And in the development in past two, three weeks since we started teaching the space plasma  technology, this point has reached. 
"As one nation, we need to have one government. This is "The Beginning."  Were now establishing the world government today. Which means from today, the members of the Keshe Foundation work as a government. We are looking for those who head the United Nations of the nations which is one nation of the Keshe Foundation. We are looking for group to be head of State from each continent that in conjunction with what we setup in the background on Universal Council on the basis of Language, we complete the process. Today is the beginning of structure to setup one government.
"As one government we decide for the whole of Humanity. I seek no position for this place. So, this is amongst you to select those who make a governmental committee of one person per continent that we can get the mixture of.  There is no favorites, and who's going to be where. The development of this government is very simple. To Develop and have access to all the financial means of the Keshe Foundation to change the course. This is the beginning of One Nation, One Planet. And what I call the group of leadership from each continent will have equal say in the course in what the planet as a whole will do. It means, there is no need for the present presidents and the present kings on this planet.  We have finished with.  This is the end. This way what you call regions as countries, your local authorities become the face-point between the foundation, leadership, government, of this planet with the people.  
"There has been a huge problem where these regional governmental leadership, presidents, what ever you call it have been looking to line their pockets of themselves with financial gains or what ever. Once we start his process of one government nation, we need to be able to live and to accommodate that we look after all the citizens equally.  In the teaching, I have very silently set this position up. Some of you could see, Some of you did not see. But, in a way, those who pledged to peace, pledge to running the universal, what I call, government on this planet, as a governmental committee, what a group, what ever name is chosen by you what to call them, we financially and materialistically support you.  We can do it in two ways. We will not lining the pockets with money, that we pay you too.
"The game has changed. money will have no value.  What this means in the coming days, some of you saw some things in the past few weeks, two or three weeks, but you never understood. The innovation center and the people who are working with us in the background understand and can tell you what we are working on. 
"One of the biggest problem at this moment has been, "I don't have the money to pay.I need money to live." You have to work to create a condition that you can survive and the Keshe Foundation in the coming days and weeks will change the course. We openly teach you how to make as much materialistic gain that the government ask you to pay them a thousand Euro.  We teach you how to make gold and you offer the gold as a payment to the government. So, you have no debts. You ask, they ask you to have 10,000 euro to have operation for your child. What's the value of currency in your country, Gold? We teach you how to make gold to pay to the hospital. We make gold and materialistic condition worthless.
"The Keshe Foundation team in the background has been taught what to do. A number of different ways are setup to show this. In the past 3 weeks we have shown how is done but a lot of you did not understand it because you did not understand the technology. And, as we said, even this morning, since early hours of this morning till now, we've been working in the background with the innovation people, with the other groups, that we can deliver this promise. You have as much riches as you wanted. With it comes respect. With it comes peace. 
"Our warrant said in governments, I'll take this action.  And they took every action in past 3-4 months to stop. Those of the world leadership understood that we are on the course to literally change the basis of the financial commitment of the present. In so many times, I explained that we make gold worthless. Systems are getting set up. Not me, but those who I teach in confidence will show it to you. A lot of you have seen or might have heard; a lot of you will hear very soon. The generators to produce as much energy as you like, 3, 4 or 5 kilowatts, to have you lights on 24 hours a day and no government can tax you for it, because when they tax you for it, I teach you how to use the same systems to produce gold and walk in with gold to the offices of the government and pay them.  It will come to a point when the government says we don't need gold.  
"How are we gong to change the course?...."
Please Watch the full Knowledge Seekers Workshop 126 video below for more information... 
126th Knowledge Seekers Workshop August 2 2016
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