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Triangles in Education

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Releasing the Light, Love-Wisdom and Power of the Soul in Education



Triangles in Education is a worldwide, spiritually motivated network of educators organised for the conscious circulation and creative expression of the energies of the Soul in the field of education.

Mentally linked "in Triangles formation," this group serves as a subjective power grid for the aligning of outer educational practice with the goal of Soul expression. The network emerged into outer activity in 1994, and may be described as one of the service activities of the "New Group of World Servers." Through daily invocative activity, the network stands in co-operative relationship with all who are committed to laying the foundations for a new civilisation based on the principles of a Soul-oriented and Soul-powered education. Triangles in Education forms part of the growing network referred to as the New Group of Soul Educators (ngSE).

Within the ngSE and since Wesak 2000 Triangles in Education has begun to build on its base of links between individuals towards a system wherein linked individuals represent the work of their respective serving groups and organisations. This system of linked educational groups is referred to as Trine. Please go to the Membership section to read more.


This page is maintained by the Office of the Caduceator. We would be pleased to get your feedback. Contact us at Alternatively, you may write to

Triangles in Education, Office of the Caduceator, 56 Falkland, Skelmersdale, Lancs., United Kingdom WN8 6RA.



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About Soul Educator

Soul Educator is the official publication of Triangles in Education. This triannual bulletin is distributed without charge to all persons and groups who find its subject matter of interest and relevant to the task of seeding the new education into world thought and action. You can access on-line copies of past issues by clicking here. Keep in touch for updates. Contributions to assist in the cost of publication and distribution are warmly appreciated.



What is Triangles in Education?

- An organically evolving network of people linked in groups of three and working - through invocative thought and action - to conduct the energies of the Soul into the field of education.

- A mental network intuiting the spiritual ideas that inform educational thought and practice and which underlie the new civilisation and culture.

- A worldwide educational project transcending race, creed, class, and economic and political conviction, and helping to lay the foundations for enlightened education in the new era.

- A unique "energy circuit" within the new group of Soul Educators, cooperating with and subjectively supporting all groups and individuals seeking to promote Soul oriented education.

Individual and Group Participation

Membership of Triangles in Education is open both to individuals and to groups engaged in Soul-based and Soul-nourishing educational activity. From 1994 - 2000 the growth of Triangles in Education was predicated on individual membership, and such membership is foundational. The work of both types of members is essentially the same, based on a linking with fellow triangles co-workers and a subsequent linking of this/these triangles into the worldwide network of Triangles in Education.

Since Wesak 2000 the network has begun to build on its base of links between individuals, slowly transforming towards a system wherein linked individuals represent the work of their respective serving groups and organisations. This system of linked educational groups is referred to as Trine. Participation as a functioning educational group strengthens the contribution of that group to the reservoir of lighted energy available for expression through Triangles in Education. Each Trine group is therefore an independent, dynamic centre of educational Light which contributes powerfully to the quality of the energetic expression of service focussed through Triangles in Education. A number of these Trine Groups have developed or are developing their own internal triangles-based system of relationships. Registration of Trine Group participation implies a recognition of ashramic unity and not a sub-status role within Triangles in Education. Trine Group registration strengthens the work of Triangles in Education whilst leaving the participating group entirely free to continue to develop its own lines of educational service. The motive for registering the group is to strengthen the Triangles work in the field of education and to further develop group telepathic interplay within the ngSE.

* * *


1. To provide a coherent body of workers through which the subjective energies of light, goodwill and nobility of purpose can be steadily directed into the field of education.

2. To support and strengthen all efforts to facilitate the emergence of the Soul in education.

3. To sound forth with increasing clarity and wisdom the healing keynote of Soul education.

* * *

Members of Triangles in Education are left totally free to implement and give expression to these Aims according to their own understanding and particular circumstances. Triangles are self-formed groups of three people of goodwill who feel suited to this form of world service. The organisational structure of the work of Triangles in Education consists of

  • the co-ordinating role played by the Office of the Caduceator, which publishes the network's bulletin

  • the consultative and subjective holding role played by the Executive Group
  • the energy-invoking and distributive role played by the network itself, comprised of individually based triangles and of group based Trines.


* * *

The Caduceus - A Symbol of Soul Education

The Caduceus (see Home Page graphic) is an ageless archetypal symbol of healing and self-transformation which speaks of initiation into Soul awareness. It has historically been associated with the noblest attributes of the human soul, including the attaining of peace, moral equilibrium and intellectual development, and it is today re-emerging in the consciousness of holistic educators as a depiction of the balanced and rhythmic awakening of the light, wisdom and power of the Soul through all available means including school-based education.

Soul education may be described as a steady effort towards the evocation of the experience of light (the "Aha!" experience), goodwill, and noble purpose or intent. As viewed from the angle of education:

    The solar sphere at the top of the symbol represents not only professional nobility of purpose, but also the Soul itself, focussing or expressing its nature through the inner spiritual triangle of Light, Love-Wisdom, and a steady Will to Good. The rays emanating from the solar sphere are related to the seven fundamental keynotes of Soul development, described in some psychologies as: the development of will, of love, of creative intelligence, of beauty, of knowledge, of idealism, and of rhythmic and ceremonial order.

    The wings of the caduceus represent the twin task of awakening right ideals and aspiration in the young, as well as the liberation of the spiritual dimension of Self-hood. In this sense the caduceus pictures education as a process of movement into light, or illumination.

    The twin spirals together indicate the path of the cyclic expansion of knowledge and consciousness, whilst the central rod suggests the strength which comes from the development of the capacity for right discrimination and right choice. The interweaving of these three lines also embodies the principle of the harmonious or musical integration of the capacities for linear (logical) and non-linear (analogical) ways of learning - a key feature of holistic education.


Taken as a whole, the caduceus embodies many of the core principles of the means by which the human personality may healthily engage in the path of growth into Soul life. Investigation into its educational applications is an ongoing activity of the Office of the Caduceator, and further information can be found on the Office of the Caduceator web pages. The themes arising from the study of the caduceus from the angle of its educational application in ordinary schools for the benefit of the children of the world form an ongoing musical thread in the pages of the bulletin, Soul Educator.

The caduceus may thus be seen as a potent blue print of the work of (w)holistic education in the new age: teaching from the Soul for the awakening of the power of the Soul within humanity. As this caduceic process becomes activated and consciously strengthened within the world's teaching profession as a whole, the ideal of Soul-based relationships within humanity will be brought a major step closer. This symbol of the perrenial Wisdom served as the logo of the first Soul in Education international conference, held in Scotland in October 2000.

"So many of our present day ills stem from blocking the natural flow of energy from our higher natures, from the God within. The need to re-connect, to re-create the circuit through which Soul energy can flow is a crucial step in the healing process" - Triangles


* * *

How to do the work (Individual members)

The basic work is simple, and requires just a few minutes at a suitable time each day:

1. The individual - as a Soul - visualises a golden, mental thread linking him/her with two other Triangles educators, and then sends the energies of Light and Good-Will circulating from point to point within the triangle thus formed.

2. He/she then directs the flow of energy into the radiant international network of Triangles in Education, nested within a greater network of triangles of light and goodwill, and sees this energy finding lighted outlets in classrooms, educational centres and Soul-inspired educational initiatives worldwide.

3. The Great Invocation is then silently sounded with concentration and intent, thus colouring the united group effort with the flow of energy from the mind and heart of God.

This subjective work is simple in form yet potent in effect. When made a part of one's daily work in the classroom or educational institution, lighted transformation is inevitable. The mental network of Triangles in Education encompasses the globe, forming part of the inner network of consciousness which marks the presence of the new group of Soul Educators.

How to do the Trine work (Trine Group Representatives)

The basic work is simple, and requires just a few minutes at a suitable time each day:

1. The individual stands as their group representative, mentally linking with the triangle(s) within the group. He/she then visualises a golden, mental thread linking him/her with the Trine representative(s) in their co-working group(s) and then sends the energies of Light and Good-Will circulating from point to point within the inter-group triangle thus formed.

2. The flow of energy is then directed into the radiant international network of Triangles in Education, visualised as linking groups and individuals around the world who are working under the energy and intent of the Soul in educational settings of every description. Triangles in Education is then seen as part of a world-wide system of lighted triangles, illuminating the planetary life and maintained by people of goodwill everywhere.

3. Silently sound the Great Invocation with concentration and intent, thus colouring the united group effort with the flow of energy from the mind and heart of God. This energy is radiated outward into creative expression with light, love-wisdom and power, helping to lift and transform humanity's consciousness into that of the noble and divine Soul.

When this exercise is made a part of one's daily work in the classroom or other educational setting, lighted transformation is inevitable. The work of Triangles in Education encompasses the globe, forming part of the inner network of consciousness which marks the presence of the new group of Soul Educators.



* * *


A triangle is a powerful symbol of the divine, lying at the heart of many spiritual traditions. It is an archetypal form, a basic energy pattern within the universe which can be adopted and used to focus and circulate Soul energies within the field of human education. By working in Triangles formation educators facilitate the inflow of spiritual energy from the highest spiritual resources available to humanity, and create a network through which these energies can circulate amongst people of good Will. The overall pattern of triangles enables the network to function much like a prism, differentiating the energy of the light of the Soul into its seven fundamental frequencies or rays, described above in the section on the educational use of the caduceus symbol.

* * *

Registration of Membership

Triangles in Education is an independent, non-profit educational project, inspired by the vision of a universal Soul-rooted educational process for humankind. For outer organisational purposes its current coordinator is Clarence L Harvey, a teacher working through the Office of the Caduceator. The only requirement for membership is commitment to the daily invocative work. There is no membership fee. Members are encouraged to maintain active communication with their fellow Triangles educators, and to share their experiences with the wider group by writing to the Office of the Caduceator (address below) whenever inspired to do so. If you feel inspired to work in educational triangles formation and wish to register your participation in this world service activity, simply inform the Office of the Caduceator in writing or via e-mail, sending the following information.

Membership Registration

Registration for Individuals

"I wish to participate in the daily work of Triangles in Education, and hereby register my commitment to form/work in (delete as necessary) an educational Triangle for such work." Please give:

  • Name. Address. Occupation. Institution/Place of Work. E-mail. Date.

  • Please add a brief statement on the nature of your work or connection with the field of Soul education.

Registration for Trine Groups

We would like to register <name of your group> as a group participating in the work of Triangles in Education. Our participation is based on [Please indicate whichever is relevant]:

  • our group is linked in a triangle with members of <name of linked group/s> [These groups will not be named in our literature unless they register independently]

  • members of <name of your group> already work in triangles formation with each other
  • other [please specify]

Why register your Trine group? Triangles in Education is concerned with the development of group consciousness - the natural consciousness of the Soul. The registering of Trines facilitates this process and strengthens the network's capacity to serve within the ranks of the new group of Soul Educators.

Send to: Triangles in Education, Office of the Caduceator, 56 Falkland, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, WN8 6RA (U.K.), or




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The Great Invocation


From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let Light descend on Earth.


From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.


From the centre where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men -

The purpose which the Masters know and serve.


From the centre which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.


Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

This Invocation embodies the fundamental Soul energies which Triangles in Education helps release into educational thought and practice worldwide. The daily use of this Invocation imbues our work with spiritual purpose and power, and helps maintain the high keynote of our service as a group. Some educators - according to cultural background - prefer to substitute terms such as Messiah, Bodhisattva, Imam Mahdi or World Teacher in place of the term Christ. The principle of the emergence of a spiritually exemplary Teacher for the whole human race remains the same. The themes of this Invocation have been found to be of use in orienting teaching and learning to a greater sensitivity to the Soul potential of teacher and student alike.

Within Triangles in Education the Great Invocation is beginning to be understood as a dense condensation of a tremendous amount of teaching which is daily and cyclically being released into human consciousness. This Teaching is accessed most potently at the time of the full moon festivals. Students are invited to consider approaching the Great Invocation as a Wheel, turning in the consciousness of the new group of Soul Educators. This Wheel of the Teaching may be depicted in diagramatic form as below.


Great Wheel of Soul Education




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How to do the work

Work of Triangles in Education

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Background to Triangles in Education

Triangles in Education is an independent, planet-wide educational project which has grown out of the concept and work of Triangles, a world service activity of the Lucis Trust. The network was launched by the Office of the Caduceator early in 1994, after a nine-year gestation period involving experimental work in several countries. The basis of this initiative is the recognition that the Triangles concept has much to offer as an inherently educational activity which can be of long-lasting and practical benefit both to participating teachers as well as to students at all stages in the educational process. In the long term, the daily subjective work involved is seen as a powerful means of bringing the energies of the Soul into active expression in schools and educational centres of all types including the home, capable of transforming the creative thought-life of humanity as a whole.

In the last years of the twentieth century the search for more holistic educational practices gave rise to open debate on the means whereby public educational institutions could better foster the non-linear and spiritual dimensions of human nature. One of the main aims of Triangles in Education is to serve as a conscious focussing instrument for the lighted energies of the Soul, transmitting those energies into the field of educational activity in a non-sectarian and non-dogmatic way. For educators who believe that the Soul or higher Self has a dynamic role to play in the life of humanity, Triangles in Education offers a means whereby they can pool their energies and co-ordinate their work in a potently effective way with Soul educators all around the world, thus facilitating the emergence of a more enlightened civilisation and culture. In pursuit of this objective, the network currently serves as the subjective anchor for the five-year process known as the Global Conference of Soul Education (1998-2002).

The Concept

There is overwhelming and worldwide evidence of the need for humanity to achieve an unprecedented "paradigm shift" in orientation and attitude - both towards itself and towards the subjective and objective environments. Education is perhaps the major field in which the seeds for the emergence of a more enlightened consciousness can be sown and cultivated, and it is the function of Triangles in Education to assist in the bringing about of this paradigm shift. The basic idea is simple: to stand as a coherent group of spiritually motivated educators working in "triangles formation" and forming a lighted network of Souls within the field of education around the globe. The subtle but potent effects of the existence of such a network will be evident to all who appreciate the power of thought in determining external reality. Triangles in Education is therefore envisioned as an underlying light-grid within the mind of humanity, daily circulating the energies and qualities of the Soul amongst teachers and educators, and in this way laying the foundation for educational thought and practice in the dawning era.

The Basic Daily Activity

Each "triangle" in the network is formed by a group of three people who agree to work together in the following way:

Each day, the individual chooses a quiet moment in which to visualise a golden "thread" linking him/her with the two other workers in his/her triangle. This thread is then utilised as the medium for mentally transmitting the energies of Light, Love-Wisdom and Soul-Power (or Noble Will-energy) to each member of the triangle. Having then visualised his/her own triangle glowing with Light and imbued with Wisdom and Power, the educator then mentally directs this threefold energy outward into the global network of Triangles in Education and sees the entire network glowing in this way. The last stages of this work involve visualising the lighted Soul energies being released into educational thought, institutions, schools and classrooms all around the world, transforming the atmosphere of the field of education so that the noble potential of the human kingdom can everywhere emerge with increased facility. The mantram or prayer known as the Great Invocation is then sounded as a means of sealing the spiritual nature and power of the group effort, and of aligning this work with the educational objectives of the World Teacher - by whatever name we choose to call this aspect of the Soul life of Humanity.

It should be noted that although the majority of the triangles for this work will consist of triangles of educators, it is not necessary to work only with other educators or to form a new triangle in order to register participation in Triangles in Education. Whilst triangles formed amongst educators would normally be expected to be more immediately potent in the field of education, there is clearly much useful service that can be accomplished by educators who form triangles with co-workers who have other areas of professional focus. Indeed, this type of triangle can only serve to enrich our understanding and widen our view of the boundlessness of the educational process.

Triangles in Education and the New Group of Soul Educators

The specialised invocative work of Triangles in Education dynamises and supports the work of the New Group of Soul Educators, a subjectively linked, worldwide group dedicated to the awakening of humanity into a new octave of learning and responsibility in solar citizenship. the emergence of this new group of Soul Educators (see the Global Declaration of Soul Education) is symptomatic of humanity's increasing maturity and ability to respond to theimpact of the fier spiritual energies which daily enter our range of collective experience.

Future Growth

As of Wesak 2000, and as its unique group contribution to the elaboration of the World Programme for Soul Education, Triangles in Education has adopted a twenty-five year project - Project Sol - involving group research in the use of Soul energy to empower and facilitate the emergence of a spiritually enlightened, solar humanity.

Within this general framework each individual and each triangle is left entirely free to give expression to their educational service in keeping with their own circumstance and understanding. The overall group service is overseen by an Executive Group, co-ordinated by the Office of the Caduceator in the UK. Some co-workers choose to focus on the urgent need for education in the practice of dynamic Peace, and on conflict resolution. Others are specifically concerned with developing the group use by educators of the energies of the First Ray, and in unveiling the role of the spiritual Will in education. Yet others are experimenting with the direct introduction of the concept of the Soul to groups of pupils, with a view to discovering what - if any - observable impact this can have on the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom. The areas of potential focus are probably as numerous as the number of Souls in incarnation at any given moment in time.

Since Triangles in Education is a fundamentally subjective group unity on the mental plane, most of its activity naturally remains unseen in objective terms. The network's bulletin, Soul Educator, is published three times a year (circa September, January, May). Members are encouraged to use this bulletin to share their thoughts, inspirations and experience with educational co-workers. They can find it a useful aid in tuning in to the vibrant Soul activity which is bringing about definite transformational effects both in education as well as more generally on a worldwide scale. Your contribution to the group work strengthens us all.



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The Work of Triangles in Education

A: Education as Invocative Activity

B: World Service Meditation of Triangles in Education

C: World Programme for Soul Education (2001+)

A: "Education as Invocative Activity"

Triangles in Education is a spiritually motivated international network which has two distinguishing characteristics that establish its unique identity as a world service activity:

  • Firstly, the use of the triangle structure as the basic pattern of professional relationship;

  • Secondly, the use of the science of invocation to give a common focus to the work of participating educators.

The sustained, mental use of the triangle relationship by a group of educators has very definite and real effects in the mental life of humanity: firstly, it creates circuits of educational thinking which is more responsive to the highest spiritual realities which we can at this time cognise; and secondly, it allows for educational institutions becoming centres for the freer inflow and cultivation of the values, energies and powers of the higher Self or Soul.

Almost any three people can at least briefly form a conscious, imaginary triangle relationship and mentally see themselves as linked by a golden thread of light. To maintain such a mental structure over time, however, is no easy task, and the real educational value of attempting to take this type of mental work as a daily activity is as yet little suspected or understood in mainstream educational thought.

Through the attempt to create, participate in and maintain a mental triangle of light and goodwill, there are many hidden and practical lessons which can be experientially learned. It is a definite form of training for teachers. The effort to create and persistent in such a triangle is naturally invocative in effect, i.e. it invokes or calls into active expression within the participants the latent energies of their Soul or transpersonal aspect of their awareness. When this invocative quality is deliberately focussed by regular use of a thought-instrument such as the Great Invocation the entire process is given a clarity and potency which transforms the work of the teacher or educator in his/her place of service.

The teacher begins to discover that he/she is part of a worldwide, lighted network of Soul Educators, increasingly able to draw on the creative love-wisdom and strength of the Soul, and further, to evoke the creative energies of the Soul within pupils and students - each according to his/her own unique potential. By this invoking of energy from Soul levels, teachers find themselves better able to deal with the many stresses and demands of the modern classroom without falling victim to the experience which we have come to call "burn out". For them, education thus truly becomes an invocative activity, and as the New Group of Soul Educators gains skill in the handling and expression of the energies of the Soul, the development of curricula better suited to the cultivation of the higher nature of humanity becomes a natural, worldwide process.

By utilising the pattern of mental triangles, and by daily sounding the Great Invocation in subjective "triangles formation", teachers are creating a potent and focussed network of lighted energy within the field of education. As these energies (illumined thought, loving wisdom, and potent, spiritual will) increase in their impact on educational thought and action throughout the world, the human kingdom will steadily be brought into right relationship - both internally, as well as with all the other kingdoms with which we share this noble planet.

Triangles in Education therefore represents a unique network within the worldwide group of spiritually motivated and holistic educators, a network capable of tremendous and lasting world service. It nevertheless fully recognises that the laying of the foundation for the new education is the responsibility of humanity as a whole, and that every individual and group - including those outside the field of education per se - has a valid and useful contribution to make to this great endeavour. Through openness to such recognition, we know that our task is lightened, and we thus facilitate the power to see the pattern of the new education emerging with surprising rapidity and apparent ease. Triangles in Education believes that the successful inauguration of the new education lies in the pooling of the resources of all educators who believe that the power of the Soul or Spiritual Self has a dynamic role to play in human evolution. It is in this spirit that we sponsor the call to participation in the World Programme for Soul Education, and invite all parties and nations to turn their attention to the working out of truly Soul-rooted educational curricula for all peoples everywhere. Standing as we are on the threshold of a new era in human unfoldment, the time to work for this is NOW.

For those interested in further thoughts on the inner dimensions of the World Programme, please see section C below.

B: World Service Meditation of Triangles in Education

Many groups influenced by the culture of the new group of world servers now follow the pulsating rhythm of the inflow of spiritual solar energy into human consciousness. Meeting together in silent meditative service at the time of the full moon each month has two principal effects: 1. It facilitates the directing of the Soul's ch'i into educational service world-wide, thus integrating our educational work into the wider effort of all who are working to "Let the Plan of Love and Light" work out through humanity. 2. Secondly, for those who participate in this aspect of the work of Triangles in Education it quickly enhances our capacity to vision the extra-planetary significance of the formation of Triangles within human consciousness at the dawn of the age of Aquarius. Since 2000 and the subjective impact of spiritual force from the centre of our planetary Will energy, the work of rhythmic group meditation has grown in importance, perhaps best being understood as a means of empowerment for era-long service.

Through the group participation of Triangles in Education in this world meditative rhythm the interplay between the light of humanity and the light of the Solar Logos* will emerge as a crowning achievement of education in the dawning age. This therefore gives some slight hint as to the evolutive scope of the caduceic curriculum which is a hallmark of the influence of the Soul in education.

*This term is here used to represent the Divine Reason for the existence of our solar system and everything in it. The Logos of our system is described in the Christian terminology by the phrase "God is Love", and in the esoteric psychology as a great Lotus of Love-Wisdom, the source of the OM.

C: The World Programme for Soul Education

- a consciousness transforming project.

Full information on the outer movements within this project is given elsewhere on this website. It is a growing project which emerged out of the first Soul in Education international conference in October 2000 and which guarantees the conscious alignment of human education with the "purpose which the Masters know and serve." To learn more about the outer aspects of this World Programme, please click here.

As with any project which seeks to be of long-term service, the World Programme has three fundamental levels corresponding to the three major planetary centers.

 - At the human level it is known as the World Programme for Soul Education - reflected in the Great Wheel of Soul Education.

- At the hierarchical level it is referred to as the World Programme for Solar Education - reflected in the Great Wheel of Solar Education.

- At the level of Shamballa it is referred to as the World Programme for Sol Education - reflected in the Great Wheel of Sol Education.

The work of Triangles is to link these three Great Wheels into one Great Wheel for planetary illumination, a task which lies beyond the scope of any one of the planetary centres, and which concerns the evolution of consciousness within our solar system. This is an acknowledgement that the work of Triangles in Education is but a minute part of a grand systemic and cosmic educational project way beyond the concerns of our modern education systems. It should be clear that the Great Wheel is closely associated with the project to teach humanity to use the Great Invocation (that "potent solar instrument") - some educators will find the depiction of the Great Invocation in wheel form a useful instrument for unlocking the intuition (click here to go to the Great Invocation section, above).



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International TRIANGLES Network

Go to Triangles home page

Triangles is an international service activity of men and women of goodwill from all walks of life, using the power of thought and directed goodwill to lay the subjective framework in human consciousness for the building of a more enlightened human civilisation. Working in groups of three, they establish right human relations by creating a worldwide network of light and goodwill. Established since 1937, the Triangles network includes participants in over 130 countries and Triangles literature is now available in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

Triangles is an activity of the Lucis Trust. The Trust was first incorporated in 1922 in the USA, and is controlled by an international board of trustees. In the United Kingdom the Trust is a registered charity. Please note that Triangles in Education is not controlled by or affiliated to the international Triangles network. Rather, it is an independent experiment in the application of the spirit and principles of Triangles to the problems of the regeneration of the field of education.

[For further information on the Triangles world service activities, write to: Triangles, Suite 54, 3 Whitehall Court, London SW1A 2EF, UK. or use the following link to go to the Triangles home page.]


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The New Group of Soul Educators - a network of Educational Light within

The New Group of World Servers

The following quotations on the nature of the new group of world servers are taken from the books of Alice Bailey, who played a foundational role in the establishing of Triangles as a service activity for men and women of goodwill in the first half of the 20th century.

"..The New Group of World Servers is composed of widely diverse men and women, gathered out of all nations, holding many different points of view and following the many different professions and ideologies; it is therefore more truly representative of humanity and more truly potent than ever before" (Discipleship in the New Age, Volume II, p.203).

"It is a group that has no esoteric organisation of any kind, no headquarters, no publicity, no group name. It is a band of obedient workers and servers of the WORD - obedient to their own souls and to group need. All true servers everywhere therefore belong to this group, whether their line of service is cultural, political, scientific, religious, philosophical, psychological or financial.

"They constitute part of the inner group of workers for humanity, and of the world mystics, whether they know it or not. They will be thus recognised by their fellow group members when contacted in the casual ways of world intercourse.

"This group gives to the word 'spiritual' a wide significance; they believe it to mean an inclusive endeavour towards human betterment, uplift and understanding; they give it the connotation of tolerance, international synthetic communion, religious inclusiveness, and all trends of thought which concern the esoteric development of the human being." (A Treatise on White Magic, p.414).

* * *

There are a growing number of educational groups now active in world service whose work may be recognised as forming part of the overall work of the New Group of World Servers. Such groups constitute what may be called the new group of Soul Educators (ngSE), responsible for the laying of the foundation of education in the new age. The list given below is suggestive rather than definitive, but all groups listed have been included because they can be recognised as being amongst those which make some contribution to the task of laying the foundations for the new education. Inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement of the work of any group. If you would like your WWW page included in this list, please write or e-mail the Office of the Caduceator with relevant information.


Useful Web pages, etc:

For other useful links to groups working in the public domain with programmes contributing to the World Programme for Soul Education, go to the World Programme page.

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) - works at all levels of society for positive change in over 70 countries; offers a range of educational programmes to assist individuals to explore and develop their own personal growth and to improve the quality of life. The BKWSU is a non-governmental organisation in general consultative status with the Economic and social council of the UN and in consultative status with UNICEF.

The Institute of Planetary Synthesis - a centre of study providing material and courses to promote planetary awareness and to aid the process of the establishment of right human relations. Write to: P.O. Box 128, CH-1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland.


Triangles of Light Newsletter - on-line publishing of a range of papers and material based on the Alice Bailey work, and promoting the formation and work of Triangles.

Triangulos - Website in Spanish on the work of Triangles.


The University of the Seven Rays - an alternative institution of higher education granting degrees in the esoteric sciences. The mission of the University is spiritual and its programs of study are primarily designed to strengthen the spiritual will, the spiritual love, and the practical spiritual intelligence of its students.

White Mountain Education Association - a source of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings.

World Goodwill - an international movement helping to mobilise the energy of goodwill and to build right human relations. It is recognised by the United Nations as a Non-Governmental Organisation and is represented at regular briefing sessions at UN Headquarters.

WYSE - World Youth Service and Enterprise. An international organisation providing leadership training within a spiritual context. Uses psychosynthesis as a basic theoretical framework.